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Calamity Cliffs - Debut: Sonic Christmas Blast (Sonic AoStH Place)
Calamity Cliffs is complete with many of it's own dangers and is also part of the key to ultimate velocity. It's extremely dangerous, though it is possible to survive it with some intelligence.

Cape Robotnik - Debut: Space Sonic (Sonic AoStH Place)
Cape Robotnik, Robotnik's main hidden base designed to launch space ships into space, Robotnik takes great pride in it and won't let anyone know where it is, no matter what.

Casino Night Zone - Debut: High Steaks Sonic (Sonic AoStH Place)
Welcome to the Casino Night Zone sporting casinos and other fun things to do. But watch out because it's owned by Robotnik and you just might lose the shirt off your back.

Chemical Plant Zone - Debut: The Mobius 5000 (Sonic AoStH Place)
The Chemical Plant Zone a nasty zone filled with tons of pollution and chemicals that can do all sorts of things. No one lives there and no one is willing to try and clean it up.

Dr. Robotnik's Lair - Debut: The Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad (Sonic AoStH Place)
Sitting on the top of a mountain, and sporting an oversized statue of Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's lair is his central base for his plots to take over Mobius and destroy Sonic himself. Damaged and destroyed on many occasions, the base has little defenses except for that of Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts. Although it holds a massive prison block, the base is more of a home to Robotnik than an actual military base. When not having the SSSSS and Coconuts on a mission, they are usually the ones cleaning the base. The lair is also Sonic's usual first and last stop in preventing Robotnik's plans of taking over Mobius.

Fopadopolis - Debut: The Last Resort (Sonic AoStH Place)
Fopadopolis, a city run by Mayor Fomfer is a huge city and sports many things to while you are there.

Ice Pick Peak - Debut: Sonic Christmas Blast (Sonic AoStH Place)
Ice Pick Peak is an extremely high mountain that is part of the key to ultimate velocity and is an extremely dangerous mountain to climb.

Jungle of Doom - Debut: Too Tall Tails (Sonic AoStH Place)
The Jungle of Doom, complete with it's own bottomless pit, is one place where not too many people would want to find themselves at any time of day. Strange and wild animals roam free and sometimes even the plants can get way too dangerous.

Labyrinth Zone - Debut: Submerged Sonic (Sonic AoStH Place)
Submerbia and the Labyrinth Zone, located underwater they are the great cities of the sea. Fragile, but not with out their own defenses, both places have something for Robotnik and he'll do anything to get it.

Mertopia - Debut: The Little Merhog (Sonic AoStH Place)
Mertopia is a massive underwater civilization for the merhogs that enjoy their life and their civilization. Complete with everything an underwater city needs, it is extremely interesting to see.