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Feb 8, 1999

Tips !!??

Hi, Are there any tips sites you know of for Sonic - specifically for Sonic 3D?. I can't figure out how to get past Dr Robotnik and his bombs on act 3 of Level 1 !!

Umm...try Sonic HQ Game Info. It's got info for every game, and walkthroughs for most. The Sonic Foundation, the Domain of NetRaptor, and Sonic Rave also have tips/codes. They're on the Links Page.

The boss: Robotnik floats after you and drops a ball which chases you. Whenever it looks like he's about to drop the ball, get away from him! Plug Robotnik when he comes down to pick up the ball. Its BEST to stand at the TOP of one of the inclines but try getting Rootnik to position himself at the BASE of the incline. This makes an easier jump for you as hitting the Egg-O-matic will do NOTHING but hitting the glass of the Egg-O-Matic produces the desired effect. Also, try grabbing only one ring at a time. If you lose your ring, there will still be more available in the boss room. - mostly taken from the Game Info Page

More Questions

More questions if you don't mind

How old is Hershey the cat?
how long ago was knuckles invented?
when the chaotix?
how many chaos esmeralds exist?
who is stronger dimitri as a robot or bunnie rabbot?

1. Archie hasn't defined Hershey's age yet in any books.
2. Well, we don't know when the concept of Knuckles was formed, but he was introduced in Sonic 3, which was released on February 2nd, 1994.
3. As with Knuckles, we only know when they were introduced.
Espio, Vector, and Charmy were introduced in Knuckles' Chaotix, which was released on April 21st, 1995 in Japan and at about the same time in the US. I'm pretty sure it was the same day.
Mighty and Ray were introduced in SegaSonic the Hedgehog (The Arcade Game), which was released in mid-to-late 1993 in Japan.
4. There seem to be 7 - but more could be discovered later.
5. Dmitri

Sonic 2 Death Egg Zone - Continued

I got your response and I have proceeded in beating Silver Sonic, but that stupid robotnik thing is a pain, how can I beat him?

When his claws are even, jump as high as you can and hit him in the chest. If you've got good timing and plenty of lives to spare, you can hit him 6 or 7 times before he flies off. However, when you haven't beaten him before, just hit him when you're sure it's safe. After he flies into the air and targets you, run to one side of the room and wait. As soon as the crosshair "locks on" run to the other side of the screen and stay there until he flies off. Before he does, Robotnik will shoot claws at you, but you should be out of range. It's possible to hit him a few times at that point, but it's safest to wait. Let the crosshairs lock again, but this time don't run off too far. Robotnik will be walking again, and repeat your earlier attacking. He'll keep alternating between walking and shooting. Never get behind him, because you can't hit him from behind and he'll just drop bombs on you.


what happened to Tails at launch base zone where Sonic goes to when he wins the game?
Daniel J. Knierim

p. s. I still don't know how old Tails is

That was probably a bug that they didn't have time to fix. However, Tails probably just swam out of the water. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, they fixed it so that Tails joins you on the platform on the Death Egg.

See the FAQ. Just take your pick of which age you want to consider "official."

Open Your Heart Lyrics

Can you tell me the lyrics to the main Sonic Adventure theme song?

Open Your Heart . . . MAIN THEME OF "SONIC Adventure"
(Music : J. Senoue & K. Tokoi Words : J. Senoue & T. Fukada Arrange : J. Senoue)

Thunder, rain, and lightning
Danger, water rising
Clamour, sirens wailing
It's such a bad sign

Shadows of dark creatures
Steel clouds floating in the air
People run for shelter
What's gonna happen to us!?

All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake
I see the chaos for everyone who are we what can we do
You and I are same in the way that we have our own styles that we won't change
Your's is filled with evil and mine's not there is no way I can lose

* Can't hold on much longer - But I will never let go
I know it's a one way track - Tell me now how long this'll last
I'm not gonna think this way - Nor will I count on others
Close my eyes and feel it burn - Now I see what I've gotta do


Ancient city blazing
Shadows keep attacking
Little children crying
Confusion, hopeless anger

I don't know what it can be but you drive me crazy
All your cunning tricks make me sick, you won't have it your own way

* Repeat


(Guitar Solo)

If it won't stop, there will be no future for us
Its heart is tied down by all the hate, gotta set him free

I know it's a one way track - Tell me now how long this'll last
Close my eyes and feel it burn - Now I see what I've gotta do


* Repeat


Feb 6, 1999

Different topics!

1. Is it possible for Cartoon Network airing the reruns of Satam Sonic on Toonami?

2. When is the Ben Hurst interview? (since it was postponed)

3. On the Sonic the Webhog: SS3 site, what do you think the underground episode of Sonic: Third Season will be like?

4. Do you think Sally is attractive and sexy?

5. Is Sonic Underground going to be computer generated?

6. Is Sonic Adventure going to sell the soundtrack seperate?

7. Do you think a movie will be released sometime between 1999 and 2000?

8. Can you consider adding this song to Sonic HQ. "The Distance" by Cake


1) Possible but unlikely.
2) Hmm...look at the question below.
3) I have no idea...but I wouldn't expect top quality, since it IS a fan porject.
4) Well, to a human eye, no. To a fur eye, yes.
5) Maybe parts of it, but the whole: no.
6) Yes, several are out already in Asia.
7) Maybe. The news people haven't heard anything yet...
8) If it's got nothing to do with

Sonic Spinball.

