MIDI (4 files)
Can You Feel The Sunshine?Unknown Composer64KB03:18
Radical CityUnknown Composer59KB02:28
Radical CityJarel Jones57.1KB02:28
Resort IslandJarel Jones61KB03:17

RA (20 files)
Supersonic Racing (Title Screen)Unknown Composer100KB00:48
Start FanfareUnknown Composer18KB00:08
End FanfareUnknown Composer23KB00:10
OptionsUnknown Composer119KB00:57
Can You Feel The SunshineUnknown Composer627KB05:04
Living In The CityUnknown Composer580KB04:42
Back In TimeUnknown Composer553KB04:29
Work It OutUnknown Composer561KB04:32
Diamond In The SkyUnknown Composer601KB04:52
Supersonic RacingUnknown Composer495KB04:00
Can You Feel The Sunshine (Karaoke Version)Unknown Composer563KB04:33
Living In The City (Karaoke Version)Unknown Composer502KB04:04
Back In Time (Karaoke Version)Unknown Composer554KB04:29
Work It Out (Karaoke Version)Unknown Composer556KB04:30
Diamond In The Sky (Karaoke Version)Unknown Composer537KB04:21
Supersonic Racing (Karaoke Version)Unknown Composer438KB03:33
Credits - You're My Number OneUnknown Composer492KB03:59
No EmeraldUnknown Composer15KB00:06
Got The EmeraldUnknown Composer19KB00:09
Race FinishUnknown Composer14KB00:06

Lyrics (6 files)
Can You Feel The SunshineSharpKnux0KB:
Living In The CitySharpKnux0KB:
Back In TimeSharpKnux0KB:
Work It OutSharpKnux0KB:
Diamond In The SkySharpKnux0KB:
Supersonic RacingSharpKnux0KB: