US Title: "Cracking Knuckles"

Things start pretty calm, Knuckles finds himself walking through a dark ally and reading about Sonic’s fights against Eggman. As he sits there he thinks about his job guarding the Master Emerald that is when Eggman shows up behind him. Using the pity plea, Eggman manages to convince Knuckles to fight Sonic telling him that he knows of a way to get back home. Knuckles believes him and his rage takes hold and he gets ready to go after Sonic.

Meanwhile Chris asks Tails about the Chaos Emeralds. Chuck is also in the lab getting ready to run tests. Ella knocks trying to clean the room and Tails is forced to act like a giant stuffed animal. Ella is upset at how dirty Chuck’s lab is, she then spots the Tails "doll" and goes over to it. Tails tries his best and Chris explains that it is a toy. Tails moves his eyes and Chris grabs him with both him and Chuck running outside to play. They both run into Mr. Tanaka who wonders what is going on. Chris edges off, but Chuck is stopped and told to act like an adult, Tanaka orders him to take a nap and pushes him off.

Amy then runs into Chris and Tails knocking them both to the ground. Amy informs them that another Chaos Emerald may have been found in the Silver Valley. Watching the news report Chris tells them that they should go check it out. Amy tried to get Sonic to come, but Sonic would rather nap and declines the invitation. They decide to take a train and Chris looks extremely uneasy with two large stuffed animals next to him with everyone staring at him.

Chris keeps telling them to stay quiet, even when a young girl grabs Amy’s ear, Amy kicks the young girl into the door and is upset that she is not allowed to blink. Meanwhile back at the house Bokkun arrives with a message. On it Knuckles appears and challenges Sonic to a match in Silver Valley, Sonic looks a little annoyed, but when the TV blows up in his face he heads off after him.

In the valley, Chris and the others are enjoying a picnic after they find out that there is no emerald there. As they plan to have some fun for the day, one of Eggman’s robots appear and take all three of them hostage inside a large bowl that makes up its mid section. Eggman appears grinning and Chris figures out that it was all a trick and Eggman explains that he sent out energy spikes. Amy tries to break the outside with her hammer, but she tires out before she can. Eggman explains that they are there in case the first plan doesn’t work.

Sitting on a rock, Knuckles gets ready when Sonic suddenly shows up. Sonic acts extremely calm while Knuckles is ready to fight. Sonic continues to tell him to cool down, but Knuckles goes on the attack. Using his speed Sonic dodges all of Knuckles’ punches as they go around the rocks. Dodging each punch, Sonic makes his way into a forest and runs up a tree with Knuckles right behind him tearing the tree down. Sonic is thrown through the air and lands on his feet only to find that Knuckles is knocking down trees left and right. Using his speed Sonic stays just a few feet ahead of him before coming down a falling tree and landing right in Knuckles’ hands. Both of them tumbled downhill and Sonic finds himself in water. He panics until he finds that he is in shallow water. Both of them are ready to go off at each other.

Meanwhile Tails works his way into the wires and goes to figure it out, however Amy comes through and smashes everything with her hammer, ’causing one part of the robot to explode. Sonic is distracted and Knuckles lands a punch on Sonic sending him into the air. Sonic spots Eggman and races off to save his friends, with Knuckles trying to continue the fight. Chris and the others are still stuck in the robot, unable to jump down when Sonic appears and takes out the robots legs. The robot flips itself over to a second pair of legs before Chris and the others can escape.

The robot then goes on the offensive trying to blast Sonic as he runs around dodging it. Knuckles appears and starts fighting the robot demanding that Eggman leave them alone to fight by themselves. Eggman informs that he is going to start playing dirty as the robot lifts off to the other side of the giant lake. Knuckles finally figures out that Eggman tricked and Sonic makes sarcastic comments. As Eggman tells them that Sonic cannot save his friends because of the lake, Sonic uses his speed to run around the lake and helps his friends out of the robot.

The fight still is not done and Eggman comes back ready to unleash all the firepower on the area. He fires missiles in every direction leaving everyone pinned to the ground when Knuckles shows up and uses his strength to smash the robot and then uses his strength to send Eggman flying through the air. Sonic grabs Knuckles before he can be blown through the air and Knuckles seems obviously upset. They two look at each other on the ground and Knuckles lighten up. With that he walks off, Chris tries to stop him and then Amy tries her best, but Knuckles continues to walk after shouting at Amy to be quiet. The episode ends with Knuckles going back on his own once again.