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Charles - Debut: Ultra Sonic (Sonic SatAM Character)
11 years ago, Charles was the Minister of Science and serving the King in Mobotropolis. He is a very intelligent hedgehog and also watched his nephew, Sonic, who played with his friends Princess Sally, Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine. Charles also invented the roboticizer to enable people to live longer, but for some reason it took away the will of anyone who used it. Unfortunately, Julian (aka Robotnik) as Minister of War stole the plans for the roboticizer and staged a coup. Charles was one of the many victims of the roboticizer. The fact that Charles also created the machine that makes power rings is a way he impacted the effort against Robotnik. With the help of a power ring, he regained his free-will long enough to help the Freedom Fighters save Mobius' environment. It was later on when Charles was temporarily de-roboticized that he permanently regained his free-will despite being roboticized. Since he was still roboticized, Charles made the perfect spy for the Freedom Fighters. Called Uncle Chuck by everyone (not just Sonic), he also was a helpful advisor to the group and played a major role in the success of their missions.
  • Full Name: Sir Charles Hedgehog
  • Species: Hedgehog
  • Color: Blue
  • Eyes: Black (normal), Robotic (roboticized)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Robotropolis
  • Likes: Sonic, spying
  • Dislikes: Robotnik
  • Abilities: Spying, Machinery, Computer hacking
  • Weakness: N/A
  • Weapons & Items: N/A
  • Associations
  • Nephew: Sonic

    Charmy Bee - Debut: Chaotix (Sonic Sega Character)
    Charmy Bee is the most sophisticated of the Chaotix...this guy knows his P's and Q's! Infact, he's often the one who has to keep Espio in line. Charmy flew to Carnival Island in search of new types of flowers. It was there he met Knuckles and joined the Chaotix. Only he can handle tricky problems in such a cool and charming way, making him an invaluable member of the team.

    Charmy's small size and light weight make him a difficult target, which is compounded by his ability to fly out of any danger and to any altitude. Not only that - BUT his diminutive size makes it easy for him to get into many places unnoticed. Charmy, unlike the other Chaotix, doesn't spin. His unique Buzz Attack, similar to Vector's Power Boost, can tear right through the most powerful of Badniks with relative ease. He also has a unique alternative to the Spin-Dash, the Buzz Dash, which has the same effect but can be done instantly with no charging. His flight range is unlimited, and using Ring Power, this little honey bee is even strong enough to lift his friends into the air with him.

  • Japanese Name: チャーミー・ビー
  • Romanized Name: Chaamii Bii
  • Species: Honey Bee
  • Color: Yellow And Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: 16 (Chaotix), 6 (Sonic Heroes)
  • Birthdate: March
  • Residence: Isolated Island?
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ??? (but very light, I can assure you)
  • Likes: Flowers, Friends, Manners
  • Dislikes: Rudeness
  • Abilities: Speed, Buzz Attack, Flying, Hover, Buzz-Dash
  • Weakness: Small Size, Can't Jump
  • Associations
  • Friends: Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, Knuckles the Echidna, Mighty the Armadillo, Heavy, Bomb, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic
  • Appearances
  • Chaotix
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Shadow the Hedgehog

    Charmy Bee - Debut: Knuckles' Chaotix (Sonic Archie character)
    Charmy Bee is the most sophisticated of the Chaotix... this guy knows his P's and Q's - perhaps that may be because he's also the reluctant Crown Prince of the Bee Realm! Charmy flew to Floating Island several years ago in search of new types of flowers - but that was all not totally true - yes, he did go exploring but there was a deeper reason as well. Charmy was a runaway. Not wanting to accept the Princehood forced upon him by his parents Charmy ran off to the Floating Isle, and only his best friend, Mello, knew. It was there he met Mighty first and eventually joined the Chaotix when he and the others helped out Knuckles save the Freedom Fighters. Only he can handle tricky problems in such a cool and charming way, making him an invaluable member of the team. Charmy's small size and light weight make him a difficult target, which is compounded by his ability to fly out of any danger. His unique Buzz-dash can tear right through the most powerful of Badniks with relative ease; and using Ring Power, this little honey bee is even strong enough to lift his friends into the air with him. And in many people's opinion, he is the cutest of all of The Chaotix. He can shrink himself in size when he goes to fly and enlarge his size in normal mode - but in all honesty he has the biggest heart of all the Chaotix, and is often found hanging out with Mighty or being the peacekeeper between the argumentative Espio and stubborn Vector. Briefly, he has now returned to his home in Goldenhive Colony and accepted his destiny as Prince of the Bee Realm as well as reconciling with the family he ran away from.
  • Nick Names: Charm
  • Species: Bee
  • Color: Yellow and black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: 16
  • Year Of Birth: 3219
  • Residence: Golden Hive Colony
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: Able to switch back and forth from small flight mode to large walk mode
  • Weakness: Small, tends to run away from his own problems and EXTREMELY chatty
  • Weapons & Items: Stinger
  • Associations
  • Fiancee: Safron
  • Family: The King, Queen, and Princess of the Golden Hive Colony (no names yet)

