Preview of STH #192 and More - STP 6/24/08

"Metal and Mettle, Part Two": You’re not just seeing double, you’re seeing quadruple when Sonic and Scourge fight for their lives against the sleek killer robots Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge! Why isn’t Scourge’s Suppression Squad doing anything to help? And what is the sinister secret Dr. Eggman is using to keep the Dark Egg Legion under his control? SCRIPT: Ian Flynn. ART: Tracy Yardley! (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks). Dimension-hopping cover by Tracy Yardley! & Josh Ray!

Shipping Date: September 3rd, 2008

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: September 10th, 2008

On Sale on Newsstands: September 23rd, 2008

32-page, full color comic

$2.25 US.


The thrilling new series that lets fans relive classic Sonic stories continues!

Volume 9 presents issues #33 through #36 of Sonic’s ongoing comic book series in a special 5 x 7 & ½ inch edition. These stories continue the artistic change to a more "dramatic" tone, better aligning the series to the hit Saturday morning animated series then on the air. The emphasis is on the royal politics of the kingdom, with power plays, self-sacrifice and betrayals galore. Each story is meticulously restored and printed on high-grade paper-so you can feel like you're zipping right alongside the cobalt champion as he saves Knothole Village! This action-packed edition features events like the mystery of the Chaos Emeralds and the return of King Acorn (sort of)!

Stories include:

"Let’s Get Small" (issue #33),
"The Big Picture" (issue #33),
"Sonic Shot" (issue #33),
"To Bot or Not to Bot" (issue #34),
"A Sense of History – Part One" (issue #34),
"Ring of Truth" (issue #35),
"A Sense of History - Part Two" (issue #35),
"Heart of Darkness" (issue #36), and
"A Sense of History Party Three" (issue #36).
SCRIPTS: Mike Gallagher, Ken Penders & Mike Kanterovich.
ART: Art Mawhinney, Dave Manak, & Ken Penders.
Colossal cover by Pat "Spaz" Spazinate!

Shipping Date: September 24th, 2008

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: October 1st, 2008

On Sale on Newsstands: October 14th, 2008

112-page, full color graphic novel

$7.95 US.

Also, Archie Comics is making Sonic Quest: The Death Egg Saga, Knuckles' Chaotix, Return of the King, Sonic Kids, and Sonic 50 Director's Cut available again. All ship September 3, and are on sale September 10.