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Sonic Adventure 2
SA2 Preview Part 1MOV9294K
SA2 Preview Part 1MOV7419K

Sonic Adventure Japanese Commercials
EggmanMPG0:302.6 MB3
KnucklesMPG0:302.61 MB4
AmyMPG0:302.61 MB6
BigMPG0:302.6 MB6
E-102MPG0:302.6 MB8
TailsMPG0:302.6 MB9
SonicMPG0:302.6 MB10

Sonic Cartoons
(Sonic OVA) Sonic VS Metal Sonic Fight SceneAVI1:008 MB

Sonic HQ On French TV
Sonic Sites Report - Sonic HQ 2MB WMV from Solly and Rlan.

Game One, a French gaming TV show, did a report on Sonic sites during their February 3, 2004 episode. They featured Sega's official Sonic Heroes page along with Sonic HQ, Sonic-Online.net, and Sonic-GIF.com. This is the Sonic HQ part.


Sonic Jam Cartoon
Man Of The Year 9.94MB MPEG from Acrio.

Sonic Team usually likes to include little fun tidbits on its CD's that can only be accessed via a computer! One such "tidbit" was this mysterious cartoon with computer generated backgrounds. It's pretty entertaining, and the animation is great. It has no words, but the premise is rather simple and is played purely for hilarity. The plot goes like this: Sonic is voted "Man Of The Year". Doctor Eggman (still in nightcap) spits out his coffee in disgust and tries to frame him by dressing up in a Sonic suit and committing nefarious acts. The thing is WORTH the download alone just to see everyone's favorite fat Eggman in rocket powered dark green roller skates bouncing around like a blob in a Sonic suit. ^_^ The only drawback to this - the cartoon is ended: To be continued....

So what is this mysterious video? It features a yellow Robotnik-shaped hideout, and Robotnik seems to be concerned with spoiling Sonic's image, so I have to wonder if this was related to the AoStH. It could be the teaser produced by DiC to sell the cartoon. The Mega Man cartoon, for example, was actually promoted with animation that looked almost exactly like Capcom's character art, and then the syndicated version had a completely different style with human proportions for all the characters. The Sonic Jam video features music from Metallic Madness Past, however, so this theory is only plausible if DiC got a copy of the game a little early. It's not a solid theory, but the only explanation that I can think of. If AoStH had been like this, it actually could have been decent.


Sonic CD
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Pencil Test (Low Quality)
Pencil Test (High Quality)
Opening Scene (Low Quality)
Opening Scene (High Quality)
Bad Ending (Low Quality)
Bad Ending Stinger
Good Ending (Low Quality)
Good Ending Stinger