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King Acorn's Secret Service - Debut: Sonic #61 (Sonic Archie Group)
King Acorn originally had Geoffrey create this "strike force" in an attempt to find out the TRUE fate of his wife, Queen Alicia, and his son, Elias, as the Brotherhood had hidden the truth for so long. Successful in their first mission and with current peacefulness in Mobotropolis at the time with Ixis Naugus defeated and Dr Robotnik dead, King Acorn disbanded Sally's Freedom Fighters in favor of the Secret Service. When Sonic and the Freedom Fighters went out into space and Robo-Robotnik attacked Mobotropolis, the team did what it could to evacuate the Mobians into Knothole--except for Valdez who elected to stay behind to hold off the Shadow-bots. On her solo mission, Hershey discovered that Valdez had definitely been roboticized and was now a servant in Robo-Robotnik's army. With Robo-Robotnik around, the Secret Service and the Freedom Fighters had been working together--yet separately in many cases--to try to reclaim Mobotropolis. However, after Robo-Robotnik reprogrammed Heavy & Bomb and infested the remaining members with nano-bots, the Secret Service is off active duty for an unspecified amount of time.

Geoffrey - The leader of the group and assembled the original team as per King Acorn's specifications: "A strike force of no more than 5 agents capable of covert assignments inside foreign territories."
Valdez - The first recruit and a chameleon from the Floating Island. His camouflaging ability and knowledge of the Floating Island were his most most valuable assests to the team. He's no longer a member as he has been roboticized.
Wombat Stu - The second recruit and youngest member of the group. His super hearing, quickness, and agility are his biggest assests. He also has a ton of fighting experience as a member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters.
Hershey - The third recruit and the only "local" member besides Geoffrey. Her greatest assests are her quick thinking as well as her computer skills.
Heavy & Bomb - The fourth and fifth recruits. Heavy's ability to hack into computers and Bomb's "explosive" attack from which he can rebuild himself are their contributions to the team.
  • Original Members: Geoffrey St. John, Valdez, Wombat Stu, Hershey, Heavy, and Bomb
  • Current Members: Geoffrey & Hershey
  • Residence: Knothole
  • Abilities: Various
  • Weapons & Items: Various

    King Leer - Debut: STC # 107 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    In ancient times when the people lived in tribes the only man with any real power was King Leer, ruler of the Hyena tribe. Since the other tribes were weak and divided they were forced to bow to the King’s rule, and lived in fear of the Hyenas who ravaged and pillaged anyone who the King disliked. Strangely enough the King had some quite strange ideas in his head, outlawing some pretty stupid ideas (see the picture for more information). When a dog broke the law King leer sent his Hyenas to ransack the dog’s cousins, the foxes. Luckily for the foxes Bravehog showed up and saved the village, but was captured. King Leer was about to torture Bravehog by shaving of his spines in public but the King’s subjects revolted, freed Bravehog and King Leer was overthrown.
  • Species: Hyena
  • Color: Orange
  • Likes: Power
  • Dislikes: Hedgehogs, Cats, Birds, Foxes
  • Abilities: An army of Hyenas
  • Weakness: Idiot, useless in battle
  • Associations
  • Enemies: Brvehog
  • Subjects: The Hyena Tribe
  • Appearances
  • 107

    King Maximillian Acorn - Debut: Sonic #36 (Sonic Archie Character)
    King Acorn has led a life of tough decisions and harsh realities. It began around the Great War when he thought he lost his wife after an Overlander attack on the kingdom. After that came the Great Robotnik coup that would change his life forever as he ended up being banished to The Zone Of Silence for 10 years by Warlord Julian A.K.A. Doctor Ivo Robotnik. While there he also met with Ixis Naugus, the former royal wizard (now completely mad) and creator of the zone Acorn had to spend his next ten years in! The effects of The Zone Of Silence are known to drive those in it to madness and the only way King Acorn could survive was by pledging fealty - and his kingdom - to Naugus with little or no hope of stopping Robotnik or ever escaping.

