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Sonic X - After "Week 16" - Blaze the Echidna 1/21/04
I got a reply to my e-mail today and the CiTV Webmaster told me...

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Sonic #132 On Sale Today - True Red 1/21/04
Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog #132 is on sale in comic shops starting today.

Source: Diamond Comics

Sonic X Confirmation - Blaze the Echidna 1/19/04
I sent an E-mail to the CITV webmaster to confirm Sonic X's times.

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Never Mind The Bollers - True Red 1/19/04
Karl Bollers, the writer for Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog, has a his own message board. He has set up a topic where fans can ask him questions about the series and even get answers.

Sonic #136 Preview Cover - arrowhead909 1/18/04
Sonic #136

Source: Silver Bullet Comic Books

Sonic X UK start date and time!! - Dragonsteincole 1/17/04
Sonic X will definitely air in the UK on the 28th January.

It will be on every Wednesday on CiTV (childrens ITV/Carlton) at 3:40pm.

Source: Radio Times Online

Curiously though, the first episode to be aired is Infiltrate Area 99, not Enter the Supersonic Hedgehog, which most know is the first episode in the series. Not sure as to what the reason is, but I am trying to find out.

Edit: Someone has reported seeing an advertisement for Sonic X to air on CiTV on Wednesday, January 21 at 3:40pm in the UK. So this upcoming Wednesday may be the true starting air date.

Sonic X New Time - Samuel Carchidi 1/17/04
Starting next Saturday (Jan. 24), Sonic X will be on at a new time. Check foxbox.tv for the exact time in your location.

Sonic X Soundtrack (And About Time.) - Manic the Lad (Back in the Posse) 1/14/04
Date: March 3, 2004
Catalog No.: WWCE-31021
Price: ¥2,381

There's little detail but.....it will exist. Spiff.

Source: TeamArtail

OneUp Studios Opens Pre-Orders for "The Very Best of SEGA" - Nz17 1/12/04

Best of SEGA coverOneUp Studios has recently announced that it has opened preorders for its newest album "The Very Best of SEGA." TVBoS features remixes from

  • Sonic The Hedgehog (series)
  • Phantasy Star (series)
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • and many more

The complete tracklist will be release January 15th, 2004. Preorders and a special Green Hill Zone pre-release track are available here.


Totally Sonic cofirmation - MetroidsAbroad 1/12/04
I contacted DiC (by phone) and spoke with the distributer of DVDs and VHS. According to her, she said:

"There are no future plans for releasing Sonic the Hedgehog at this time. If youd like more information about DVD/VHs releases please try the following sites.


....Im unware of what occured at MIPCOM, but all I know is that the Sonic the Hedgehog you mentioned will be airing on TV sometime this year. ...Internationally meaninging all over the world, but again we have no specific release date"

Hmm, interesting. It seems odd that DiC is oblivious to their own annoucement they made. You wouldve thought they had some sort of feedback form MIPCOM. But, at least we know that Totally Sonic will be a TV release, and NOT a DVD release at this time.

Archie Sonic Comics Survey - True Red 1/11/04
A new survey, the year in review, is now up. Give your take on the best and worst stories, art, among other things, in 2003 concerning the Archie comics. It'll be open until February 15.

Karl Answers A Fan - Vector 1/10/04
Karl Bollers answered some questions asked by StarShine on his ComiXFan forum.

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Sonic Heroes spoilers - Tony & Alex 1/10/04
Yo Sonic fans. Me and my bro. beat Sonic Heroes with all the Chaos Emeralds. We've got all the spoilers here for all of you Sonic fans. (We're fans too.)

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New PC Sonic Adventure DX Demo released - Buzz Bomber 1/10/04
Sega.co.jp has released a new demo for the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut.

This demo features one level for each character - Amy in Twinkle Park, Big in Emerald Coast and Gamma in Windy Valley, along with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles' levels from the previously released demo (being Sonic in Emerald Coast, Tails in Windy Valley and Knuckles in Red Mountain).

The demo is about 110 Megs, click on the link called "sadx_trial_a.exe" to download it. The previously released demo (featuring only Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) is under "sadx_trial_b.exe". Bare in mind the demo is in Japanese.

Source: Sega.co.jp


SA.net server and clients offline until further notice - Julie-Su Shadow (Shayne Thames) 1/10/04
SonicAnime.net and hosted clients have gone down and out for the count until further notice.

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Sonic Battle Has Been Shipped - True Red 1/8/04
Sega announces the North American release of its latest Sonic the Hedgehog title for the Game Boy Advance.

