Mike Pellerito Answers Fans Questions - True Red 7/9/05
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I just want to thank all the great folks at Sega and Archie for producing such a great comic, allowing me such opportunities as this Q&A with you, the Sonic fans. I also want to thank Ken Penders and Bob R. over at Kenpenders.com for their help. Also, a gigantic, humongous thanks to Katrice from SonicHQ.org for putting so much effort and work into getting the word out about this Q&A, as well as formatting the questions and making it so easy. And, of course, thanks to all the fans who participated with these questions, and those fans who just wanted to see what was going on. And one final thanks to all the Sonic fans who have been keeping up with this comic for years, those who just hopped on, and all those who are excited about the new Sonic X series.

So on to your questions….

1) This ones about the Sonic X mini-series. Will it be starting from where the anime series began, or will it be leading off from around the end of the second series?

The Sonic X comic will be starting somewhere within the first two seasons in terms of time period. We are going to make sure we build a strong foundation so that we can introduce all the characters, vehicles, and robots without confusing any new readers. The show scripts and synopses we have been given access to are so far along that we felt it was better to start at the beginning and move along with the cartoon as we progress.

2) Will, the sonic X comics be just like the show (as in copying the episodes) or will it have a different kind of story or stuff... maybe the question should be, how much different will this be to the show, or how similar will it be to the show?

The Sonic X comic will be all new original material. We will definitely be making references to the show throughout the comic, but all the stories will be separate and new.

3) I think my obvious question would have to be whether or not M:25YL is the actual future or an alternate/possible future, as this has been debated both here and the "mofo." (AKA the Mobius Forum) I have reason to believe it's not, Ken and Bob R. have argued that it is, even though it says it's only a possible future right in the letters page. And if it isn't the actual future, then will Sonic and Sally be together? Or will Sonic take up another love interest with Mina or Amy? What about Knuckles and Julie-Su? Will Knuckles' experiences with the afterlife change his mind about "commitment without ceremony?" (I would certainly hope it would. I want to see Knux and Julie MARRIED XD It just makes more sense in my opinion that they would get married, over Sonic getting married. XD)

I think the best way to understand this is to look at the editorial for Sonic 144. Yes, it is vague but the future is always in flux and a small event now could cause huge ripples of change in the future. How any writer wants to handle current events in terms of the future ramifications is up to them. I think the most important concern is to create enjoyable stories with everybody’s favorite characters regardless of the timelines.

4) And dang it when will I ever learn about the mother's side of Knuckles' family? And what about Bunnie's family and all the other considerably underdeveloped characters?

When we explore any aspect of a character’s back-story it has to be integral to the story at hand. Sometimes space doesn’t allow the room to always include those aspects. We do try to fit as much back story as possible, without it becoming just an info page. It can be a tough balance at times. However, with a cast of hundreds, we try to focus on each character and all their history as much as possible.

5) If you have seen Sonic X you obviously would know that there is
romantic tensions between Sonic and Amy (like Sonic and Sally do in the other comic) I want to know if the Sonic X comic will have the same romantic tension relationship between Sonic and Amy and will it be done differently then the show has their relationship?

I think you can rest assured that all your favorite parts from the Sonic X cartoon will find their way into the Sonic X comic. Tension and all.

6) Is it possible that the Sonic X comic will have more issues then just be a mini series if it becomes popular with the fans?

Yes. I am very happy to announce that, because of popular demand, Sonic X will be an ongoing series.

7) Series 2 of Sonic X just finished in France. Will the new character, Cosmo, be in the mini-series? If so will the Tails/Cosmo relationship be featured?

Yes. Although she will not be featured in the first few stories, expect her to eventually make her appearance.

8) Is it true that no one working on the existing *Sonic the Hedgehog Comic* will work on Sonic X?

We will have a completely new staff on Sonic X so that it can stand out and be unique while keeping many of the fan favorite artists and writers on the original Sonic series. However, you may see some familiar names pop up on both.

9) Do you already have new writers working on the Sonic X comic right now?

Yes. We should have some preview material coming out soon.

10) Will Sonic and Sally ever get back together?

I think a lot to their relationship is yet to be explored. If they are friends or more will have to remain to be seen.

11) Will Sonic and Shadow ever work together as a team?

