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Brootherhood of Metallix - Debut: STC # 24 (Sonic Fleetway Group)

The first Metallix was built to defeat Sonic by matching his speed and durability. But Sonic managed to beat him thanks to ingenious use of the Time Stones and a lot of luck. Robotnik quickly realised more would be needed, he could defeat Sonic with sheer numbers and quickly commissioned a special plant to be built in the special zone.

They were first noticed by Knuckles and the Chaotix when they rescued the Omni Viewer from them, although not until after the Emperor had created a copy. Not long later the Brotherhood broke into Robotnik's capitol and kidnapped Grimer, going independent from Rrobotnik. Robotnik sent Sonic to deal with them but the hedgehog was too late to stop them travelling to the Miracle Planet with the Alpha Device, intent on recreating the world in their image. Sonic, Amy, Johnny and Porker all headed up the Chain to the Miracle Planet to stop them. After destroying one Metallix through its weak point, the neck, Porker reprogrammed the machine to take Sonic, Amy and Johnny as hostages and then self destruct with the Alpha Device, destroying most of the Metallixes. Porker reprogrammed the Alpha Device and slowly the ground around the device began to return to normal. However as they left Porker noticed the Emperor was still alive, albeit without his flying base and was crawling towards the Alpha device. He ran back down to the Miracle Planet to stop it and then faded from sight as the Miracle Planet disappeared.

The Brootherhood used their copy of the Omni Viewer to rewrite history so there had never been a Doctor Robotnik, but they still existed since it was Grimer who had designed and created them. Sonic and the Chaotix travelled back in time to correct that fault, putting Robotnik back in charge of the planet and returning home. Then the brotherhood turned on Robotnik’s base, explaining the real reason they wanted the dictator dead. He, not Grimer, had been the only one with any sense to put a deactivation code in the Metallixes, in case they ever turned on him. Now he was back he deactivated them and swore that he would never build an intelligent robot again.

  • Species: Robot
  • Color: Blue
  • Eyes: Red
  • Residence: Miracle Planet, Special Zone
  • Abilities: Super Speed, Strength and flight
  • Weakness: Neck
  • Associations
  • Creators: Grimer, Doctor Robotnik
  • Designed like: Sonic
  • Enemies: Sonic, Knuckles, Chaotix, Porker Lewis, Kintobor, Robotnik
  • Appearances
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 49
  • 50
  • 54
  • 55
  • 56
  • 57
  • 58
  • 59
  • 60
  • 61
  • 62
  • 67
  • 68
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  • 72

    Bruise Brothers - Debut: STC #95 (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    After having enough of living with the Chaotix whilst trapped in Special Stage, Sonic set up an apartment in New Tek City to get away from their insanity. But he’d not been there for long before a fight between two characters known as the Bruise Brothers broke his peace. The pair of enormous hulks were literally tearing the city apart in their brawl. Sonic tried to discover which was the good guy and after it turned out there was no good guy took on them both. They both turned on him and after suffering a square beating he decided to stay out of it. However, when an old woman got in the way of their fight Sonic couldn’t help but try and save her. The woman turned out to be the Bruise Brothers’ mother and just as violent as they were. She dragged her children off home leaving the area that the fight was held in ruins.
  • Species: Unknown
  • Color: Blue (Wear black)
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Age: Uknown
  • Residence: New Tek City
  • Likes: Beating each other up
  • Dislikes: Each other, being interrupted during a fight
  • Abilities: Super Strength
  • Weakness: Obedience to their mother
  • Associations
  • Family: Mother (Name not revealed)
  • Enemies: Each other, Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Appearances
  • 95

    Channel Hoppers - Debut: STC #112 (Sonic Fleetway Group)

    These clowns are based on real life childrens show the Teletubbies in one of the most blatent rip off's Fleetway ever got away with.

    Three members of D.R.A.T. (Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe) decided to make a TV programme called The Channel Hoppers staring Wiggly, Jiggly and Floppy which broadcasted a frequency only young minds could pick up making them believe that Doctor Robotnik is wonderful. Upon discovering their plan Tails contacted his friend Tim Tuna to block the frequency and replace it with a broadcast saying what they Channel Hoppers were really up to, leaving then free for Tails to defeat without any trouble from the teenage viewers.

