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The Q&A is closed until April 1, 2002, I will accept e-mails dated on March 20, but none after that until April 1. As with the other shut downs, any questions sent will be deleted.

I know this is sudden but I need a good long break from the Q&A. I'm sick of having to deal with the same easy questions over and over again, and those that think I can answer every single question sent to me. I'm heavily overworked at other websites and heavily under-appreciated around here for what I do. I'm sorry for the long term, but I need to relax and just get some stress after this week. It's been the worst one since I began working here and those expecting me to know everything have just pushed me too far. I'll begin answering you questions on April 1, no earlier. - Ron Prower

Chao Drives

In Sonic Adventure 2, what do the different colored Chao Drives do? Red does this....Yellow does that....etc. I have looked through the game's manual and tips and found nothing.

Red increase power, yellow increases swimming, green increases running ability, and purple increases a chao's flight ability. - Ron Prower

Knuckles Adventure

Is there really a Knuckles Adventure for Dreamcast?

No, there are no known plans for a Knuckles Adventure and there are no games being made for the Dreamcast. - Ron Prower


Is the Game Boy Advance required to play the full game of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle?

No, the GBA is used for Chao kind of like the VMU for the Dreamcast. - Ron Prower



Whats the difference between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle?

SA2B has more features that weren't included in SA2. - Ron Prower

New Characters

Do you know if there is going to be any new characters for Sonic?

Sonic Team has created a lot of new characters recently, so it's likely they may hold off for a couple of games before bringing out new ones. - Ron Prower


Future Games

Is there ever going to be a Tails Adventure 2 or a Sonic Adventure 3?

There will probably not be a Tails Adventure 2, but there is a possibility of a Sonic Adventure 3, though it might have a different name. - Ron Prower

The Ancient Light

Were is Anceint Light with Sonic?

In Sonic Adventure it's in Station Square. In Sonic Adventure 2 it's in Sonic's Green Forest level in the area of the large tree where you go inside and there are a lot of zip pads that take you out through the trunk of the tree. The upgrade is located on a floating platform on the top level across from the area where you go out through the trunk of the tree. - Ron Prower

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