Ben Acorn Interview by Zifei, 7/20/98
Sonic HQ EXCLUSIVE interview with Sonic midi maker Ben Acorn.

HQ: Hello Mr.Ben Acorn, this is the Sonic HQ News crew. We have a few questions for you...let us start by asking the most important. What midi are you working on now? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Ben: The midi that I am currently working on is called Chaos Jam. It is track 1 on Virtual Sonic CD. Itís a very good song but it keeps proving to be very difficult. It has many instruments in it that cannot be reproduced in a general midi file. I am only able to get around this by using the closest instruments to them that are available to put in a general midi file. Now, that doesnít mean that itís not going to be good. It means that it will take more work to make it good.

HQ: When do you think it'll be finished?

Ben: Well there's really no way to tell. I can give you a guess though. I think it should be done in about 2 or 3 weeks depending on the time I have to work on it. And I have three more midi's not yet released to the public.

HQ: Which three?

Ben: Wacky Workbench version 1, Stardust Speedway version 2, and Sonic Boom version 2!

HQ: Can you tell us what midis you have made so far?

Ben: Yes.

HQ: OK, so...

Ben: Sonic CD-Wacky Work Bench Present, Sonic CD-Sonic Boom, Sonic CD-Stardust Speedway Bad Future, and a re-make of Sonic Boom and Stardust Speedway Bad future because they were some of my first mids and has tons of errors in them.

HQ: Which one's your favorite?

Ben: Sonic CD-Wacky Work Bench Present is the most accurate but I like Sonic Boom the best.

HQ: Many people would like to know the answer to this question, how exactly do you make midi files?

Ben: Well? First you need to get a notation or sequencing program. I have one because I was interested in writing music. These programs are not always cheap. Some cost up to $1000, but don't worry those programs are for professional composers who write music for big time orchestras. There aren't any shareware versions of midi programs that I know of that let you save your work. So be ready to spend some money. I use Quick Score Professional. It cost about $90 and works very well.

HQ: What's the cheapest sequencing program you know of?

Ben: Um ... I guess Cake Walk. I know you can download a demo and I've seen the full version and it look's cheap. but I don't know how much it costs.

HQ: Who do you think is the best Sonic midi maker on the net? Besides you that is. (laughs)

Ben: Besides me? Oh that's a tough one. Um... Koryan I'd have to say. Very talented.

HQ: And last question, how did you get into Sonic? Don't worry, we'll ask all other Sonic fans we interview this question from now on. (laughs)

Ben: I saw it on a Saturday morning when I was little, and I was hooked. I bought a Sega right away and then I got Sonic 1, 2, 3, well you know!

HQ: Thanks for your time Ben!

Ben: Bye!

If you have any question for Ben, email him at