They had to somewhat in #149, but as you have seen, it can be a little shaky.

12) Will Sonic get a new love interest later on in the comic besides Sally or Mina? (Maybe someone like Amy)

He is a single dude now. I think anyone is fair game.

13) With Sally on hiatus, will Sonic get a chance to explore relationships with his other potential love interests? If Sally seems so concerned with finding a guy to help her run the city and prepare for the future (where she'll need a king at her side and all. So concerned to the point she'd ditch Sonic. She also raised a point in wanting a ruling figure at her side and not someone risking his life. So, with that in mind, who will become her new consort if she's so determined to think about the future? Antoine? Knuckles? Eggman? A new guy?

With Sally moving more and more into a leadership role, she will need a royal consort. With Sonic out of the picture I would think she would have to start looking for suitors elsewhere. I can not say whether her potential prince comes from within the Acorn Kingdom or from another kingdom, but I will tell you that Eggman is a definite no.

14) Speaking of potential love interests, what about Mina? How has she been doing? Will we ever get to see anything happen between her and Sonic (despite the fact Ash is there as what seems to be a rebound guy)? Will things between Mina and Ash become tense? Sonic's back and well, Mina seems to be going out with Ash because she feels Sonic wouldn't and never has liked her (but wait... didn't he think of her as a girlfriend in 111 though?) But if he did it seems like Mina would've never gone out with Ash. Wouldn't that bother Ash just a tiny bit? Since Mina and Ash are together now are we going to see more of them like in their own story? And is Mina going to stay with Ash?

I think it is getting pretty obvious that Ash can’t stand anything about Sonic. Ash views Sonic as a threat to his relationship and as someone who hurt his girlfriend very deeply. Keep an eye out for #150 and on and you will learn more about Mina and her relationship issues.

15) When Mina said she'd do anything to keep Sonic happy after he kissed Sally, she nearly died on that vow by sacrificing herself. She showed she cared more to make him happy than to have him. As she could've easily let not taken the bullet for Sally, and have her probably die of a bullet wound (and in the end up being the only real competition standing). Viewing 144 especially, I am pondering if Archie has forgotten that vow, in which Mina was more oriented on seeing Sonic happy than her being with him. IMO, 144 totally missed what Mina did for Sonic in 123 and made it an issue of Sonic never being someone Mina could have, not an issue of Sonic being someone Mina could make happy being with in the ways Sally could (as was the reason she tried moving on initially). Granted, Mina didn't have anyone when she said that vow. However when she moved on because she couldn't make Sonic happy like Sally could, I felt as though she implied she was going to make or have something in her life independent of Sonic regardless. Whether what she decided to get when moving on consisted of a career, boyfriends etc. So am I missing something or maybe I misinterpreted what Mina meant in 144...?

Just because someone says something, even believes something, doesn’t mean it is. Mina is trying to move away from Sonic. I think her new relationship with Ash shows this. While at the same time it is obvious that Mina still has feelings for Sonic, she is very aware that she could be hurt again by him. I think Issue #144 pointed out how much she was unintentionally hurt by Sonic and how she does not want to repeat that mistake with Ash. Mina is very much about doing the right thing, not just for herself but for everyone around her. I hope that answers your question.

16) Mobius 25 years later, while said to be a potential future seems to reinforce the same visions before it that speak of the same conclusions for Sonic and co. Is possible for us to see other potential futures? If this is just one of many possibilities, how come we don't see all the other options out there? Maybe Sonic married to someone else, Rotor not a scientist. I'd rather newer ideas, newer concepts, pairings, and lifestyles as far as possible futures are concerned. Maybe Sally and King Knuckles? Maybe Sonic with someone who isn't Sally? Maybe a whole new life outside of being a "washed up guardian" for Knuckles (saying that loosely) or a king for Sonic? I feel by doing this, we have a choice in what happens. We can truly feel the comic is not defined in specific areas as far as what will and won't happen by constant trends in "possible future glimpses." Sorry, but it all feels there are some parties wish to define the future despite what fans may want in the end. So again, can we see some fresh new futures for Sonic and co? I certainly wouldn't mind knowing Mina's daughter's name (I saw her in M25YL). I wonder how Mina, Amy, or a new girl (most definitely prefer Mina) would be like if they ended up with Sonic instead of Sally.