    Over time the king lost total memory, and when Sonic and Sally came to rescue him they had no idea of what thier effects could cause. Prolonged exposure to the Zone Of Silence also brought along rapid crystallization to the body - Full crystallization meant instant death. Sonic, Sally, and Rotor managed to stop the process in time but for quite a while the king lay in a coma until Sonic probed his mind courtesy of Doctor Quack's Dream Watcher. The king was fully uncrystallized thanks to the help of the magical Crown and Sword Of Acorns.

    The King's health has always been an issue: first his crystallization, then his paralysis from the waist down, and more recently he fell into a coma after being poisoned by Anti-Antoine. The current King is Max's son, Elias.

  • Species: Mobian Squirrel
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Knothole
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: N/A
  • Weakness: Stubborn
  • Weapons & Items: Sword of Acorns
  • Associations
  • Father: King Frederic Acorn
  • Wife: Alicia Acorn
  • Son: Elias Acorn
  • Daughter: Sally Alicia Acorn
  • Daughter-in-law: Meg Acorn

    King Sonic (M:25YL) - Debut: (Sonic Archie Character)
    This character is a version of the character Sonic as portrayed in the Mobius: 25 Years Later setting, a possible future of Mobius Prime. Information revealed in this profile is not relevant to the character in the "present day" setting, which is set in the Mobian year year 3237.

    In Mobius 25 Years later, Sonic has become the king. He is married to Sally, and they have two children, Sonia and Manik. Sonic is in many ways similar to his childhood self, but there are also several differences. For instance, Sonic has become far more reclusive and resentful of his royal posts. He often refuses to socialise at all, and has even stopped speaking to his former best friend, Miles "Tails" Prower.

    King Sonic has a particular dislike for Knuckles, the guardian of Angel Island, with whom he rarely sees eye to eye and hasn't for years.

  • Full Name: Olgilve(?) Maurice Hedgehog
  • Species: Hedgehog
  • Color: Blue
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: 42
  • Date Of Birth: Day 162 of the Year 3220
  • Residence: Mobotropolis
  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Abilities: Speed and related abilities
  • Weakness: Unknown
  • Weapons & Items: None
  • Associations
  • Wife: Queen Sally
  • Children: Sonia, Manik

    Kneecapeon - Debut: Sonic #139 (Sonic Archie Character)

    "Kneecaps the Echidna? Mom, that has got to be the worst name I've ever heard for a kid!"

    When Knuckles returned to Angel Island after a year of being away, he found the island greatly changed. The government was run by sadistic dingoes, the Dark Legion guarded the Emerald, he was thought to be a figure of prophecy called the Avatar.......and then, as a final straw, there was the baby echidna that Lara-Le foisted upon him as his baby brother who promptly started whacking him in the head!

    Kneecaps is an adorable but precocious infant echidna boy. He loves his rattle as much as he likes hitting Knuckles with it, and does this quite frequently when Knuckles is holding him. He speaks infant gibberish to express his feelings, though most people obviously can't understand him. Though he is a child, he seems to have a very good grasp of the situation, and can discern good from evil.

    And, of course, no baby is complete without his mommy right there beside him, and naturally Kneecaps is almost inseperable from her.

  • Full Name: Kneecapeon Mace
  • Nick Names: Kneecaps
  • Species: Echidna
  • Color: Red
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: About 1
  • Year Of Birth: 3236
  • Residence: Angel Island
  • Likes: His mommy and Knuckles
  • Dislikes: Bad people
  • Abilities: Can smack someone silly with his rattle
  • Weakness: Can't speak or walk yet-he's a baby!
  • Weapons & Items: Rattle and pacifier
  • Associations
  • Mother: Lara-Le
  • Father: Wynmacher
  • Half-Brother: Knuckles

