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Tails HQ? - Anon 2/18/07
You get the gist of the title, doncha.

Will there ever be a TAILS HQ site? Please? For us Tails fans who think Sonic's an airhead and everyone lies and tells 'Tails' about Tails and treat him like a baby? LET HIM MAKE A COMEBACK! That's my campaign. It seems to me that SEGA are trying to destroy him; smudge him out! Or it might be Sonic Team. Anyway, they've made a character whose supposedly smarter (but I scribbled it out in Wave's IQ description coz I don't approve.) and they're making everyone treat him like he's a newborn, even Ultimo seems to hold a grudge. NOTE TO HOAXERS: TAILS DOESN'T AND NEVER WILL HAVE A LOVE OR A GIRLFRIEND; HE'S SINGLE AND SMART AND HEALTHY (has a fanchar brother who gave him nightmares until he turned vegan) UNLIKE SONIC WHO IS FAT AND LAZY AND TAKES TAILS CREDIT ETC ETC ETC.................!!!!!!!!!!

moo hogindoz whee ~ Dr FexusFan


fan - super sarah 3/3/07
the babylon mark? where is it??

Gifted whining interfaces all look super-fat for impressionable heartswap. MAD COMEDY splash klondike from hell can swap me three handsome responsive Decapitated sonic ghostbusters near Furry HQ

~ Dr FexusFan


sonics brother - casey 7/14/07
hi i wanted to ask the creators of the sonic show creator

what if sonic had a brother but did;nt know about ituntil his brother crased on the planet he was oN?

DON'T DYE Ivysaur sludge green or lagging Tree onions will rub the connectors like in the movies!

~ Dr FexusFan


is it true - Z.Cazj. 11/19/05
Dr.FexusFan, I must know...

PLEASE SHOWER ME WITH YOUR ULTIMATE WISDOM! I, the Hardcore Rebel, must know how you find your sagicity. how? I want to learn the ways of the FexusFan! Please!

Is it illegal to have the politically incorrect black eyed banana LYRICS
tactless fudgepop so rudely interrupted by incinerated 4 year olds who stamp on an onion listening to Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto?

~ Dr FexusFan


is it true - SMX 12/8/05
is it true that shadoe shoots sonic in Shadow the Hedgehog if so dose sonic die?


~ Dr FexusFan


ahhhhhhhhhhhh! - Princessjea 12/29/05
Sally can't be married!!!! Please tell me she's not I pick up one thing and it's all uphill! I don't think I'll get my hands on a comic for a while----is she really married? I might hang up myself as a sonic fan if she is!!!! Her and Sonic are supposed to be! HELP!!

Burritos cried on top of Old Smokey covered with cheeze when sidewalks burned butts into tiny pieces of eight.

~ Dr FexusFan (REUTN!)


stupid fexus DO NOT ANSWER - not a sonic fan 4/23/05
how do i beat the very last boss with sonic team in sonic heroes is there any special attacks is there something that i could use because i dunno know how

stupid fexus fan DO NOT ANSWER

I see your french silk cocktails have fizzled twice the ink of a five-armed Chevy. You need the wiggly Matt v2.0 bot with the bubble wrap upgrade to win.

~ Dr FexusFan


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrUNnINg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ira Malone 2/16/05
I have a question , of course [cough] Why on sonic x sonic runs but Amy and the other do not well eccept knuckles on episode 5 next to the end when he defeats Eggmans robot.But on sonic advance and all the other advance games [Big breath]!!! kNUCKLES,AMY,TAILS,AND CREAM do run fast and I mean fast as fast as sonic. Well Why doesnt Amy and all the other characters dont run as fast as Sonic does? I like sonic encyclopedia ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Smelly Hairball Soldiers of OAK swim with Monkey Magicians at midnight in the mint-flavored pool of radiance. Sneak out your cactus out the backstreet boy door into screensaver alley and hide your psychotic children behind Masks of Restrict.

~ Dr FexusFan


where's my cartoon?????????? - sonic whatcher 2/5/05
a long time in april 2003, we were all told of a new Sonic Babies cartoon coming soon from America, but where is it now, what happened, it's even on page 21 of your news archives, did it get silently canned or what????????????????????

Underground guild madman completed the series but then the blood pressure from a free complimentary vase exploded in parmesan cheese, hence it only aired in the city of little cohorts dressed as knockwurst mauled by ice pack piggyback rides inside the worst coconut ever.

