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a question for fexusfan... - purple hyper hegehogy mustard eggs 11/19/03
BONDIGGY!!hoo is amys momme?qwert.*pukes*I need to stop talking like that.... I wonder what moldy cheese tases like??? SHIGGY!

Amy mom EzBarfs boarded savins changed the dead bizzarity on official smallest daylight sentence. I summon FuFu the Pooper to hang flaming flowerpots over your Rainbow Brite toiletseat and blitz molten Folgers crystals to unicycle acid rain on your accordion parade! GAME WINNING HOMERUN!!

~ Dr FexusFan


Sonic advance 3 - Choas Controll 10/26/03
Do you know where i can find a level map of sonic advance 3, or any sites. i really need to know. thanks!!!

I see you've seen my mutant PEANUT BUTTER JELLY washboard Tablatures respawning plasma butts.

~ Dr FexusFan


sonic heros+sonic battle - purple hyper hegehogy mustard eggs 10/29/03
Are sonic heros and sonic battle the same thing?Ive been wanting to know P.S. I found your site on ASK JEEVES.COM(HECK MAN YOU MUST BE VERY FAMOUS!).

No, we are not scum and villiany, I don't remember ever hearing BLASPHEMY enlightened websites wave everyone the captain Badgers clickie for your future villain needs.

~ Dr FexusFan


A Question for Dr.Fexus Fan... - SupersayianShadowVegataSieferofLevel42Gotanks2567210 10/29/03
Oh M1ghty 4nd great Dr. F3xusf4n teh k33p3r of all l337 kn0wledge, My y0u pl34s3 hubml3 yorsefl and anwer mi quassion 1 h4ve t4ht i w4nt 2 ask you!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneoneone H3re 17 15.... WHY.... WHY.... Why?...!!! That is teh qu3tion please answer me Dr.Fexus Fan I ned to know b/c it is ver imporant and I must know so You mus tel me....PLESE RESPOND IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111oneoneoneononeoneone0|\|3 P.s.: If Shadow was an anriod would he know the panser kunst? So then would he make people

Charlie Sheen sat in his Fuzzy car, Not technically a single Squirrel code of alien death WORKING out the omnicient Agent FEXUSFAN! knowledge of Fuzzy useless cl0|\|3s whistles high pitched TETRIS Fruit. Lady beef says have you spoken behind MY lamerish tendencies tired of the constant Chunky 8 bit water cooler. i hope their noodles attached to mastah Comatose Pop Up Woogy never Again come with animated font CHICKEN DANCE

Dr FexusFan


Comics - G-man 10/14/03
How come no more mini series or specials are coming out anymore? Also is the Knuckles series still running? Thanks for time. G-man

The Battle of Nine hot tubs messes up cat food exchange across the Danged chibi lodge

~ Dr FexusFan


sonic is fast - carter 10/19/03
why does sonic run so fast?

Just in case you weren't yawning INCOMPLETE wacky unlyrical beef fajittas, pogo eyeballs that have PiE for brains is against the homicidal Giga Bowser on ebay

~ Dr FexusFan


knuckles - sonicstrikez 10/21/03
if sonic is a hedgehog then what is knuckles?

My little multiplex with Tremedous Crunch puppies might Just know that the Pooper Yugo violets -that- plushie, but it's simple mr death

~ Dr FexusFan


???????? - B 10/5/03
How do u use S. Sonic and H. shadow? I just finished beatin the Last stage but i don't kno how to use them.

Maybe a mental knife shot cheese pudding like artifical gumdrops?

~ Dr FexusFan


Tails, Boy or girl? - Sonic J 10/3/03
Some one I know keeps on telling me that Tails is a Girl! Please tell me with good strong facts if Tails is a boy or a girl. I need this question answered. PLEASE!!! Sincerely, Sonic J.

My tail has cartiliginous rudder SEA CUCUMBER enabling sharp turns so dont cut underwear filled fat old woman.

Dr FexusFan


super emeralds - 4 super emeralds man 9/29/03
what happens when all of the super emeralds are collected?

Universe XQEC-723GD5-9O shall chizzle fo rizzle while Zontar 'll give Tranopomaline super emeralds smash mah zooting cow tree with doom zoos in many tails, OH THE HUMANITY!!

~ Dr FexusFan


The purple dog thing. - Dragonlord 9/26/03
Can you tell me who that purple dog person is with the hat and what type of animal he is? Also is he Sonic's ally or enemy? Please tell me about him. thank you.

the purple dog humming of the baseline never underestermat zero obsession. you have no idea how close I was to Watching the love with a LOT of brick brackets

~ Dr FexusFan


sonic adventure 3 - coat_milk9 9/23/03
i was woundering will they make a sonic adventure 3 soon can u please tell me wan u can.

They will after I have to get a huge stream of warehouse villains in one episode for flamboyant sleep-inducing closet doors.

~ Dr FexusFan


Chaos help - Sonic twin 9/26/03
Where are all the chaos emeralds on Sonic advance 2

I keep telling you! The seven disconnection balls friggin absolut CONKERSAUCE makes mah ear-drops inside vibratious desktop.

~ Dr FexusFan


fan chars. - Rad Red16 9/14/03
Do you think that websites should allow ppl to send thier fan chars.Do you any that do?

chewing on a plastic spoon.. I'd possibly be able to Schemegen this lovely evening before going to the bathroom. How's that for proper English Curly ROCKS ride the lucky medical discount. I hear you stole Chocolatey llama socks filled to the side of a disfunctional laughing Disgruntled Baby Zookeepers depths of COW!

~ Dr FexusFan


??? - Cody Powell 9/12/03
Whare does Sonic the Hedghog go on sonic 1 when he dies.I mean he just goes blub blub blub.And vanises poof!

He goes to the world of disco otters to assasinate powdered pickle bolters & 40K at ease an account Goatniks Doesn't know sugar nuggle ~ Dr FexusFan


do you think sonicx should stay on the fox box? - decon boscio 9/11/03
what iam saying is i think he shounld be on cartoonnetwork.

I never really kept up with AOL Time Warner's laughing THUNDER CHEESE at Uday's SAVIOUR And BALLS & BUTTER history

~ Dr FexusFan


Charmy the bee - Cody Powell 9/11/03
My friend says that in Sonic Heros that thare is a bee named Charmy.I dont belive him!!

When I have to scream Charmy used intelligable Joz that attack the Pepsi but it can grins six sinister Superultrahyperdoodle with batteries included. LOOK AT ME I HAVE FLOPPY DISKS ATTACHED TO MY ALUMINUM CAN!

~ Dr FexusFan


Get the Message - Miles "Per" Hour 9/8/03
Hey True Red. For those of us who haven't read the issue, why didn't you write Naka-san's message in your review of Sonic # 125?

To those who DON'T know.. the MoFo shall wonder our village idiot cousin's invisable seagull QUESTION MARKS for about 15 hateration of contagious bandwidth smilies... That was an exemplary example of what not to push-broom away into the Mattel dumpster in the alley of FIRE!!

~ Dr. FexusFan


is this real? - hunter69 8/19/03
I heard that if you beat good on SA2b 16 times and bad 10 times you see a hidden video and then you go to aa level where you have to beat all charecters using Shadow and then you have to beat their super forms . is this real?

In the world of lemons downright disturbing tautologous stomachs being petted proved that two Windowmen have grown an extra tail

~ Dr FexusFan


..... - Zach 8/2/03
Does Sonic have a neck?

HIS NECK appears to teaser meh with the creepy fork of Noogie-Snook and the Four Horsewhackers

~ Dr FexusFan