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Eggmanland - Debut: Journey to Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Place)
Eggman's high-tech city in the Earth of Darkness that served as his base of operations.
  • Sonic the Movie Name: Robotropolis

    Emporium - Debut: The Jewel Of the Crown (Sonic SU Place)
    Sonic: " I mean, we're only looking for a jewel merchant, whose name we don't know, in the biggest, noisiest, most jam-packed city in all of Mobius! I mean how many jewel merchants could there be?"

    Emporium is a vast city where Queen Aleena had hoped to trap Robotnik. Full of snake charmers, jewel merchants and other traders, the bazaar is full of interesting and unusual people of every size, shape and colour. Queen Aleena had hoped to trap Robotnik using a special jewel that would give away a fake location for herself but Sonic, Manic and Sonia blew the trap not realising that their mother was behind it all.


    Floating Island - Debut: Sonic #13 (Sonic Archie Place)
    For information on the Floating Island, please see Angel Island.

    Floating Island - Debut: Blast to the Past Part 1 (Sonic SatAM Place)
    The Floating Island is a legendary island that floats high in the skies of Mobius and contains the Time Stones. Only Dulcy knew for sure that it existed (since Dulcy had bumped into it). Besides the Keeper of the Time Stones, stone statues were also obstacles for those who wanted to acquire the Time Stones.
  • Important person: Keeper of the Time Stones
  • Important items: Time Stones

    Fopadopolis - Debut: The Last Resort (Sonic AoStH Place)
    Fopadopolis, a city run by Mayor Fomfer is a huge city and sports many things to while you are there.

    Freedom - Debut: Sonic the Movie (Sonic Anime Place)
    The name of the planet that everyone lives on. It is split into two parts: the Land of the Sky and the Land of Darkness.

    Groovy Tain - Debut: STC # (Sonic Fleetway Place)
    The Groovy Train is an uptown cofee bar in the Metropolis Zone, ran by Ebony and Pyjamas. The place was nearly wrecked when Super Sonic appeared looking for a job, but pursued by Bio Hazard who nearly destroyed the bar searching for Super Sonic. Fortunately Bio Hazard was pulled back to the Special Zone when Leutenant Furor caught Lord Sidewinder and Super Sonic became good frinds with Ebony and Pyjamas.
  • Owners: Ebony, Pyjamas

    Hidden City of the Ancients - Debut: Sonic #80 (Sonic Archie Place)
    For information the Hidden City of the Ancients, see Station Square

    Highview Corrective Centre - Debut: STC # (Sonic Fleetway Place)
    After his mock trial Captain Plunder was sentenced to hanging until he was sorry, I mean dead. Captain Plunder spent four weeks waiting for the execution at the Highview Corrective centre, during the time all his appeals for a retrial were denied. As the reporter claimed at the luxurious prison Highview the emphasis was on rehabilitation rather than punishment. None of Highview’s inmates have ever re-offended, mainly because they hang them all. Inside the luxurious centre Captain Plunder was hung by his arms next to Simpson the Cat and kept in the command of Mister Gullets, however when Plunder learnt that Simpson knew a secret way out of the cell he used a mechanical device in his hook to break free. Plunder and Simpson escaped through the hole and defeated Mister Gullets before escaping through a tunnel dug by Billy Gulch. The prisoner had spent twenty ears digging it, but the day before he was going to use it they pardoned him and the poor guy never used it. Meanwhile Plunder’s crew, led by filch were coming the other way through the tunnel, and Plunder and Simpson hid from the crew not recognising who they were in the dark. The crew reached the prison, found no Plunder and were promptly captured, all except for the ghost Filch who escaped by walking through the wall…
  • Employees: Mr Gullets
  • Prisoners: Simpson the Cat, Captain Plunder, Filch,

    Ice Pick Peak - Debut: Sonic Christmas Blast (Sonic AoStH Place)
    Ice Pick Peak is an extremely high mountain that is part of the key to ultimate velocity and is an extremely dangerous mountain to climb.