Sega of America has today announced the North American release of Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Advance. The game, which is being published by THQ, is essentially a 2D fighter in which players can pit a number of characters from previous Sonic the Hedgehog titles against one another.

"We're thrilled to be working with Sega to bring another high quality handheld title to Sonic fans, building on the continued success of the Sonic brand," said Peter Dille, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, THQ. "Game Boy Advance owners are in for another action-packed Sonic experience with this year's offering."

"With THQ's handheld publishing expertise, we have had tremendous success leveraging the Sonic brand on the Game Boy Advance platform," said Hide Irie, president and COO, Sega of America. "We're pleased to bring Sonic Battle to the expanding Game Boy Advance marketplace."

For more information on Sonic Battle, check out our previous coverage of the game.

By Justin Calvert

Source: Gamespot

Sonic Heroes Ships For Gamecube - True Red 1/6/04
Sega announces the North American release of Sonic Heroes for the GameCube; PS2 and Xbox versions to follow.

Sega has today announced the North American release of Sonic Heroes for the GameCube. The game is Sega's first original Sonic the Hedgehog title in three years, and it challenges players to control three players simultaneously as they progress through 14 stages en route to a confrontation with the evil Dr. Eggman

"Sonic Heroes represents a milestone in the history of Sega as the first entertainment title launching across all three next-generation console systems," said Hide Irie, president and chief operating officer of Sega of America. "We are excited to deliver what we feel is the best Sonic game yet to the largest possible gaming audience."

PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of Sonic Heroes are currently scheduled for release on January 27. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

By Justin Calvert

Source: Gamespot

Happy New Year From Karl Bollers - Crazy Penguin 1/4/04
Karl Bollers wished Sonic fans a happy new year and informed of an editorial decision involving Mobius 25 Years Later:

"Hey, Sonic fans! Just wanted to say Happy New Year and thanks for your loyal support during this past year and in previous ones.

Hope you're enjoying the new direction we've taken beginning with issue #130. We at Archie hope to make Sonic even bigger and better in 2004 than it was in 2003.

Sonic Editor J.F. Gabrie and I had a lengthy story conference this weekend to discuss upcoming storylines in the current SONIC series.

Regarding the continuity of Mobius 25 Years Later, it was decided by Justin and myself that even though the future depicted will be the one seen in the SONIC: IN YOUR FACE SPECIAL it is indeed an ALTERNATE future, similar to DC's Elseworld series.

That isn't to say that it won't be action-packed entertainment. Believe us when we say that M:25YL is going to really deliver!

And, sure, Sonic and Sally might not end up being king and queen in the future.

But who knows...

...they just might!



Edit: You can follow the story and the reaction here.

Sonic #134 & #135 Full Preview - True Red 1/2/04

Sonic #134 CoverSONIC THE HEDGEHOG #134
"Home, Epilogue: Say You Will" : The poignant aftermath to this epic tale's climactic finale. With the present crisis abated last issue, Sonic finally has the chance to catch up to those near and dear to him, especially one Princess Sally Acorn. SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Jon Gray (pencils) and Michael Higgins (inks). ALSO: "In Transit": the "Mobius, 25 Years Later" series continues as lord Rotor returns to the Kingdom of Knothole, while Knuckles consults with the Brotherhood of Guardians at Haven II. SCRIPT: Ken Penders. ART: Steven Butler (pencils) and Ken Penders (inks).

Sonic #135 CoverSONIC THE HEDGEHOG #135
Three titanic tales in one issue! "Anonymous": Dr. Robotnik has a new enemy to contend with, and it isn't Sonic. This enemy has left a special present for Robotnik and signed it... you guessed it... "Anonymous"! SCRIPT: Romy Chacon. ART: Art Mawhinney (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks). "Agent from K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E.": Sonic receives a mysterious message prompting him to travel incognito to meet someone in the middle of the Eggman Empire... someone who should be dead! Can this be a trap? SCRIPT: Romy Chacon. ART: Ron Lim (pencils) and Nelson Ribeiro (inks). "Dealing With the Devil": The next exciting installment of our popular series of tales depicting "Mobius: 25 Years Later" continues! SCRIPT: Ken Penders. ART: Steven Butler (pencils) and Ken Penders (inks).

Sources: ComiX-Fan & Westfield Comics

Kikizo Features Sonic Heroes - Vector 12/30/03
Kikizo just sent me a link to their Sonic Heroes Hand-On: All-Revealed article, which features a ton of new screens, videos, and info. Many stages and bosses are revealed here, so those who want to be surprised may not want to read it.