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Jan 24, 1999

Sonic + Sally, and the satellites

Dear Sonic HQ,

Hey, I just have a few questions, and stuff. First of all, wanna startby saying that I absolutely love your web site!! Especially this new one you're working on...WAY cool stuff!! Okay, now for the questions! 1) I know it's a popular question, but do you think that Sonic and Sally will end up getting married? (What with all this other junk goin' on, it doesn't seem like it!!) 2) In comic issue #68, page 4, it shows some meteors flying around in outer space, then someone that's in this satellite looking thing blasts a beam at the meteors, causing them to hit Mobius. Do you have any idea who did it? I suspect Robotnik, by the looks of that hand...for all I know, he could still be alive...but hey, whadda I know? Well, that's all for now! Later.


Wow, thanks for the compliment! It's great to know that you liked our site.

1) Sorry, but SoA will probably never allow Sonic to get married to someone who isn't established in the games.
2) It seems that way, but Ken Penders said that Robotnik was gone for good. That doesn't mean we won't get someone similar. (Robo-Robotnik? Eggman? A Robotnik from another world?)

SatAM downloads missing

Was there any reason why Star Hedgehog and The Sonic Corner took down the SatAM downloads? I mean, did SEGA make them or something?

Since Simplenet started cracking down on sites with copyrighted music MP3s, a lot of Simplenet Sonic sites have been temporarily shut down and forced to remove their MP3s. Knuxcom was the first to go down.

Since then, The Sonic Foundation got permission from Richard Jacques, composer of the Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R soundtracks, to put those files back up. However, this is not going to happen with SatAM.

After that happened, The Sonic Corner decided to remove everything on the site that was copyrighted.

Star Hedgehog has apparently had some trouble with Simplenet, but it hasn't kept the copyrighted files of the site. However, it looks like Star Hedgehog's Page is now an Anime-only site. The only Sonic-related items are some site decorations and the Sonic anime videos.

Tails Adventure

Where is the config in Tails Adventure to do the ultimate code?

At the title screen, press Up twice, Right three times, Down six times, and Left nine times then press Start. "Config" should be visible on screen after you do this. Select Config and use Left and Right to select a starting level.

Jan 22, 1999

General stuff...

Heya. Like yer page, BTW. Keep up the goood work! Now to my questions:

1) What are the hints to show that Geoffery and Hershey make out a good couple? I cant seem to find out the clues.

2) Is Amy Rose the real name of the pink hedgehog? SEGA always called her Amy, and never added Rose.

3) Will Tails be getting a sidekick of his own soon? It'd be interesting if he did.

4) If Knuckles does make an apperance on Sonic Underground, who's doing his voice?

1) Ken Penders told us that sometimes ago (right after Sonic #50). He said there are three choices, Hershey/St. John, Antoine/Bunnie, or a surprise (Sally/Sonic - ain't gonna happen).
2) Amy Rose was in the guides for the games. Rose the rascal, ever heard of that term?
3) Nope. Right now, he's still Sonis's sidekick.
4) Hmm...I don't know. We will know soon though, as the cartoon is due to hit in three month.

Knuckles' daughter!

Aww, you guys really miss me asking questions ;P? and I saw the FAQ change, too. heh, NEwayz, I kept thinking about what Lara-Su (frum SSS #12?) might look like when she appears in the comix (I CAN'T wait). I pictured her as a red Julie-Su with Knuckles and a white collar ring. Do you think she'll look like that?
PS: here's my pic of her and Sonic's son.

Nice drawing...but something's wrong. Remember that we have NEVER seen a female echidna with no cloth I think Knuckles' daughter would wear something like her grandfather or her mother...

Sonic Overdrive Site...

I have a question you may not heard of this what happen to sonic's overdrive site?
Linda Jenkins

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