Wow, M:25YL still continues to be a very hot topic. We are planning on doing some more M: 25YL stories that might really change what people are thinking about the future.

17) What are the chances of Tail's parents returning home?

Pretty good. We’re talking about that now, although it might not be pretty.

18) Will the Sword of Acorns ever come back into the story?

Yes, big time! With major ramifications.

19) Tails has kinda begun to notice Fiona Fox, and I was wondering if Barbe Koala will play some factor in Tail's love life. (She is the only other female who has shown interest.)

The Downunda Freedom Fighters will only be making a couple of cameo appearances in the immediate future. Keep an eye out for a Wolf Pack appearance too.

20) Will Big the Cat be getting his own mini-series as well? You can't pass up a character with that much potential.

Sorry, no mini-series plans for Big. You can expect to see the ‘big” guy more often.

21) What are you gonna be doing with Amy in these next issues? You *FINALLY* made her a Freedom Fighter and then dropped her right back into the background again. What gives?

Amy will play a bigger role starting from issue #150 on.

22) What else? Oh yeah, where's Cream?

Cream and Cheese will both be regularly featured in the upcoming Sonic X comic.

23) Will characters like Julie-Su, Lara-Su, Manic, Ash, Brotherhood, and more get more attention?

Yes. I think we left a lot of unanswered questions with the Return to Angel Island storyline. Look for some of these answers to be revealed in upcoming issues.

24) Will there be more of Knuckles and Julie-Su's relationship?

Yes. Also more of the Chaotix too.

25) I don’t mind Sonic X comics but I prefer Archie Sonic but I heard Sonic X mini series might replace it someday is that true? I hope it isn’t....

NO. We have no plans to replace the Sonic comic. Both Sonic and Sonic X will be running at the same time. Our goal is to deliver TWO great Sonic ongoing comics! So get ready for a double dose of Sonic and Sonic X!

26) Will M: 25YL come back and continue? I love it

Yes. Right now it looks like a little later than we planned, but keep an eye out for it later this year.

27) Will we ever find out about Amy's family & what happened to them?

Yes, but nothing is on the immediate schedule. Right now we are going to be giving some more focus to the ladies of Knothole, and Amy will be part of that focus.

28) What happened to JG? (You’re a WAY better editor than he was!)

THANKS, that means a lot! I haven’t spoken with him in over a year.

29) Can you PLEASE send a writer/artist to Minneapolis, MI? You would make ALOT of fans happy (and me)

Keep an eye out for any comic conventions in your area. You never know who may show up.

30) Will we ever get to see anything about Snively and Hope's relationship? They are related after all.

Yes. They are also related to a certain evil doctor.

31) Will we see Snively in the near future?

Yes. He will show up again in a few issues.

32) Is there any chance that Antoine and Bunnie can get back together?

There is always the possibility; anything can happen. The next year will determine their future.

33) If the Sonic X series does well, will you consider making other mini-series and super specials?

We will look at every opportunity as time goes by.

34) I heard Nack is coming back. Can you tell me if he'll be working with a partner or alone?

Nack will be solo on this mission. He will have some back up, so to speak, but that is a surprise.

35) Is the version of Metal Sonic in the GBU arc the same one from issue 87 or a new robot?

It would appear that he is a new construct. I can’t give out anymore information than that.

36) For the Sonic X comic, will the writers make the characters go thro a character development more so then the show has character development?

We are trying to stay true to the spirit of the Sonic X show, so anything we do will closely follow the storylines of Sonic X.

37) Will we ever learn more about the gang that accompanied Nack in Heart Held hostage? I mean we sorta saw them once and that was it. If Nack has a group of his own, I think it'd be pretty neat to learn about them and Nic.

Although Nack is back, his sister, Nic, will not be playing a major role. And yes, Nack’s gang’s fate is revealed, which could spell trouble for our weasel.

38) Are all weasels evil by nature? Are there any good weasels? Will there ever be a ferret in the comic? We see all kinds of different animals and creatures... but still no ferrets. *sad face*

No, weasels are not evil by nature; weasely, maybe. We plan on doing some stories that will shed some light on places and faces not seen before in Sonic, and maybe a good weasel or ferret might show up.