    Charmy Bee - Debut: STC #53 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Thankfully there's nobody else quite like Charmy Bee, probably the smartest idiot you're ever likely to meet. A key member of the Chaotix Crew, guardians of the Special Zone. He's a key member because it's his money funding the organisation but the others don't know that. Only Sonic knows the truth that Charmy was the son of the Queen Bee, ruler of the hive. There had been an agreement that Charmy should write home and visit as often as possible but somehow the young prince had forgotten to visit. No matter how many idiotic witticisms he came up with or how much he annoyed Vector, Charmy stayed around. He was the first to notice that Super Sonic was moving around inside the Omni Viewer but didn’t tell Vector because he always shouted at him. Charmy came into his best in the Chaotix Crew’s battle against the Fundamental Four and the Crimson Cobra. To fight the fundamental four he ‘borrowed’ some bee workers from the hive and using pottery tools merged the Fundamental Four (Fire, water, mud and wind) into a giant peace of pottery. Later after the Crimson Cobra had defeated the other members of the Chaotic Crew Charmey decided to buy out the Crimson Cobras business. Perhaps the smartest, and most ridiculous way of defeating a super villain ever!
  • Nick Names: Mr. Bee
  • Species: Bee
  • Colour:
  • Eyes:
  • Residence: Chaotix HQ
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes: Fly Spray
  • Abilities: Flight
  • Weakness: Depleted IQ
  • Weapons & Items:
  • Associations
  • Mother: Queen Bee
  • Accomplices: Vector, Espio, Mighty, Knuckles, Tails and the Omni Viewer
  • Enemies: The Crimson Cobra, The Fundamental Four, Vesper's Wasps, Nack the Weasel

    Cheddarmund - Debut: Sonic #92 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Cheddarmund is an Overlander who traveled with Colin Kintobor and his group to the stars. He seems to be an expert at computers and technology, as Colin is seen depending on Cheddarmund's claculations to find out that they had landed on Mobius. Unfortunately for Cheddarmund, his genius is also brought into service by the former Robo-Robotnik for a special project. For his hard work on the project - perfecting robotization by touch - Robo-Robotnik shook his hand - and turned him into a motionless robot on the spot.
  • Full Name: Cheddarmund
  • Species: Overlander
  • Color: White
  • Eyes:
  • Age: N/A
  • Year Of Birth: N/A
  • Residence: Robotropilis
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Abilities: Computers, mechanical technology
  • Weakness:
  • Weapons & Items: Portable computer
  • Associations
  • Boss: Colin Kintobor

    Chemical Plant Zone - Debut: The Mobius 5000 (Sonic AoStH Place)
    The Chemical Plant Zone a nasty zone filled with tons of pollution and chemicals that can do all sorts of things. No one lives there and no one is willing to try and clean it up.

    Chloe - Debut: STC # 110 (Sonic Fleetway Character)

    This is presumably based on TV show Top of the Pops which ran for many years in the UK.

    Chloe presents a daytime show presumably based on Top of the Pops which shows off the latest music hits sensation to the public by giving them the pop stars a chance to sing and be interviews amidst crowds of adoring, mostly female, fans...

  • Species: Bird (possibly canary?)
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Black
  • Employment: TV Presenter
  • Associations
  • Intervieees: Favian Vane, Peter Android

    Citizen One - Debut: STC #106 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Created by Robotnik in order to make a zone that he could use to enslave Mobians and brainwash them, the computer program was abandoned when Robotnik learned its desire was to create a happy zone. The program named itself Citizen One and used its powers to abduct and brainwash Mobians into living its happy zone. But it made the mistake of taking Sonic, who resisted its brainwashing and exposed it for what it really was. In the end it made a carnival zone where citizens would go to enjoy themselves and it wouldn’t have to be lonely anymore.
  • Species: Computer Program
  • Color: Blue, yellow and pink
  • Eyes: Blue and white
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Is a zone within itself
  • Likes: Creating a happy environment
  • Dislikes: Being lonely
  • Abilities: Can mould itself into any landscape it desires
  • Weakness: Hologram disrupted if attacked
  • Associations
  • Allies: Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Doctor Robotnik
  • Appearances
  • 106
  • 107

    Clive The Donkey - Debut: STC #85 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Clive was bullied by his fellow villagers and called a wimp because he was interested in technology instead of sport. So to get his revenge on them he disguised himself as a Trooper and took “Tax” off the other villagers. This plan didn’t go to well when Tails turned up to stop him and some real some Troopers discovered him. Both Tails and Clive were captured by the Troopers but managed to escape by making use of Clive’s knowledge to shut off the power to the electric cuffs they were being held by. However, he accidentally shut off the power to the entire ship that the Troopers were using to transport them so Tails had to save them both by flying to the ground (Not without a fight on the way down though). After returning to safety Tails convinced Clive to confess his wrongs and return the money he took back to the villagers.
  • Species: Donkey
  • Color: Grey
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Wood Village Zone
  • Likes: Technology
  • Dislikes: Being bullied or called a wimp
  • Abilities: Technical knowledge
  • Weakness: Slightly cowardly and doesn't have a lot of common sense
  • Weapons & Items: Screwdriver
  • Associations
  • Allies: Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Enemies: Robotnik's Troopers
  • Appearances
  • 85
  • 86

    Cluck - Debut: Heads or Tails (Sonic SatAM Character)
    Cluck is Robotnik's "pet" bird. He very rarely did much other than sit on Robotnik's shoulder. Snively didn't seem to like him much as Snively would sometimes purposely make his eyes pop out with a remote control.
  • Species: Robotic Bird
  • Color: Gray
  • Eyes: Robotic
  • Residence: Robotropolis
  • Likes: N/A
  • Dislikes: N/A
  • Abilities: Flying, snapping beak
  • Weakness: N/A
  • Weapons & Items: N/A
  • Associations
  • Owner: Robotnik