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The Prisoners - Dr. Eggman 8/6/03
Is there any point to those electric prisoners in Sonic Adventure's Red Mountain? If not, do you know what they're doing there?

They're there to slime the toasty marshmallow bunnies in the garden of EBIL!!

~ Dr FexusFan


Plants that steal chao--- true or false - Jynx the lynx 4/19/03
hello there again.... uhh,are the rumours true that if you leave too many weeds that they turn into people and steal your chao?I really wanna know!

To those who DON'T know.. the MoFo shall wonder our village idiot cousin's invisable seagull QUESTION MARKS for about 15 hateration of contagious bandwidth smilies

~ Dr FexusFan


SS in Sonic 1 - Michael Liesch 6/21/03
I got all 6 emeralds in sonic 1 (with Debug Mode). But I don't know how to become Super Sonic. How do I?

You take your head and mix it about JIGGY, I'm almost ready for my jumpin' dust zapper! OH the pickles jumping and jumping.... Dragons never ask for socks, they rarely converse wit Mr Popo. Thats how you do it!

~ Dr FexusFan


Testing - Vector 5/24/03

trumble before my butt, for I know cat sandpaper is l33t.

~ Dr FexusFan