39) Since Rouge is in the comic will she get in between Julie Su and Knux like a triangle? (That would be cool)

Rouge will be causing a lot of trouble, but who she hooks up with might surprise you. And it is not who you think.

40) Will Tails ever hook up with Fiona again?

This will be addressed now that Fiona is playing a larger role with the Freedom Fighters.

41) When will the Sonic X comic come out? In June?

The launch date for Sonic X #1 is 09/27/05.

42) Will Chris be in the Sonic X comic? And will it pay a lot of attention to Chris then Sonic (I hope not because I felt that’s what the Sonic X episodes did from 1- 52)

Yes, Chris will be featured in the upcoming Sonic X comic. The stories don’t necessarily focus on Chris and Sonic’s relationship, but he is integral to the first storyline.

43) Does Amy have a chance with Sonic now since he is not with Sally anymore? How does Sonic love Amy? One Sonic Gram used to say he loved her like a brother does a sister, but does that still stand?

Now that Sonic is single he is free to date whomever he wishes. Sonic and Amy’s relationship has matured over the years, but to what degree it is now is up in the air.

44) This question is directed to the Sonic/Amy requests. Will/Can it be an issue left alone in our current series and developed in the Sonic X mini series? Win win situation I would think.

Characters like Mina and Sally will not be featured in Sonic X, so the love triangle that has happened in Sonic the Hedgehog will not be the same for Sonic X. As for Sonic the Hedgehog, anything can happen.

45) I like drawing manga and anime very much, and I saw some of comics in the net, I think they're a little different that mangas I read, they haven't got the same perfect line and all. So I just wanna ask if Sonic X comic will be drawn in Sonic X style, or style that was shown in your first comics? I wish that I could read it without fear.

We are trying to match the Sonic X art style as closely as possible. We all just love the look of the show and want to do that style justice.
I once too read comics in fear. Now I put them in plastic bags when I’m done with them, so they can’t get out and bite me.

46) If there is supposed to be Sonic X comic, I'd like to see just Sonic X characters there. Will there be any other characters? And I'm hoping for SonAmy relationship to not be touched, because I like it just the way it is, maybe nothing happens if someone adds just a little more romantic scenes, but I didn't really want to see something like Sally/Sonic kissing stuff, and Sonic weird acting around Sally, never want to see Sonic act like that around Amy. Amy is my favorite character I just hope she will be beautiful and cute like she is, and that her good heart could be seen brightly for everyone.

With the new Sonic X comic many of the same themes from the show will be explored. What we are trying to achieve is that these new and original Sonic X comic stories have the feel that they could be an episode form the show. I think you will be happy with how we handle Amy and all the characters from Sonic X.

47) Does Bunnie Rabbot have any family? Will they later be introduced in the comics’ future?

Yes. We have definitely toyed with the idea, and plan on telling that story. The question is more of a “when” and “how.” Some of Bunnie’s feelings about being different and unique do play a major part in several upcoming stories.

48) Bring J.AXER back if you can! Puh-leeze? Bring back FRY if you can! Por fa'?

J. Axer has a story coming up around the mid to late 150’s and Fry will be back sooner than that!

49) So Chris and the other Sonic X characters are only coming out in the Sonic X mini-series? Not even the regular one?

Characters like Chris and the Thorndyke family that are unique to Sonic X will stay featured in Sonic X. Other characters that are heavily featured in Sonic X, like Cream and Vanilla, will also stay exclusive to Sonic X, at least for the foreseeable future. Also, characters that are heavily featured or unique to Sonic the Hedgehog, like Bunnie or Locke, will stay exclusive to Sonic the Hedgehog.

50) Antoine is French, so is there a France on Mobius? Barby is an Aussie, so is there an Australia? Bunnie is southern, but from south of where? My main drift is, I'm very curious about everything on Mobius. From its peeps to its geography, to religions and languages, to food and TV! EVERYTHING! I mean, IMO, an idea as unique as Mobius needs to be treated as if it were real. Why not tell its story in a little more depth? I hope I haven't scared you, and most of all I hope you understood me. I would just love so much to learn more about Mobius, even if it isn't real.

