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Dulcy The Dragon - Debut: Sonic #29 (Sonic Archie Character)
And Away We Go!

Duly lived in a dragon colony until it was invaded by Robotnik. Many of the colony was roboticized, including Dulcy's mother, Sabina. Dulcy and some other dragons, led by the elder Glint, escaped underground to the lost dragon city of Vesuvio, where they were forbidden to go to the surface world. Dulcy disobeyed this and joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters. When Glint discovered this, he stripped her of her flame breath and banished her from Vesuvio. Dulcy became a full-time freeodm fighter after this, but she missed her home.

She is very sweet, and has a child-like personality. Always eager to help, she often flies the Freedom Fighters all around Mobius whenever they need her and she was an integral part of clearing Sonic's name when he was accused of murdering the Princess Sally. Dulcy is capable of terrific speeds when flying by snapping her tail in back of her, in a move known as "cracking the whip". She also has the ability to discern truth from lies, along with multiple other abilities.

Recently, longing to see her people and to get her flame back, she returned to Vesuvio to ask for a pardon. However, she was folowed by roboticized dragons who then terrorized Vesuvio. Becuase Dulcy helped repel the mecha-dragons, she was allowed her flame powers back and she became the ambassador of Vesuvio to the surface world.

  • Full Name: Dulcinea
  • Nick Names: Dulcy, Dulce
  • Species: Dragon
  • Color: Green
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: 13
  • Date Of Birth: Day 235 of the Year 3223
  • Residence: Knothole Village
  • Likes: Sleep
  • Dislikes: Too much trouble
  • Abilities: Fly, Fire Breather, Ice Breather, Able to sense truth in others
  • Weakness: Difficulty with landing and childlike personality can often lead her to trouble
  • Associations
  • Mother: Sabina (Roboticized)
  • Boyfriend: Zan (assumed dead)

    E-102 "g" - Debut: Sonic Adventure (Sonic Sega Character)
    With a steel heart inside a steel body, I'm a high-tech assault machine. Watch out for the laser rifle on my right arm!

    E-102 "g" was the second in Eggman's new line of advanced targeting robots, after E-101 "b". He was created for several purposes, one of which being to serve as crew to Dr. Eggman's new ship, the Egg Carrier, and to assist him in carrying out his latest diabolical scheme. Gamma's first test upon creation was to face his brother, Beta, in combat. Gamma easily defeated Beta, and proved his worth as becoming crew to the Egg Carrier.

    E-102's first mission, as with the rest of his "brothers", the E-100 series, is to retrieve a tailed frog. After finding it in Station Square, he wins the admirition of Dr. Eggman, who then dismisses the other robots as worthless scrap metal and disposes them in such a manner. Gamma is then assigned to retrieve a bird from the imprisoned Amy Rose. When ordering her to give him the bird, Amy refused, which confused him. The bird then flew up to Gamma, and something came over him, something that wasn't in his programming. In an odd display of emotion, Gamma releases Amy and the bird from their prison cell and tells them to escape.

    After being convinced by Amy to not kill Sonic and ignore Eggman's orders, E-102 escapes the now demolished Egg Carrier, and overrides his programming to give himself a new mission: free the rest of his "brothers" by destroying their robotic shells, therefore releasing the little birdy trapped inside. This mission eventually leads him back to the ocean bound remains of the Egg Carrier, where he squares off against a heavily upgraded E-101.

    After destorying each other, the birds trapped within E-101 and E-102 are finally released. E-102 "g" was completley destroyed.

  • Japanese Name: E-102 ガンマ
  • Romanized Name: E-102 "gamma"
  • Nick Names: Gamma
  • Species: Badnik
  • Color: Red, Orange, And Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: NA
  • Height: 215 cm
  • Weight: 825.256 kg
  • Residence: Final Egg Base/ Egg Carrier
  • Likes: NA
  • Dislikes: NA
  • Abilities: Advanced Laser Targeting System, Homing Missiles, Hovering, Roller Mode (Extra Speed)
  • Weakness: None
  • Weapons & Items: 15.5 cm Missle Launcher, Triple Laser Rifle, Jet Booster
  • Associations
  • Creator: Dr. Eggman
  • Series Lineage: E-100 "a" (AKA: Zero), E-101 "b", E-103 "d", E-104 "e", E-105 "z"
  • Appearances
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Sonic Shuffle