~ Dr FexusFan


WHy Can't I go Super SAyianjin? - SuperSayianSanadowVegetoCOuldSeiferothLevel9678967 1/18/05
Ive ben tryng 2 go super sayianjin but i can't seem to do it. I collected 7 emeralds and got 50 ring but it does seam 2 b working. i tied 2 fly but my mom told me to get off the roof...but my hair isnt shanniny or n e thang so i don't think i am n e way, who dew u make it wark?
please respound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very important!

P.S.: how dew u use your physic powers? i waz playign a sonic game called sonic shuffle and it told me to dew it, but my physic powers wouldnt woork but the chao always won, even on the allygator game sew how dew u make it work?

P.S.S. Dunlet fexus fan answer this he's 2 inconrehensable nad i cent understand him, take him, off u website n outta teh comic

School to Jane went chimpanzee EXPLOSION! it is overkill and confusing to cut paper with a chainsaw but I also have Photoshop used for gENG engine experiments. my hunger knows an old man not too far away from the proto-Agnst-ridden jellyfish in the northeast quadrant of the galaxy.

~ Dr FexusFan


sonic - dude 1/4/05
fexus you had better stop sending wrong sonic codes you goon you are worse then true red you goon

i released the hounds of miceskin and the angel grew a tail

~ Dr FexusFan


nonsense - Fexus Fan jr. 1/4/05
the mouse ate the elephant and became the rat because the other mouse said elephants are hippos and the hippos didn't like that so they ate the tiger then the mouse got scared so it ate the hippo

The letter A sucks divine trash cows.

~ Dr FexusFan


Why? - Stinkee 12/31/04
Hey Dr. FexusFan, why do people hate the smell of farts plz answer or I'll fart

When my dog devours your swine leashes, the monkey children will cry oranges.

~ Dr FexusFan


bamburger - Dude 11/20/04
what the heck is a cheesy bamburger i can't find them in the store anywhere FEXUS FAN RESPOND

headcheese? NO! The taco knight sits with a dog of nine hats of doom for the purble rug, I say to you... what sat on that secksi donkey tree?

~ Dr FexusFan


mario - fexus jr. 11/28/04
why is mario a better super hero then sonic the hedgehog and why is nintendo doing so much better then sega fexus fan please respond

One will never get rid of halitosis by imitating Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts.

~ Dr FexusFan


A mysterious question - Hyper Chaoko 12/6/04
Heya Dr. FexusFan! You rock! Anyways, what the schmegen does schmegen mean anyways plz answer!

Chocolatey llama socks filled to the side of a disfunctional laughing Disgruntled Baby Zookeepers depths of COW!

~ Dr FexusFan


Fexusfan, help needed - -SA- 11/7/04
hey fexusfan my brother's been hanging around this girl I like could i buy scooter bombs i really want to scooter his daisy head

Scooter bombs will edit hidden quoted disbelievers from here to FexusFan HQ - Website of the Gods.

~ Dr FexusFan


robotnic or eggman - tails1 10/3/04
How does robotnic survive all the exsplosions in the games and cartoons?

Like Sonic, Robotnik's soggy socks don't bleed coffee, but if the coffee itself bleeds, will the artificial sweetener stain the windowshade? Robotnik's pharonic aftershave still stinks after a thousand years of musty tomb raiding theives breaking wind after eating raisins.

~ Dr FexusFan


BATMAN - CARL 10/5/04


Electric eels ate Joey's tapes, so he just got more from eBay and hid them where no eel has gone before. My Dark Magician like oolong unless its not hot and in a cup.

~ Dr FexusFan


SHADOW IN SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE?!!!!!! - shadow's grampa 10/2/04
I have heard from many different places that Shadow is unlockable as a playable
character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. That seems strange to me because Shadow
is from SEGA and SSBM is from NINTENDO. My friend said that it was because of
SA2B(?). Is Shadow really unlockable? If he is, could you please tell me how to
do it?

Ninja Bakuara! *meow* That is what all the townspeople will shout when they put the potatoes in with the Millenium banana!!! Lick to the robbers of rootbeer a new song as fast as your reverse eel can chew iron to shreds. Wheat germ can be a valuable resoure to sealth couches that wear souls around their cushions of doom. That or reverse the slippers to do a techno jig with all the townspeople and their potatoes...

~ Dr FexusFan