MIDI (24 files)
City EscapeUnknown Composer94KB42:1
City Escape (Semi Chase)Unknown Composer44.2KB21:9
Egg GolemUnknown Composer29KB:
Escape From G.U.N.Unknown Composer45KB:
Escape From G.U.N.Unknown Composer8.39KB29:
Fast ShoesUnknown Composer6KB:
Green ForestUnknown Composer87.7KB42:9
Green Hill ZoneGerardo R Cueto II13.7KB13:3
It Doesn't MatterTrace Kyshad46.6KB20:0
Live and LearnTrace Kyshad102KB40:0
Live and Learn (Bad Future Remix)Ian Linn24.7KB01:53
Main ThemeUnknown Composer78KB:
Meteor HerdUnknown Composer149KB:
Meteor HerdUnknown Composer99.3KB31:4
Pumpkin HillUnknown Composer53KB:
Pumpkin HillUnknown Composer49.2KB43:8
Radical HighwayUnknown Composer78.4KB41:7
Round ClearUnknown Composer3.06KB6:
Sky RailUnknown Composer26KB:
Sonic's ThemeUnknown Composer47KB:
Speed UpUnknown Composer16KB:
Speed UpUnknown Composer5.78KB15:
TitleUnknown Composer4.39KB19:
Wild CanyonUnknown Composer29.3KB30:3

MP3 (13 files)
Main ThemeFrancine Michaud1880.41KB:
Sonic's theme songCastor Troy2600KB02:44
Tails' theme songCastor Troy1500KB01:23
Knuckles' theme songCastor Troy2200KB02:18
Shadow's theme songCastor Troy2300KB02:25
Eggman's theme songCastor Troy1100KB01:16
Rouge's theme songCastor Troy1600KB01:41
Amy's theme songCastor Troy1500KB01:37
Main Title (Live and Learn) Castor Troy3900KB04:13
Special Zone: Green Hill ZoneCastor Troy1500KB01:32
Boss #1 themeCastor Troy1200KB01:11
Boss #2 themeCastor Troy925KB00:59
Boss #2a themeCastor Troy951KB01:00

Lyrics (12 files)
A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup (Pumpkin Hill)Unknown Composer3.31KB00:00
Believe In Myself (SA2 Version)Unknown Composer1.52KB00:00
Deeper (Death Chamber)Unknown Composer2KB00:00
Dive Into The Mellow (Aquatic Mine)Unknown Composer2.94KB00:00
E.G.G.M.A.N.Unknown Composer1.64KB00:00
Fly In The FreedomUnknown Composer2.78KB00:00
It Doesn't Matter (SA2 Version)Unknown Composer1.93KB00:00
Kick The Rock (Wild Canyon)Unknown Composer2.57KB00:00
Live and LearnUnknown Composer2.47KB00:00
Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd)Unknown Composer2.38KB00:00
Throw It All AwayUnknown Composer2.09KB00:00
Unknown From M.E. (SA2 Version)Unknown Composer4.5KB00:00