    E-123 Omega - Debut: Sonic Heroes (Sonic Sega Character)
    The last of Dr. Eggman's E-series robots, Omega is considered to be the most powerful. But he was decommissioned and left for scrap in an abandoned base in the middle of nowhere. Rouge, searching for some treasure that Eggman had hidden, sneaked into the base accidentally reactivated him and Shaodw. Omega decided that Shadow was a robot created by Eggman and tried to destroy him to get revenge on Eggman. Rouge managed to break up the fight and explained what Shadow was. After all of that they set out on a mission to find and stop Dr. Eggman. Omega has since made it his mission to destroy any and all robots still loyal to the dictator, his mission far beyond any normal obsession.
  • Full Name: E-123 Omega
  • Nick Names: Omega
  • Romanized Name: ???
  • Species: Badnick
  • Color: Red, Black, and Yellow
  • Eyes: Red
  • Age: ???
  • Birthdate: ???
  • Height: 245 cm
  • Weight: ???
  • Residence: Abandoned base
  • Likes: Demolishing random machines created by Dr. Eggman
  • Dislikes: Side tracking from his mission!
  • Abilities: Extreme firepower from his machine gun blasters
  • Weakness: none
  • Weapons & Items: Hidden machine gun compartments in his forearms
  • Associations
  • Creator: Dr. Eggman
  • Allies: Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Appearances
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Shadow the Hedgehog

    E.V.E - Debut: Sonic #21 (sonic archie character)
    I have the freedom of choice... not limited by boundaries...Be they of the mind...Or the vast reaches of infinity

    E.V.E was created by Robotnik with DNA from him and Sonic. His main attempt was using it/her to get rid of Sonic. However, he was close but his creation backfired as that EVE learned too much and the DNA from Sonic overpowered from what she got with Robotnik. The resulted in what was thought to be annihilation of the great Robotnik but as it turned out, was just a transfer to a orbitting server powered by a different dimensional Robotnik (RoboRobonik) E.V.E. was last seen escaping into the vast reaches of space and her location was unknown until Sonic came across her, destroying worlds and incorporating their raw materials into herself. Sonic persuaded her to stop, and she destroyed herself.

  • Full Name: Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: ???
  • Year Of Birth: ???
  • Place Of Residence: Outer Reaches of Space
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: E.V.E has the abililty to adapt and "feel" She can utilize her mistakes and evolve to the next level. She cannot die, but excel.
  • Weakness: N/A

    Earth of Darkness - Debut: Journey to Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Place)
    The world underneath the Earth of the Sky. Eggmanland can be found here and that is where Eggman lives.
  • Sonic the Movie Name: Land of Darkness

    Earth of the Sky - Debut: Journey to Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Place)
    The world above the Earth of Darkness. This is the side of the world where most people reside on the planet on various different islands. The weak spot is the ice bridges that hold it together. If they were ever melted, the islands would break up.
  • Sonic the Movie Name: Land of the Sky

    Ebony - Debut: STC #94 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    "So you’re unimpressed by ‘party tricks’? You obviously haven’t been to any of my parties!"

    Ebony runs a famous coffee bar in a part of Metropolis known as “The Neighbourhood” with help from her best friend Pyjamas and has dedicated fifteen years of her life to learning magic. She first met Knuckles when he came across a protest she was involved in with some of the locals to try and save the Fauna (Talking trees) that Robotnik wanted to destroy. The two teamed up to defeat the troopers then a magician called Omen who came to have Ebony and Pyjamas arrested. But during the battle the eldest of the Fauna was destroyed by a stray blast causing the other Fauna to want to wipe out all Mobians. However, Knuckles managed to convince them against this idea before returning to his journey back home. A few months later the memory-wiped Super Sonic came to Ebony’s coffee bar looking for a job and despite protests from Pyjamas Ebony accepted him. But things turned pretty nasty when Biohazard was sent from Special Zone by Lord Sidewinder to recapture Super Sonic. When he began smashing up The Groovy Train Ebony used her magic to distract Biohazard while Pyjamas formed a ‘Mind Link’ with Super Sonic. This link brought back Super Sonic’s memories along with the knowledge that if he used his powers again he would turn evil once more. Lucky for the three Lord Sidewinder was caught by Lieutenant Furor causing Biohazard to be sent back to Special Zone. After this Ebony’s life went on as usual for the most part barring one occasion when Super Sonic used his powers to save a train full of people and turned back to evil. But Ebony and Pyjamas managed to combine their powers and prevent him from destroying the planet, turn him back to normal and then fool Sonic into thinking the energy readings Kintobor picked up from Super Sonic were just a malfunction. Her final appearance in the comic was when she brought a dying Super Sonic to Chaos in order to absorb the Chaos Energy that would save his life. But once all this energy was absorbed Super Sonic changed back to his evil self leaving Ebony with no choice but to combine his mind back with Sonic’s like it was originally.

