US Title: "Satellite Swindle"

The episode starts quickly with Eggman launching a new airborne robot into the sky. Part of the grass outside the base opens up and the airship quickly launches off towards the stratosphere. Meanwhile at Area 99 the government has caught word of an unknown object being launched from Eggman. At his base, Eggman puts his airship into action as a long hose comes out and begins to suck the satellites from above the planet. Dozens of satellites are sucked into the robot and Eggman seems very pleased about this. The base decides to alert the president.

At the mansion Cream is busy watching one of her shows when Ella and Amy come in with home baked pies. Tails goes for one of the pies and Amy grabs it away sending Tails flying into the TV causing it to go static. Tails apologizes to Cream when she gets mad at him. Chris tries to fix the TV but it does not work, Cream and Cheese start crying and Sonic comes into investigate. Everyone in the room is upset because they canít watch their shows.

Just then Bokkun appears and everyone takes cover revealing a message from Eggman. He shows a picture of the robot swallowing up the satellite. Eggman warns them that the E-90 is above the stratosphere and that he will not be able to reach them. Tails wonders what the stratosphere and Chuck comes into explain what it is and tries to remove Bokkun, only to have a bomb goes off in his face. Chris says that the Tornado can reach it, but Tails seems to think different. However, when Sonic backs him up the two of them take off to challenge E-90.

At first the Tails is able to dodge the robot even when it begins to launch volleys of missiles at them. Tails starts to spin E-90 around then returns fire from the Tornado. E-90 turns around and releases a massive piece from its haul, Tails manages to dodge, and however they come up to E-90 only to have missiles launched at them. Sonic jumps out and manages to send the missiles back at E-90. Eggman activates the sucking action of the E-90 and Tails manages to pull the Tornado away at the last second. E-90 follows suit and tries to climb higher, however the Tornadoís engine gives out and the two of them freefall towards the ground. At the last second Tails pulls up and the engine restarts taking them back home. Later that night Sonic sits on the roof wondering about enemy. In the garage, Sonic appears and tells Tails to improve the Tornado. Tails says that he could use Chaos Emeralds, however the excessive energy would cause the Tornado to explode. Tails wonders about installing a second engine, however Chuck says that the plane would have to be rebuilt and Tails says he could do it. Chuck then tells Tails to follow him and leads him to his secret laboratory. Turning on the lights Tails grins and both of them get to work. All during the night the two of them work on a new machine.

Early the next morning Cream wakes up to see Egg TV on the screen, everyone else is working up and they watch in complete horror as Eggman tries to dance and sing. At the mansion, Sonic asks Tails if he finished, smiling Tails shows off as Chuckís lab rises up to reveal a hanger and a brand new plane called the X Tornado. Up in space though the government locks onto E-90 only to watch ineffectively as it brings up a shield, Eggman then commands it to suck in all the military satellites. Sonic and Tails get ready to go and Chris wants to go. Sonic says itís only a 2 seater and Tails reveals there is another set of seats. Sonic says that Chris can come as long as he does not get in the way. The runway is cleared and everyone watches in anticipation as the plan takes off and the wings unfold.

At the base Eggman is alerted that something is closing in on E-90. He launches an attack at the X Tornado only to have Sonic land on it and begin destroying the parts of the robot. Eggman presses a few buttons and the satellites appear to fire at the X Tornado. Sonic takes action and destroys them and is blasted back onto the X Tornado. Rising higher into the atmosphere Sonic tries to stay on the E-90 as Tails activates a booster to come around and destroy the sucking mechanism of the E-90. He releases the haul of it and Tails comes up to take Tails off the E-90. Sonic starts to freeze up as they enter the stratosphere, as does the plane. Chris worries about the plane but Tails says everything will be ok. Chris says to use rings, however Tails canít use the new launcher. Tails gives Chris a ring and tells him to attach it to a cable. Chris does and the plane glows as the ring energy is released allowing Sonic to warm up and take out the E-90 with a spin attack. Falling back down the ground the three give each other thumbs up.

Once back at home, Sonic is trying to warm himself up and congratulates Chris and Tails for their job well done. Amy enters with ice cream and Sonic gives a sarcastic smile ending the episode.