Like most places, Mobius does have very unique sections with their own customs and culture. A lot of that information was fleshed out in the Knuckles series and recently featured very prominently in Mobius: 25 Years Later. We are planning on having many of the far away places of Mobius featured in some storylines, although that is still a way’s off.

51) I want to learn more on Ash! BTW, maybe a SEGA data file would be nice...!

No Ash data file in the works, but he does show up a lot in the next few issues.

52) Is Spaz doing only covers for Sonic X? Can he draw for some of the stories, too?

Right now Spaz only has time for covers. He has a very busy schedule so we are very fortunate that he is able to clear some time to do more Sonic work. Still, I do bother him frequently to do a story and I know he would like to when time allows.

53) Nack comes back correct? And does it explain what happened to the other weasels that were left at the castle? (Re: Sonic #122)

Yes. Nack shows up in a couple of stories, and his gang’s current situation is explained. This might get Nack into a little trouble. That is all I will say.

54) Another question is I'm 16 of age but I really would like to work on the comics when I am of age. Is there anything u could tell me that could heighten my chances of gettin a job there in the future?

For how to work with Archie, well, it depends on what you want to do. Most people are college educated, although that isn’t always a necessity. We are planning on revamping the Sonic portion of the Archie website and including some info on how to do each stage of creating a comic. Beyond that, see if there are any classes at schools or colleges near you on comic book creating. Also, there are a lot of books on how to make a comic, and your library will have many of them. The best thing I can tell you is to do your homework on the subject. Find out how a comic script is written and what materials are used for each stage of making a comic. And most importantly, be professional. Never insult the people who work hard on the comic you want to work on, because in actuality you are insulting the people who hired them and could potentially hire you. Point out the positives you can add to the project. Show exactly how you coming on board will be an asset to the project. Remember, comics are a business, though one of the coolest professions you can be involved in, it is still a job; you have to treat it like that.

55) I have a question. What is with the useless filler stories? From what I see they serve no purpose in the storyline whatsoever.

I am sorry you feel that way. With stand alone short stories the goal is usually to catch up a new reader, reintroduce a theme we plan on exploring in the near future, feature a character that might get lost in the shuffle or just do something fun. We are trying to integrate more of these stories to coincide with the current or upcoming story arc.

56) Absolutely nobody who reads the comic likes Tommy Turtle OR Romy's writing. Why are we forced to endure either?

Someone’s favorite story may be someone else’s least favorite, and the same goes for characters.

57) How many stories bought from Romy Chacon are left to print? Is she still writing stories for Archie? And to clean up something once and for all, is there more than one Romy Chacon? who even is Romy Chacon? What has she done before Archie? What made her qualified in the eyes of Gabrie to write for this comic?

Two and that’s all. Can’t answer that I have never spoken with her.

58) Will Sonic ever get with the times and start doing true story arcs and/or graphic novels?

We hope to have a surprise announcement soon.

59) Will Sonic ever accept submissions from writers seeking a position at the comic? Is there is a place to submit scripts, what is the address? Is it the same as Sonic-grams?

We do get a fairly large number of submissions every month for Sonic and for the entire Archie line. Send your Sonic submissions to the same address for Sonic-Grams marked: submissions. Be patient; replies can easily take 6 months or longer due to the amount of submissions we receive. Also keep in mind that Sonic has an unusually large staff compared to most comics, which means you need to show us you are a professional. Be ready to take criticism, make deadlines, follow company guidelines and be flexible to last minute changes that come up. Everybody wants to add their own characters, do a ten part epic or have Sonic run off with their favorite lady… don’t do it! Keep the story simple! Make sure the scripts are formatted properly. You have to do your homework and find out how things are done. Check out your local library, bookstores and local schools for how-to info and classes so that you can learn what you need to know to create professional work.

60) Newsarama posted a sales report recently, showing Sonic #147 to have out-sold Young Avengers #1. I was under the impression that Young Avengers was selling more. Any info on whether or not this is true?

It doesn’t surprise me. Sonic is gaining a lot of new fans as well as attracting older fans back. Look forward to seeing some more Sonic interviews and features on Newsarama and other sites in the future.

