Alpha Device - Debut: STC # 60 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
The Metallix always had an affinity with the miracle planet, so when the Brotherhood of Metallix went independent they decided to redo what Robotnik had tried to do before; transform the Miracle Planet into an enormous powerhouse. To do that though they needed Grimer’s genius to make the Alpha Device. They kidnapped him and forced him to build it, alerting Robotnik to the fact they had gone rogue. The Alpha Device was very small but unbelievably powerful, capable of warping the planet’s soil into metal. Soon metallic tendrils were spreading across the Miracle Planet, transforming it into a giant Metallic head with thousands of Metallic factories. The Alpha device grew to the size of a skyscraper until Amy hooked the Kintobar computer into it and deactivated it, restoring the Miracle Planet to normality.
  • Color: Grey
  • Abilities: Transforming the Miracle Planet
  • Associations
  • Creators: Grimer,
  • Uused by: The Brootherhood of Metallix
  • Appearances
  • 60
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    Hero of the Year Award - Debut: STC # 14 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
    This trophy was presented to Sonic in the Metropolis Zone in a secret event held right under Robotnik’s nose. However Sonic managed to make it into the award ceremony wearing a disguise in time to receive the award and expose the dingo in charge as servant of Robotnik. Escaping an obvious trap he and Tails returned to the Emerald Hill Zone and waited, Sonic revealing that the Hero of the Year Award was actually a tracking device designed to lead Robotnik to his secret base, however Sonic defeated the robots sent after him and left the award in pieces.

    Marxio Bros Game - Debut: STC #26 (Sonic Fleetway Item)

    You may struggle to guess that this video game is actually based on the Super Mario Brothers franchise, apparently a popular series owned by Nintendo.

    Never one to miss out on self referencing Fleetway decided to introduce the cameo appearance of the Marxio Brothers game, the adventures of three “electricians” in a platforming adventure. Needles to say, Sonic was not very impressed with how the game played out, abandoning it at the first opportunity.


    Serpentius - Debut: STC # 152 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
    Serpentius is the guardian of the Ultragem in Castle Grimm on the Planet Gremlyn. He’s one of many obstacles people hoping to steal the Ultragem must face, and when Xenor Krell stumbled across it Serpentius nearly ate him alive, however luckily for Xenor Krell Amy Rose and Tekno arrived via the Eternity Ring at the precise moment. Although Serpentius’ thick hide protected it from Amy’s crossbow it fled from them. Serpentius returned but to late, Amy Rose had already given the Ultragem to Xenor who used it to transform the Ultragem into mist…
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    Ultragem - Debut: STC # 152 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
    This mysterious Gem was hidden in Castle Grimm on the Planet Gremlyn and has the strange power of transforming the molecules of anything it touches to it’s holder’s wim. Xenor Krell tried to steal the Ultragem but she only managed it thanks to Amy Rose and Tekno who she duped into believing that she needed it for the common good. Xenor Krell used the Ultragem to defeat Serpentius, then transformed the castle into solid silver. When she turned on Amy Rose the silver castle reflected the Ultragem’s rays and both Xenor and the gem were reduced to vapour.
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