US Title: "Fast Friends"

During the night while everyone is sleeping Chris is woken up by a loud jet engine coming towards the mansion. As everyone goes to investigate they find that it is only Sam. Chuck hopes that he did not wake the neighbors but finds a large crowd gathered around the mansion with police standing ground. Sam reveals that he is there to challenge Sonic to a race with a jet engine that cost over one billion dollars to build.

Sonic says that there is no way he is going to race him. As Sam comes up into the lab Tails is woken up out of his sleep. Still a little out of it, he listens as Sam explains the course of the entire race. Sam even says that the president will be there to congratulate the winner. Chuck says that they are allowing Sam to use the engine to convince taxpayers to spend more money for the engine. Sam then tells Sonic that he will race him no matter what; Chris wonders why he cannot have a normal family. Chuck says that they won’t close down the city, however Sam turns on the TV to see that Chris’ parents were the ones that sponsored the race.

At the Whitehouse the aid gets a phone call saying that Sonic will not race. Realizing this he goes undercover once he figures that he cannot use the government to get Sonic. Meanwhile at Eggman’s base he is playing chess with a robot and loses. He receives a message from the aid, who is undercover, he convinces Eggman to force Sonic into a race. In return Eggman is promised front row seats to an ice show. Bocoe and Decoe say that they will work day and night without complaining and Eggman agrees. Sonic takes the chess robot and goes to rebuild it.

Later that day Amy, Cream, and Chris are busy looking at Sam’s new car when Bokkun arrives with a message. He finds Sonic and Bokkun promises the message won’t explode. Bokkun says that he will either enter the race or face a kissing robot. It chases after Sonic on the deck and not wanting to get kissed he goes up to Sam and decides to accept the challenge. The robot ends up kissing Bokkun who seems a little shocked. Sonic walks up to Sam and the two line up at the starting line.

As the race starts off Sonic is blown back from the force of the engine, but is able to quickly catch up to the car. The two of them stay neck and neck and Sonic wonders why the car is not even touching the ground. Sam tells him to look close to reveal some small tires to glide the car along. Sam says that he can make the sharp turns and when Sonic races ahead he orders ahead and large doors open in the city allowing him to race straight while Sonic is forced to make the turns. He sees how Sam cheated as they race across the bridge. With that Sonic jumps onto the hood of the car to get some revenge on Sam. Saying that he has gotten it back he convinces Sonic to move further back on the car. When Sonic is far enough back he pushes a button that launches Sonic into the air. Eggman is busy watching the race and releases one of his robots once they reach the desert. A robot with large arms appears and both of them are able to get through the robot without a problem.

Back at the base Bokkun is crying that the robot kissed him and Eggman yells at the rebuilt robot. When the roadblock falls onto the boat damaging it the robot kisses Eggman to make it better. Back in the desert Sam decides to have some lunch while Sonic has to race on an empty stomach. The X Tornado appears with some food and as Chris tries to hand it over Sam speeds by making it covered with sand. The plane takes back into the air with Sonic upset that he couldn’t eat his lunch. Going through the canyon they make the turn and start heading back towards the city. Both of them are neck and neck as everyone watches and prepares for the finish. The aid gets a phone call saying that the president will not be able to show up and he decides that he will get all the credit and will try to become president himself.

As Sonic and Sam reenter the city everyone cheers for the race. Both of them stay close when Sam suddenly uses a boost to shoot ahead. However Sonic runs at full speed and with a photo finish the race ends. As they replay the tape it shows that Sonic crossed the finish line then went back and tied the race with Sam. He is declared the winner and Amy comes over to thank him. Chris’ parents congratulate him on a job well done and when the aid comes over to get a photo shop Sonic does not know what to do. The aid gets a phone call saying that he is under investigation and the cameras start taking pictures. The episode ends with Sonic just shrugging his shoulders.