61) I was very pleased to see J&A Ray colouring for the comic again after their long absence. Will they be colouring for the comic on a regular basis again? Their colours particularly suited Jon Gray's work more so than the colouring his art had previously seen in the comic in my opinion.

The Rays will be doing some coloring for Sonic whenever time permits. While Jason is doing a great job coloring both Sonic and the new manga Sabrina comic, sometimes he needs to sleep. So Josh and Amy will be called in to help out. Also, check out Josh and Amy’s coloring on the revamped B&V Spectacular #69. It looks spectacular!

62) Will there be any Sonic digests?

No plans now for Sonic Digests.

63) Will we ever see the return of old favorite artists such as Galan or FRY?

Expect FRY to return. Surprise!

64) Why the upcoming change to coated stock? Is it cheaper? Is it merely for looks, or are there other factors behind it?

The new coated stock paper will really make the comic look cool. Plus the paper is coated with a chemical that controls your mind so you have to read all Archie Comics…just kidding. It is a glossier paper so all the cool details and coloring effects should be sharper looking. The new Sonic X comic will be printed on coated stock as well as Sonic the Hedgehog.

65) Will you adapt Shadow's character change into the comic? (Re: the new Shadow game that has Shadow using guns as an option within it)

I cannot say anything yet. Things still have to be worked out.

66) If so how will you pull it off under Comics Code?

See above

67) I have a question. I believe someone previously mentioned if their would ever be a revival of the mini series... or the super specials. I think that they need to have a mini series of Bunnie Rabbot and explain about her life before Sonic and Rotor rescued her from the roboticizer... and I also think they need a Rotor solo mini series though I'm sure someone will disagree. I think he would fit for one explaining more thoroughly of his adventures with his parents and etc. I'd also wish for more cross-overs... but... I will get out of that one... *Billy Hatcher... or maybe a Mario vs. Sonic comic... and Spaz should draw the Mario vs. sonic one... lol

Right now there are no plans to do any new mini-series or specials. We are kicking around how to tell some more of the stories involving Rotor, Bunnie and some other histories of the inhabitants of Mobius. I would love to do some Sonic crossovers, and Spaz should draw Mario Vs Sonic. Oh, the possibilities! I guess the covers will have to be enough for now.

68) Dear Mike, Do you believe that opinions aren't questions?

I believe some opinions are questionable. But that is just my opinion?

69) What is the meaning of life?

Three. I thought everyone knew that.

What is six times nine?

A mathematical question.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Depends, what’s in it?

Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?

I’m not quite sure, but it bit my foot.

What you say?

Shameless Plug.

Do these pants make my butt look big?

That depends…what do you consider big?

If a tree falls and nobody's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

No. It makes a mess.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck would chuck all the wood a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Unless a bear ate him.

Why separate knob?

‘Cause hob is all uppity.

Got milk?

I think, but it’s clumpy.

How do you type with boxing gloves on?

A little better than normal.


Yes, we are Above Sea Level and I do know some American Sign Language, but it is crude in both style and substance. Is that what you mean?;)

70) About the Sonic X comic: when it comes to source material, have you translated the anime more directly than 4Kids or are you using their sub par (in many a fan's opinion) dub as a guide? The reason I ask is that I don't want Eggman's base being called "Chaos Control" when it really, really isn't. At least you guys won't be cutting music...

We will be using the 4Kids translation since most fans will be aware of Sonic X from the weekend show, at least in North America, which is the biggest portion of our audience. However, we are free to pull certain elements that are not in the American translation. 4Kids does a really good job and always want to improve what they are doing. They have also been very easy to deal with. Drop 4Kids a line. I think if enough people had the same concerns they would be open to make improvements.

71) You left Sonic's homeworld from Sonic X nameless, correct?

Like I said we will be using the 4Kids translation.

72) Stupid question, but I feel it needs asking anyway: are you a Sonic fan, and if so, how much of one?

Yes, I am a Sonic fan. I remember when and where I was the first time I played Sonic on Genesis and I was completely blown away. I’ve been hooked ever since. I also remember the first time I saw Spaz working on a cover. Watching him work is really amazing; he is probably one of the most talented and nicest people in the business. However, from what I have seen from the fans I have met and from your letters, I can’t hold a candle to the love Sonic fans have. I am always very impressed by all the Sonic fans I meet.