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sonic cd

I have the sonic and knux collection and I've beat it. Where is the cheapest place I can get sonic cd for pc? Oh, incedently, I want to know, in the second boss of doomsday zone, after you destroy his hands, what is the most easy way to get past that beam he makes with the master embrald? -turbo tails

The cheapest place to get the game would be places like Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Staples, Office Depot, it usually goes for $10-$15. The best way that I usually do that part with the beam, is jump over the fire that comes out of his noise, hit the area to bring down the shield, hit it quickly, and then when he goes to fire the beam attack again, making sure to land and the platform too. Repeat it and you'll beat him. - Ron Prower

need comics!!!!!!!!!

is there any way that I can subscribe for the sonic comic book. Or were can I buy it, and is there two different comic books one of sonic and one of knux? -Super Sonic

To subscribe to the Sonic comic you need to obtain an order form, from a Sonic comic. Archie might have a print out version available on their site. You might want to check there if you don't already have an up-to-date order form. You can usually buy the Sonic comic at any place that sells comic books, such as a comic book store and also certain gas stations sell them. There were 2 different comic books, Knuckles ones and Sonic ones. The Knuckles comics however were cancled around issue #33. - Ron Prower

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