  • Species: Monkey and two dogs
  • Color: Blue, green and red in costume, grey and brown out of costume
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Unknown
  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Freedom Fighters
  • Abilities: Hypnotic TV broadcasting
  • Weakness: Broadcast can be blocked
  • Weapons & Items: Space hoppers, TV Station
  • Associations
  • Enemies: Miles "Tails" Prower, Tim Tuna
  • Appearances
  • 112

    Fauna - Debut: STC #94 (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    These trees have the ability to speak, thus making them the representation for all plant life on Mobius. Although there is a group of them it is usually the Mystical Elder Tree who is relied upon to make decisions for the rest. At least up until the Elder tree was accidentally destroyed by a missile during a protest. After this the remaining Fauna wanted to erase all flesh based creatures from Mobius but Knuckles explained to them why this would be wrong and suggested they act in the same way that the Elder tree would have. They used this advice to remove the threat to their forest and continue living in peace.
  • Species: Trees
  • Color: Brown
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Ancient
  • Residence: Metropolis City
  • Likes: The Mobius eco system being kept clean
  • Dislikes: Pollution
  • Abilities: Speech, can make their forest grow in minutes, could erase flesh creatures from Mobius
  • Weakness: Can’t move, easily angered, usually don’t resort to violence even when it’s necessary
  • Associations
  • Allies: Knuckles The Echidna, Ebony, Pyjamas, Metropolis citizens
  • Enemies: Pollution, Doctor Robotnik, Omen
  • Appearances
  • 94
  • 95
  • 96

    Insectra Empire - Debut: STC #111 (Sonic Fleetway Group)

    This story just happened to have oh so many similarities to the TV Movie Star Wars. The Insectra Empire are virtually based on the Empire from that series, and Dark Visor on Darth Vader and so on and so forth...

    Led by their emperor Dark Visor the Insectra Empire has a goal to take over their galaxy and end the ten thousand year war they have against their rival planet The Blurrgh. However, no one actually has any idea what the war was about in the first place and both armies are too crazy to call a truce. They kidnapped Shortfuse and brainwashed him into obeying their commands to try and win this war, but Amy and Tekno managed to track down their lost friend to free him from them. During this battle The Blurrgh shot down the Insectra Empire’s ship causing them to land on a planet called Kaamdaarn, home to a spiritual and peaceful race. Because of the flow of energy on the planet the two empires’ weapons couldn’t function forcing them to give in. Both races then agreed to live peacefully together on Kaamdaarn after this.

  • Species: Alien insects
  • Color: Green (Wear purple)
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Kaamdaarn
  • Likes: War
  • Dislikes: The Blurrgh
  • Abilities: None
  • Weakness: Useless without weapons
  • Associations
  • Enemies: The Blurrgh, Amy Rose, Tekno The Canary, Shortfuse The Cybernik
  • Appearances
  • 111
  • 112
  • 113

    Sid and Tone - Debut: (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    "This is YOUR fault!"

    Sid and Tone were locals of the Rocky Valley Zone who stumbled across a cave, complete with it’s own buried treasure hidden at the bottom of the cave. Dreaming of fortune they decided to be weary and sell the gold piece by piece, dressing up as Aliens to scare away any tourists in the area whilst they sold the gold piece by piece to stop anyone getting suspicious. Everything was going fine until Amy and Tekno turned up, and after seeing the aliens dug through to the cave behind them and found out that the UFO was made from Paper Mache! Sid and Tone removed their disguise and revealed their plan, after which Amy laughed them out of the cave by convincing them that it was Geeks Gold, a prop used in a local film called “Caves of Gold.” Blaming each other for the mistake they accidentally shot the roof of the cave, burying the entrance and angrily they departed. They never found out that there never was a film called Caves of Gold, and never saw Amy and Tekno digging to get back into the cave behind their backs.

  • Full Name: Sid and Tone
  • Species: Dogs
  • Color: Brown and white
  • Residence: Rocky Valley Zone
  • Likes: Treasure
  • Abilities: Skill with Paper Mache
  • Weakness: Short Tempers
  • Weapons & Items: Alien Blasters

    Skeleton Crew - Debut: STC # (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    There’s an old Mobius legend that goes something like this: “On the Emerald Hill on Hallowe’en a ghastly sight will sure be seen. From the pits of the desolate Grim Dead Zone nasty ghosts will rose and roam. This happens every fifty years when the Skeleton Crew play on our fears!” Of course, like Tails most right thinking folk thing this is just a load of old twaddle, but the Zone Leader was slightly more pessimistic. Suddenly ghostly skeletons were flying out of television sets, taking up residence in pumpkins and emerging from toilets. Tails couldn’t do anything as his hands passed through the ghosts so instead he took to the skies in his biplane and warned the people that the ghosts couldn’t harm them. The Skeleton crew chased Tails out of the zone, and onwards until they vanished. It may not of been midnight but Tails had flown them into a different time zone where Halloween had finished, leaving the Emerald Hill Zone to celebrate.
  • Species: Ghosts
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Black
  • Residence: Grim Dead Zone
  • Likes: Scaring People
  • Abilities: Flying around
  • Weakness: Can't touch anything
  • Associations
  • Members: Skully and four unnamed

