MIDI (38 files)
Dilapidated WayUnknown Composer35KB02:28
Tikals' ThemeUnknown Composer26KB03:00
Open Your HeartTobias Norlén32.9KB02:30
Tails's Theme: Believe In MyselfTails1.97KB00:39
Station SquareT. Sugimura35.4KB03:15
Emerald Coast: Azure Blue WorldASK47.2KB02:00
Emerald Coast: Azure Blue WorldMårten Brüggemann30.5KB02:35
Emerald Coast: Azure Blue World (Bad Future Remix)Blaze Hedgehog17.3KB01:16
Emerald Coast: Azure Blue World (Slow Remix)Blaze Hedgehog41KB03:19
Windy Valley: Windy HillAJ Freda6.13KB01:23
Windy Valley: Windy HillASK32.2KB01:45
Windy Valley: The AirSz47.6KB01:25
Casinopolis: Nights PinballM. Suenaga68.7KB03:32
Icecap: Snowboard (Be Cool, Be Wild And Be Groovy)EspioKAOS66.8KB04:39
Icecap: Snowboard (Be Cool, Be Wild And Be Groovy)ASK46.1KB02:27
Twinkle Park: Twinkle CartAJ Freda54.2KB01:18
Twinkle Park: Twinkle CartEspioKAOS45.9KB02:05
Twinkle Park: Pleasure CastleASK67.8KB01:49
Twinkle Park: Fakery WayEspioKAOS9.69KB02:14
Twinkle CircuitSz89.6KB02:19
Twinkle CircuitASK83.1KB02:18
Speed Highway: Run Through The Speed HighwayMerit Celaire165KB11:32
Speed Highway: At DawnM. Suenaga90.8KB05:11
Red Mountain: Mt. Red - A Symbol of ThrillMatthew Newman15.1KB02:30
Sky Deck: Sky Deck A Go! Go!T. Sugimura32.2KB01:41
Sky Deck: Sky Deck A Go! Go! (Double Module Version)T. Sugimura39.5KB01:41
Lost World: Leading LightsNikolas Hall24.7KB01:38
Final Egg: Crank Up The Heat!T. Sugimura70.4KB03:01
Sky Chase: TORNADO ScrambleJarel Jones69.6KB03:28
Sky Chase: TORNADO ScrambleASK32.2KB01:31
Hedgehog Hammer: Sweet PunchEspioKAOS30.3KB01:33
Character VS Character (Fight For My Own Way)ASK50.5KB02:04
Egg Viper & Egg WalkerEspioKAOS21.8KB02:36
Perfect ChaosEspioKAOS47.5KB03:29
Speed UpEspioKAOS5.01KB00:14
Speed Up (long version)EspioKAOS8.03KB00:26
Round ClearEspioKAOS2.49KB00:05
Extend (Not used in game)EspioKAOS2.02KB00:03

WMA (13 files)
Sonic's Theme - It Doesn't MatterUnknown Composer170KB?:
Tails's Theme - Believe in MyselfUnknown Composer491KB?:
Mystic RuinsUnknown Composer531KB?:
Egg CarrierUnknown Composer522KB?:
Emerald Coast - Azure Blue WorldUnknown Composer643KB?:
Emerald Coast - Windy and RipplyUnknown Composer760KB?:
Emerald Coast - Big FishingUnknown Composer445KB?:
Windy Valley - Windy HillUnknown Composer410KB02:37
Windy Valley- TornadoUnknown Composer322KB?:
Windy Valley- The AirUnknown Composer404KB?:
Casinopolis - The Dreamy StageUnknown Composer369KB?:
Casinopolis - Blue Star (Sonic Pinball)Unknown Composer574KB?:
Casinopolis - NiGHTS PinballUnknown Composer397KB?:

RA (6 files)
AmyUnknown Composer597KB05:06
BigUnknown Composer473KB04:02
KnucklesUnknown Composer534KB04:34
SonicUnknown Composer522KB04:27
TailsUnknown Composer453KB03:52
ThemeUnknown Composer607KB05:11

Lyrics (6 files)
Believe In MyselfUnknown Composer0KB:
It Doesn't MatterUnknown Composer0KB:
Lazy DaysUnknown Composer0KB:
My Sweet PassionUnknown Composer0KB:
Open Your HeartUnknown Composer0KB:
Unknown From M.E.Unknown Composer0KB: