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Ancient Walkers - Debut: Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (Sonic Archie Group)
"Through time and space and alternate dimension, properties exist beyond comprehension. Artifacts of ancient and unfathomable power exist to aid and make men cower. Cognizant by beings of science and mystical shaman, a soverign royal and an emerald have nothing in common."

The Ancient Walkers were three mystical deities that watched over Mobius and protected it. Although they often appeared together in the form of disembodied tiki heads, they have been seen in the form of dinosaur-like bodies. The Ancient Walkers had a penchant for speaking in riddles and tongues, never revealing their secrets and always a mystery. The only beings known to communicate with them directly on a regular basis were the echidnas Athair and Aurora, as well as the wizard Merlin Prower.

However, Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails have had some limited contact with the Ancient Walkers, at various points in their adventures. It was due to the Ancient Walkers' intervention that Mammoth Mogul has been defeated multiple times, but Mogul eventually took revenge and disrupted the Chaos Force so greatly that the Ancient Walkers were destroyed. Before their death, however, they appointed Merlin, Aurora, and Athair as their successors.

  • Year Of Birth: N/A
  • Age: Unknown
  • Base Of Operations: Unknown

    Anti-Freedom Fighters (alternate universe) - Debut: Sonic #24 (Sonic Archie Group)
    In the parallel universe called the Anti-Mobius, the Anti-Freedom Fighters exist causing havoc and destruction. Only the kind Dr Kintobor is able to stop them just a little from totally wreaking everything after the rundown state they've brought to Mobotropolis. Evil Sonic is the leader and they did once travel as a group to Sonic's own universe to wreak some havoc. The group was frustrated by Dr Kintobor stopping them so many times, that they walked out on Evil Sonic and are now led by Evil St. John.
  • Original Member names: Evil Sonic, Anti Sally, Evil Tails, Anti Rotor, Anti Antione
  • Current Member names: Evil St. John, Anti Sally, Evil Tails, Anti Rotor, Anti Antione
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Age: Varies among members
  • Base Of Operations: Anti-Mobius

    Arctic Freedom Fighters - Debut: Sonic #26 (Sonic Archie Group)
    The Arctic Freedom Fighters were a group of "Freedom Fighters" from who were from the North Pole of Mobius. Robotnik took over as they were visiting some friends, so they were forced to move underground near Robotropolis, creating an underground polar grotto to live in, since they are unable to survive easily in warm weather. In Sonic #26, they save the Freedom Fighters and help to destroy Robotnik's weather machine. Two of them, Sealia and Augustus reappear later on, to help Rotor save his family from Robotnik's mind control.

    Erma - I have no clue what animal she is. I think she is a lynx or some other type of northern woodland animal. She has absolutely no real art, all she does is saw off a chunk of ice that Sonic is trapped by. A completely useless character.
    Sealia - A seal. She doesn't have any importance until Sonic #32, when she saves Rotor from drowning. We find that she has a French accent, and it is from her that we learn that the Arctic FF had scattered after their battle with Robotnik. She seems to be the only one that can really communicate to Augustus when he is mad.
    Augustus - The brawn of the Arctic FF, and the only other Arctic FF to make a cameo in Rotor's story. He is a polar bear who can lift heavy things easily, and he can even split glaciers in half. He almost kills Rotor in Sonic #32 because he thinks that Rotor is threatening Sealia.
    Guntiver - a wolf with a green vest who is essentially the "leader" of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, if there is such a thing. He's the one who explains to the Freedom Fighters who they are.
    Flip - a penguin with a pink hat. He saves the Freedom Fighters from freezing to death, and he has the ability to skate on ice on his feet.

    Thanks to Cookirini (Mobius Forum Member) for the profile. ^_^
  • Species: Varies
  • Age: Varies
  • Year Of Birth: N/A
  • Residence: North Pole of Mobius
  • Weapons & Items: N/A

    Assault Bots - Debut: Various (Sonic Archie Group)
    Robotnik may use the regular Mobians - roboticised and stripped of thier free will as his worker drones, but whether patrolling the dark empty streets of Robotropolis or covertly operating the attacks in Geographic regions such as The Great Forest and the country of Downunda - you'll be certain sooner or later to run into 'The Bot Squad' ! Robotnik's personal created assault bots that perform various duties around Mobius.

    Swatbots - Usually found in the employ of Doctor Robotnik, swatbots are most likely found patrolling the streets of Robotropolis. Programmed with the "Priority One" code, when Sonic the Hedgehog is sensed in the area they will go on a red alert and attack at all costs. The weakest of the 4 bots, Swatbots are easily taken out by Sonic most of the time, but they still maintain and serve a good purpose to the Doctor when necessary.
    Combots - The Swatbot upgrade resulted in a new form of bot alogether - the Combot! The ultimate "army" bot, combots are used most likely in reconnaissance missions by Robotnik, but are under the constant employ of Crocbot - Robotnik's Downunda subboss! Empowered with the ability to "camouflage" themselves ala Espio the Chameleon, they literally can render themselves "invisible" and blend in with the background. Located in their hands they contain an energy lash which they can use to electrocute their victims, and also possess a large amount of guns and such in their arsenal. They feel most swatbots are "inferior" to them and are usually not afraid to say this... strange for one of the few "mindless" bots in Robotnik's employ.
    Eggbots - Hatching from large cybernetic eggs and flying overhead in the skies are the Eggbots! Shaped round like the Eggman, these bots whimsical appearance often distracts from the fact that they are often the most vicious and hardest to get rid of! Attacking in multiple groups and equipped with high fire laser blasters, Eggbots are usually under the employ of Snively - Robotnik's assistant - though Robotnik has been known to use them himself at times...
    The Dynamac 3000 - The ULTIMATE Robotnik assault bot, the Dynamac can adapt to ANY given situation and manipulate himself to take control and turn him into THE MOST formidable opponent in the Bot Squad! In fact, Dynamacs are so powerful that the only way to really defeat them are by shorting them out with a massive surge of electricity! Not an easy thing to do for a bot that can anticipate your moves...
  • Bot Types: Swatbots, Combots, Eggbots, and The Dynamac 3000
  • Species: Special Attack Badnik
  • Residence: Robotropolis & Downunda
  • Abilities: Swatbots: Laser Rifles attached to arm, Combots: Electricity whip from hands, armaments, invisibility and camouflage functions, Eggbots: Rocket equipped flight, Advanced Laser gun
  • Weakness: N/A
  • Weapons & Items: Mega Mech Tank

    Brootherhood of Metallix - Debut: STC # 24 (Sonic Fleetway Group)

    The first Metallix was built to defeat Sonic by matching his speed and durability. But Sonic managed to beat him thanks to ingenious use of the Time Stones and a lot of luck. Robotnik quickly realised more would be needed, he could defeat Sonic with sheer numbers and quickly commissioned a special plant to be built in the special zone.

    They were first noticed by Knuckles and the Chaotix when they rescued the Omni Viewer from them, although not until after the Emperor had created a copy. Not long later the Brotherhood broke into Robotnik's capitol and kidnapped Grimer, going independent from Rrobotnik. Robotnik sent Sonic to deal with them but the hedgehog was too late to stop them travelling to the Miracle Planet with the Alpha Device, intent on recreating the world in their image. Sonic, Amy, Johnny and Porker all headed up the Chain to the Miracle Planet to stop them. After destroying one Metallix through its weak point, the neck, Porker reprogrammed the machine to take Sonic, Amy and Johnny as hostages and then self destruct with the Alpha Device, destroying most of the Metallixes. Porker reprogrammed the Alpha Device and slowly the ground around the device began to return to normal. However as they left Porker noticed the Emperor was still alive, albeit without his flying base and was crawling towards the Alpha device. He ran back down to the Miracle Planet to stop it and then faded from sight as the Miracle Planet disappeared.

    The Brootherhood used their copy of the Omni Viewer to rewrite history so there had never been a Doctor Robotnik, but they still existed since it was Grimer who had designed and created them. Sonic and the Chaotix travelled back in time to correct that fault, putting Robotnik back in charge of the planet and returning home. Then the brotherhood turned on Robotnik’s base, explaining the real reason they wanted the dictator dead. He, not Grimer, had been the only one with any sense to put a deactivation code in the Metallixes, in case they ever turned on him. Now he was back he deactivated them and swore that he would never build an intelligent robot again.

  • Species: Robot
  • Color: Blue
  • Eyes: Red
  • Residence: Miracle Planet, Special Zone
  • Abilities: Super Speed, Strength and flight
  • Weakness: Neck
  • Associations
  • Creators: Grimer, Doctor Robotnik
  • Designed like: Sonic
  • Enemies: Sonic, Knuckles, Chaotix, Porker Lewis, Kintobor, Robotnik
  • Appearances
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    Brotherhood - Debut: Knuckles #16 (Sonic Archie Group)
    Lurking in the shadowy technological confines of Haven, The Brotherhood monitor the status of the current guardian of Angel Island and intervene discreetly when necessary. To train a guardian, who will one day become a member of the brotherhood, it is up to the parents to give them the basics for a certain amount of years, and then allow the Guardian to fend for himself/herself - such was the case with Knuckles until circumstances allowed him to come into contact with the brotherhood a bit earlier than normal.

    When a guardian becomes part of the Brotherhood, he or she graduates from the responsibility of monitoring and protecting Angel Island to responsibility for an entire section of Mobius. Usually, however, they do not intervene in the affairs of other species unless they directly affect Echidna well-being.

    Since Robotnik took over Angel island, the brotherhood have been missing except for Locke, who is determined to find out what happened to them.

    Spectre - The son of Tobor, Spectre is the wild card of the Brotherhood. Dark and ruthless, he is always trailed by a cloud of smoke, his fur is jet black and his eyes are blood red and his head is covered with a robotic visor...
    Thunderhawk - Monitor of the country of Downunda, this purple echidna is the loudmouth complainer of the group. Always ready to put his opinion in when nobody wants it, he's always either getting into an argument with Locke or Spectre.
    Sojourner - Thunderhawk is the complainer, Sojourner is the whiner. The father of Janelle-Li, Sojourner doesn't have much going for him and seems to be the guy that would always prefer "the easy way out" rather than all the other hoopla the rest of the Brotherhood goes through.
    Sabre - The son of the mystic Athair, Sabre often takes the role of "leader" though he is not. Sabre is the brains of the group and often the peacemaker as well. He is also usually the best in problem solving as well.
    Locke - The son of the Sabre and the youngest of The Brotherhood, Locke is the "mistake" guy. Quiet, observant, and always behind a computer screen to monitor his son Knuckles, Locke is not only the mechanics whiz, but he is also the first to defend Knuckles NO MATTER WHAT the situation.

  • Current Living Member List: Locke (Sabre, Sojurner, Thunderhawk, Spectre missing)
  • Full Brotherhood List: Steppenwolf, Moonwatcher, Harlan, Rembrandt, Aaron, Jordan, Mathias, Hawking, Tobor, Spectre, Thunderhawk, Sojourner, Janelle-Li, Sabre, & Locke
  • Year Of Birth: N/A
  • Age: varies among members
  • Base Of Operations: Haven

    Bruise Brothers - Debut: STC #95 (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    After having enough of living with the Chaotix whilst trapped in Special Stage, Sonic set up an apartment in New Tek City to get away from their insanity. But he’d not been there for long before a fight between two characters known as the Bruise Brothers broke his peace. The pair of enormous hulks were literally tearing the city apart in their brawl. Sonic tried to discover which was the good guy and after it turned out there was no good guy took on them both. They both turned on him and after suffering a square beating he decided to stay out of it. However, when an old woman got in the way of their fight Sonic couldn’t help but try and save her. The woman turned out to be the Bruise Brothers’ mother and just as violent as they were. She dragged her children off home leaving the area that the fight was held in ruins.
  • Species: Unknown
  • Color: Blue (Wear black)
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Age: Uknown
  • Residence: New Tek City
  • Likes: Beating each other up
  • Dislikes: Each other, being interrupted during a fight
  • Abilities: Super Strength
  • Weakness: Obedience to their mother
  • Associations
  • Family: Mother (Name not revealed)
  • Enemies: Each other, Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Appearances
  • 95

    Channel Hoppers - Debut: STC #112 (Sonic Fleetway Group)

    These clowns are based on real life childrens show the Teletubbies in one of the most blatent rip off's Fleetway ever got away with.