1. Okay, this is making me nuts and if figured if anyone knew the answer, it'd be you guys. This question may sound dumb but there are some rumors circulating the net saying Sonic Spinball and Sonic Crackers are fan made games. Someone said SEGA found people making Sonic Spinball and said, "Hey that's not too bad." And put it out on the market so they could work on Sonic 3. But that makes no sense because SEGA of America made Sonic Spinball, right? Or is that other guy right?

2. About a week and a half ago I sent my link to the links people and they haven't responded. Does that mean they didn't like my page? I thought it was original and I promise you will not find an "Ask Nicole" page that works like an 8-ball anywhere else.

3. Did Dulcy ever appear in the first season of SatAM? I don't remember her doing so.

4. This is something you wrote on your answer page: "The force is with him...aways...." Don't you mean always?

5. when is this interview with Ben Hurst coming?


1) The game was made by Sega TI. So yes, it's by Sega. Sonic Crackers never made it out, and it's designed by the same team that made Knuckles Chaotix 32X.
2) Your link is at 31, but it should be 30 because we're dropping the axe on StarHedgehog's page, since it has nothing to do with Sonic now...on the nest update.
3) No.
4) yes.
5) Ben delayed it because he doesn't have time right now, so it looks like we'll have to wait until he have some time.

Fans and questions!

Dear Sonic HQ,
Whazzup. The names are SonIXCool, Vector J. Croc, and Knuckles the Sketchkidna. We are a team of Sonic fans led by myself, SonIXCool. We call ourselves the SONIX-CIRCUIT (Hey, I formed the group. I should get to name it after myself.) We are planning a big intro into Sonic Fandom, and we need some info.

First, some questions from me, SonIXCool, the most insane kid ever to exist.

1) How do we get permission to write fan fics from SEGA, Archie, and DIC and how do we get them copyrighted?

2) We have plans for a fan comic titled "Sonic Hype." How do we get permission for that?

And now, my insane colleague, but not as insane as I am, Vector J. Croc, actually has a comic related question.

3) If Warlord Kodos hated Overlanders so much (as mentioned in THE NAUGUS TRILOGY?), why did he become Robotnik's mentor? (as mentioned in HEART OF DARKNESS, SONIC #36.)

And finally, the only sane member of our team, Knuckles the Sketchkidna, our team artist, has a few questions.

4) When we send in fan fics, can they be illustrated?

5) When we send in fan fics, can we send in an attachment that tells everyone about us that will actually be accessible on this site?

Well, that's all our questions. Love the site. Hope that one day, our works will be included amongst yours and other Sonic nuts.

By the way, we like people to think we're nuts, aside from Knuckles the Sketchkidna, who is actually quite normal. (We're working on that.)

We're way past gone

SonIXCool, the Ultimate Sonic Fan
Vector J. Croc, the Biggest Chaotix Fan
Knuckles the Sketchkidna, Knuckles Artistically Gifted Alternate Reality Twin

Hehe, everyone loves our site! Well, we love fans too!

1) You just state in you fan fiction that the characters are properties of Sega.
2) Same as above.
3) He wanted to get rid of Nate Morgan, so they formed an mutual friendship.
4) No. We can't allow that because that would take too much time for us.
5) Just write it IN the fan-fic like everyone else. That way, people will have to read it if they want to read the story.

And we wish you luck on your comic!

A little history...

How come the Sonic History is all messed up? I mean, in the earlier issues, Sonic met Sally when trying to rescue his uncle but in later issues, Sonic knew Sally since they were kids at the palace.

You mean the ARCHIE Sonic history is all messed up. Well, the answer is writers. They don't do enough research and they mess up the history completely.

Shinning Force 3!

dear sonic hq:
I love your site. It is perfect. I have a few questions and theories.

I saw on Game Informer that Shining Force 3 was made by the Sonic Team. Is this true?

I think Knuckles glides because on his character profile he ate a lot of fruit, and since the Angel Island floats the roots of the plants get the minerals which makes the island float; therefor Knuckles glides.

Miles got his two tails from pollution.

Knuckle has the strip on his chest to protect him because on Sonic and Knuckles he slides on the ground.

A Freak of Sonic

The Shinning Force series is NOT made by the Sonic Team, it is actually made by a second party developer for Sega (much like Rare to Nintendo) called Sonic. Sonic is set up by Sega to develop top programmers and producer they could pick up. But they're not the Sonic Team.

Knuckles glides because he have the threads on his head, they spread out when he jumps, so he glides.

We really don't know how Tails got his two tails...we might never know...

Knuckles has the strip on his chest because it symblizes his gaurdianship.

All Sonic and related characters are trademarks of Service and Games Enterprise. All questions are answered by Sonic HQ...duh...