    Sneaky and Snooty - Debut: STC #84 (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    Sneaky and Snooty were a couple of business tycoons working for Doctor Robotnik to try and catch Sonic. In order to do this they kidnapped Amy and used her as bait to force Sonic in to wearing their company’s anorak, which reduced his speed and made him an easy target for badniks. However, Amy was able to escape on her own leaving Sonic free to over power the two and send them back to Robotnik. Who in turn decided to turn them both into badniks.
  • Full Names: Unknown
  • Nick Names: None
  • Species: Warthog (Sneaky), flamingo (Snooty)
  • Color: Grey with black hair (Sneaky), Pink with blonde hair (Snooty)
  • Eyes: Both Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: City (Possibly Metropolis)
  • Likes: Fashion, business deals, lardburgers
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Abilities: None
  • Weakness: Useless at knot tying
  • Weapons & Items: Business cards
  • Associations
  • Allies: Doctor Robotnik
  • Enemies: Sonic The Hedgehog, Amy Rose
  • Appearances
  • 84

    Spice Maidens - Debut: STC #103 (Sonic Fleetway Group)

    A blatant homage to the UK Pop Group the Spice Girls, popular at the time for corny songs and girl power.

    The Spice Maidens are the daughters of the pirate Queen Zorabel and long to become pirates themselves someday. In the mean time they have plenty of fun beating up the locals at the roughest tavern in town. They finally got their chance to join a real crew when their mother signed them and herself up to Captain Plunder’s gang of pirates (Much to his dismay). The crew set out on the trail of treasure and eventually found it in the Tomb of King Akotek, where the girls tricked Captain Plunder into picking it up first, thus being the one to get a curse of Misfortune and Calamity. However, when they attempted to use this curse against him by making him choose between two chests (One containing the treasure and the other one being empty) to see whether he would keep the treasure or they would his luck changed and he picked the right chest. After this they were returned home without witnessing the worst of the bad luck.

  • Species: Mixed (Possible squirrel, bear or human elements in their appearances)
  • Color: Brown with black hair (Cinnamon and Coriander), ginger (Nutmeg), peach with black hair (Pepper) and peach with blonde hair (Tarragon)
  • Eyes: Brown (Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Pepper) and blue (Coriander and Tarragon)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Pirate Town
  • Likes: Action, adventure
  • Dislikes: Being called weaker then men
  • Abilities: Strong minded and good fighters
  • Weakness: Unknown
  • Associations
  • Family: Queen Zorabel (Mother)
  • Allies: Captain Plunder and his crew
  • Appearances
  • 103
  • 104
  • 105
  • 106
  • 107
  • 108

    Tantaror - Debut: STC #74 (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    The Tantaror are strange mysterious aliens who live in another dimension, commonly referred to as the Tantaragor dimension. Knuckles and Captain Plunder came into contact with them when Plunder stole the Idol of Tantaragor from the mysterious ghost ship, however thanks to Knuckles the three heretic followers of Orkym-Ro were recaptured and sent back to their own dimension, and their slaves freed. The Tantaror appeared one more time when Sonic and Tails were kidnapped from the biplane and stuck inside a spectral labyrinth and chased by mythical monsters, Sonic worked out that they were being played with and a Tantaror revealed itself to be a superior being and ordered that they did what it wanted. However the creature’s father appeared and scolded its child claiming that it couldn’t have pets until it was old enough to take care of them, so the child returned a disgruntled Sonic and Tails to the biplane flying over Mobius
  • Species: Tantaror
  • Color: Orange
  • Residence: Another planet, possibly in another Universe
  • Abilities: Godlike powers
  • Weakness: Other Tantaror
  • Associations
  • Encountered: Captain Plunder, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails
  • Spiritual Leader: Ekkletos
  • Enemies: Heretic Followes of Okrym-Ro
  • Appearances
  • 74
  • 75
  • 76
  • 77
  • 78
  • 79
  • 113