  • Nick Names: Mystic Mog
  • Species: Cat
  • Color: Black (Usually wears green and purple)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: “The Groovy Train” Coffee Bar, Metropolis City
  • Likes: Protests, action, magic
  • Dislikes: Having magic used against her
  • Abilities: Magic
  • Weakness: Too trusting (Especially of Super Sonic)
  • Associations
  • Friends: Pyjamas, Super Sonic
  • Allies: Knuckles The Echidna
  • Enemies: Doctor Robotnik, Omen, Biohazard, Chaos
  • Appearances
  • 94
  • 95
  • 96
  • 116
  • 117
  • 118
  • 146
  • 147
  • 148
  • 183
  • 184

    Ebony Hare - Debut: Knuckles #13 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Ebony Hare is out to make money and doesn't care what he has to do to get it, even if it includes killing someone. He had his own scientist develop a sauce filled with "lemon sundrop dandelion" poison in it and caused those who had too much of it to get sick. However, in small doses, it made those who ate food with it want it more so they would buy more of the food. Ebony's biggest supply of the stuff was sent to Happyland Amusement Park, which he semi-took over from Renfield the Rodent after the Chaotix were hospitalized (from eating the food in the park) since it made the Echidna Security Team very suspicious. Unfortunately for his sake, it didn't stop Remington, Julie-Su, Espio, Mighty, and Vector from ending his operation and landing him and his cohorts in jail.
  • Full Name: Downtown Ebony Hare
  • Species: Hare
  • Color: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Echidnaopolis (jail)
  • Likes: Being in charge
  • Dislikes: Being questioned
  • Abilities: Sneaky
  • Weakness: Can't fight, can't shoot
  • Weapons & Items: Gun
  • Associations
  • Bodyguard: Blackjack
  • Lady Friend: Foxy
  • Associate: BeeJay McThing

    Echidnaopolis - Debut: Knuckles #4 (Sonic Archie Place)
    This is the main city for finding echidnas outside of Albion. Originally part of Downunda, until a comet was spotted that could have destroyed it, it is now the main city of the Floating Island. It's played host to various fights between the Dark Legion (aka DL) and whoever was the current Guardian at the time (and Brotherhood behind the scenes). The most notable known altercations that occurred inside Echidnaopolis were Steppenwolf versus the DL during the DL's creation, Tobor versus the DL when Echidnaopolis was in its zone (explained next), and Knuckles/Chaotix/Constable Remington/General Stryker versus the Enerjak-led DL. For about the past 200 years, Echidnaopolis had been removed from the Floating Island and put into its own pocket zone due to radiation from a dingo nuclear strike. It only returned to the Floating Island thanks to Robotnik's Ultimate Annihilator, which weakened barriers between zones and caused Echidnaopolis to return to its proper place. The downside was when it returned, it destroyed the dingo's city so both the echidnas and dingoes have to learn to get along with each other in the same city.
  • Inhabitants: Mainly Echidnas and Dingoes
  • Location: Floating Island (near body of water that surrounds Angel Island Zone)
  • Associations
  • Important Residents: Constable Remington, General Stryker, Harry

    Egg Generator - Debut: Journey to Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Item)
    The robot generator has supposedly become unstable due to the increased electricity being generated and needs to be shutdown before sunset or it'll cause a massive explosion that'll affect the entire planet. Sonic manages to shut it down, but becomes trapped in it as his bio data is scanned and eventually put in Metal Sonic, who was inside it.
  • Sonic the Movie Name: Robot Generator