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Alpha Device - Debut: STC # 60 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
The Metallix always had an affinity with the miracle planet, so when the Brotherhood of Metallix went independent they decided to redo what Robotnik had tried to do before; transform the Miracle Planet into an enormous powerhouse. To do that though they needed Grimer’s genius to make the Alpha Device. They kidnapped him and forced him to build it, alerting Robotnik to the fact they had gone rogue. The Alpha Device was very small but unbelievably powerful, capable of warping the planet’s soil into metal. Soon metallic tendrils were spreading across the Miracle Planet, transforming it into a giant Metallic head with thousands of Metallic factories. The Alpha device grew to the size of a skyscraper until Amy hooked the Kintobar computer into it and deactivated it, restoring the Miracle Planet to normality.
  • Color: Grey
  • Abilities: Transforming the Miracle Planet
  • Associations
  • Creators: Grimer,
  • Uused by: The Brootherhood of Metallix
  • Appearances
  • 60
  • 61
  • 62
  • 67
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    Artefacts - Debut: Artefacts (Sonic SU Item)
    In his search for money Robotnik discovered some ancient artefacts he believed to be from Mobopinchu, an ancient lost city. Putting them on sale he was distraught when Sonic, Sonia and Manic turned up at his auction and stole the goods. Sonic and Sonia took their item to be examined by the professors in the Mobian University, but Manic who had hidden his sold it to raise cash for the Underground. When Sonia and Manic told him the artefacts were actually worthless warheads from the last Mobian War Manic races after the man he had sold it to but was too late, he had already sold it to Bartleby. Before they could retrieve it from Bartleby, Sleet and Dingo kidnapped the art collector and took him to the excavation site to confront Robotnik. When the warhead exploded it destroyed most of Robotnik’s machines and activated several other warheads buried in the surrounding area, devastating the area completely.
  • Abilities: Explosives
  • Weakness: Old and Tempremental

    Chaos Emeralds - Debut: Sonic #4 (Sonic Archie Item)
    The Chaos Emeralds are a limitless source of a mysterious energy known as Chaos Energy. This energy can be used in many ways, from giving special powers to certain individuals to powering technological devices. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mammoth Mogul, Enerjak and others have used this energy to transform themselves into beings of great power. According to the Isaac the Robot, the original Mobian Chaos Emeralds were formed when the radiation from the Xorda's Gene-Bomb reacted with deposits of the mineral beryl below the surface of Mobius. Because Isaac's data was later discovered to be corrupt, the accuracy of this information has been called into question.

    For a long time, the only Chaos Emeralds known to Mobians were the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Green Chaos Emeralds which existed on Mobius. However, Sonic later encountered Red Chaos Emeralds while he was in space. These had different properties from the Emeralds with which he as familiar. When A.D.A.M. wished to harness all the Chaos Energy in the universe, he summoned all of the emeralds to himself. In addition to the Green and Red Chaos Emeralds, there were five other colors, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Cyan, and Purple Chaos Emeralds. When A.D.A.M. was defeated, these were sealed into the Zone of Silence where their form was changed.

    In their new form, there are seven Chaos Emeralds, each in one of the colors of the seven original types. These Emeralds are apparently identical to one another in properties, and are probably slightly different from the original Mobian Chaos Emeralds. The only Chaos Emerald which escaped this reformation was the Master Emerald. The Gray Chaos Emerald is currently in the possession of the Kingdom of Knothole. The other six Chaos Emeralds reside in the Zone of Silence, which has newly been renamed the Special Zone.

  • Colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, gray, cyan, and purple

    Chaos Emeralds - Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog (16 bit) (Sonic Sega Item)

  • Pretty much every main storyline game

    Deep Power Stones - Debut: Drood Henge (Sonic SatAM Item)
    The lengendary Deep Power Stones were a royal family secret. Only the royal family knew exactly where they were as the two stones put together one way granted enormous power while put together another way would cause mass destruction. It took Robotnik a while, but he managed to translate the scrolls that told where the stones were. However, he only managed to get one, as Tails' plan on making Robotnik think that the Freedom Fighters found and destroyed the other worked. The power stones allowed Sonic and Sally to destroy the Doomsday Project.

    Doomsday Pod - Debut: Cry of the Wolf (Sonic SatAM Item)
    These pods were nearly indestructible as it took a special lightning field or the "special" balloons Rotor created to destroy them. These pods destroyed anything in their paths and were able to be created in mass numbers thanks to Robotnik's Doomsday Project.

    Egg Generator - Debut: Journey to Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Item)
    The robot generator has supposedly become unstable due to the increased electricity being generated and needs to be shutdown before sunset or it'll cause a massive explosion that'll affect the entire planet. Sonic manages to shut it down, but becomes trapped in it as his bio data is scanned and eventually put in Metal Sonic, who was inside it.
  • Sonic the Movie Name: Robot Generator

    Gamma Spectrum Visualiser - Debut: Artefacts (Sonic SU Item)
    The Gamma Spectrum Visualiser is capable of examining ancient objects and working out their exact structure and composition. Sonia’s professor used it to determine the nature of some ancient artefacts which turned out to be dangerous weapons.
  • Residence: Mobius University
  • Abilities: Scanning Items
  • Associations
  • The Professor

    Hero of the Year Award - Debut: STC # 14 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
    This trophy was presented to Sonic in the Metropolis Zone in a secret event held right under Robotnik’s nose. However Sonic managed to make it into the award ceremony wearing a disguise in time to receive the award and expose the dingo in charge as servant of Robotnik. Escaping an obvious trap he and Tails returned to the Emerald Hill Zone and waited, Sonic revealing that the Hero of the Year Award was actually a tracking device designed to lead Robotnik to his secret base, however Sonic defeated the robots sent after him and left the award in pieces.

    Marxio Bros Game - Debut: STC #26 (Sonic Fleetway Item)

    You may struggle to guess that this video game is actually based on the Super Mario Brothers franchise, apparently a popular series owned by Nintendo.

    Never one to miss out on self referencing Fleetway decided to introduce the cameo appearance of the Marxio Brothers game, the adventures of three “electricians” in a platforming adventure. Needles to say, Sonic was not very impressed with how the game played out, abandoning it at the first opportunity.