    Three members of D.R.A.T. (Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe) decided to make a TV programme called The Channel Hoppers staring Wiggly, Jiggly and Floppy which broadcasted a frequency only young minds could pick up making them believe that Doctor Robotnik is wonderful. Upon discovering their plan Tails contacted his friend Tim Tuna to block the frequency and replace it with a broadcast saying what they Channel Hoppers were really up to, leaving then free for Tails to defeat without any trouble from the teenage viewers.

  • Species: Monkey and two dogs
  • Color: Blue, green and red in costume, grey and brown out of costume
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Unknown
  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Freedom Fighters
  • Abilities: Hypnotic TV broadcasting
  • Weakness: Broadcast can be blocked
  • Weapons & Items: Space hoppers, TV Station
  • Associations
  • Enemies: Miles "Tails" Prower, Tim Tuna
  • Appearances
  • 112

    Chaotix - Debut: Knuckles' Chaotix (Sonic Archie Group)
    The Chaotix was formed when Knuckles needed help to defeat Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, and Renfield to save all the Freedom Fighters of Mobius. Ever since that battle, Knuckles has slowly learned that having some friends along to fight on his side in battles isn't necessarily a bad thing. That's the Chaotix in a nutshell. Individually, they all are Knuckles' closest friends and live in various parts of the Floating Island. However, whenever there's trouble and Knuckles needs help, they band together to help Knuckles end any and all threats to peace on the Floating Island.

    Charmy - The smallest member of the group. Ususally can't be detected by the enemy, which he uses to his advantage. He's pretty strong considering that he can carry anyone while flying.
    Espio - The most mysterious member of the group. He keeps to himself, but his camouflaging and wall climbing abilities are invaluable.
    Vector - The loudest member of the group. Usually the one to express disagreement with a plan, but always follows along anyway. The best swimmer of the group.
    Mighty - The strongest and friendliest member of the group. A little "happy-go-lucky" as he looks for the best in everyone and is more trusting than any other member.
    Julie-Su - The reluctant joiner of the group with the most common sense. She's also the only one who carries a weapon (unless you count Vector's walkman as one too).
    Ray - The newest addition. He's usually with Mighty and is polite/quiet.
    Heavy & Bomb - Brief one-time members. Mighty introduced them as they helped Knux, Vector, Espio, Charmy, & Mighty defeat Metal Sonic.
  • Current Members: Espio, Vector, Mighty, Julie-Su, Ray, & Charmy
  • Former Members: Heavy & Bomb
  • Species: Varies
  • Residence: Floating Island (various spots); currently in Knothole

    Dark Legion - Debut: Knuckles #1 (Sonic Archie Group)
    Hundreds of years ago, before the citizens of Echidnaopolis renounced technology, there were rumors of a hooded clan that walked the streets and skulked in the shadows. They came to be known as the Dark Legion. Led by Menniker, the son of Dimitri (also known as Enerjak), the Dark Legion has hosted a centuries long visage of evil and were responsible for the death of Edmund, the very first guardian. They terrorized the Floating Island until they were banished to a prison-like area called the Twilight Zone by Menniker's cousin Steppenwolf. After returning to Mobius Prime, they sought to bring back technology to an extreme rivaled almost by that of Robotnik himself. The ritual for induction was an echo of this purpose--one replace a body part or certain area of one's body with cybernetic pieces.

    Fanatically loyal to Dimitri, they once did his evil bidding but have become useful since Dimitri allied himself with Knuckles. Since Dimitri's disappearance, the Legion is know under the wing of Lien-Da, whose motives are shady but seems to have the best interests of all echidnas at heart.

  • Member Names: Rykor, Xenin, Dr. Finitevus
  • Worker Drones: Mechanauts
  • Age: Varies
  • Base Of Operations: The Floating Island / The Twilight Zone
  • Associations
  • Founder: Menniker
  • Current Leader: Lien-Da
  • Previous Leaders: Moritori Rex, Luger, Kragok, Dimitri