    Knothole City - Debut: Sonic #0 (Sonic Archie Place)
    The home of the displaced residents of Mobotropolis after Robotnik's take-over of the city. It is the home and base of operations of Princess Sally and her Freedom Fighters, championed by Sonic. No one knows it's exact history, but it is hidden somewhere within the Great Forest, an enormous and dense forest not too far away from Robotropolis (Robotnik's name for Mobotropolis). When the original Robotnik was killed, Knothole (then known as Knothole Village) temporarily served as the home for the roboticized Mobians (aka Robians) who didn't feel comfortable among the non-roboticized Mobians living in Mobotropolis. However, when Robo-Robotnik re-took Mobotropolis, Knothole again became the Mobians home away from home. When King Max was injured and made Prince Elias acting ruler in his place, Elias turned Knothole into the the actual center of the Kingdom of Acorn and gave Knothole the name "Kingdom of Knothole" as the fight against Robotnik was temporarily abandoned, until Sally got fed up and led the Freedom Fighters again, which also resulted in Elias in running away as he knew he had messed up as leader (something he felt Sally should've been doing in the first place). In the past year, Knothole has expanded into Knothole City, a bustling metropolis and home to the reistance against the Eggman Empire.
  • Inhabitants: Various
  • Location: Somewhere in the Great Forest
  • Population: 3,487
  • Associations
  • Important Residents: Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, King Max, Queen Alicia, Uncle Chuck, Dr. Quack, Rosie, Geoffrey

    Knothole Village - Debut: Heads or Tails (Sonic SatAM Place)
    This is the home of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and many others from the former Mobotropolis as this is where everyone went to escape roboticization. Accessible via the Great Oak Slide, it is hidden in the Great Forest. While there have been some close calls in terms of Robotnik finding the place, it has stood as a secure hide-out for the group.

    Knuckles - Debut: Journey to Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Character)
    Knuckles is a treasure hunter and spends his time travelling, which has also made him very knowledgeable about the planet. He can have a short-temper, and makes sure to remember favors and slights.
  • Species: Echidna
  • Color: Red
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: None
  • Likes: Treasure hunting
  • Dislikes: Bright light, being disturbed
  • Abilities: Glide, dig, strength
  • Weakness: Girls
  • Weapons & Items: None
  • Associations
  • Friends: Sonic, Tails

    Knuckles - Debut: STC # 33 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Gnarly and impatient, Knuckles doesn’t always see eye to eye with anyone, particularly Sonic. In fact, when they first met Knuckles was tricked by Doctor Robotnik into believing that Sonic and Tails were evil. Knuckles eventually learnt the truth and became an ally of Sonic’s, even though not the best of one they fought together several times although Knuckles grew tired of Sonic’s cocky attitude. In one surprising role however Knuckles followed Tails into the Nameless Zone and agreed to pretend to be ‘Sonic’, Tails sidekick and fought against Trogg. Knuckles said he was glad to be in a zone which didn’t worship Sonic like some kind of god. A loner by default his mission became to restore the Floating island to its former glory, which led to him meeting Doctor Zachary, the first of the ancient Echidna Race to return. Zachary however turned out to be evil and destroyed the Master Emerald and in order to make a new one Knuckles was forced to learn more about his ancestors from the Herd. Knuckles had agreed the house the Emerald Hill Folk after the destruction of the Death Egg and was joined by Porker Lewis who helped him work on the ancient systems that power the Island. Knuckles retrieved an ancient chest of documents which he could use to restore the Island from Captain Plunder but upon his return to the Island Doctor Zachary and Robotnik kidnapped the Emerald Hill Folk. Soon after the Emerald Hill Folk left leaving only Porker Lewis behind to help Knuckles, and several newly discovered Guardian Robots which Doctor Zachary had uncovered. Knuckles remained on the Floating Island for a while until Porker left the Island, but his peace was interrupted by the arrival of Chaos. With the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds’ gone Knuckles wanted to remain behind with his Island to die but he was knocked out by Amy Rose with a crowbar and rescued, he stayed with Sonic’s gang after that. Sonic discovered some more secrets about his past when he travelled back in time, apparently Knuckles was alive and well around a thousand years ago at the time of the Drakon War, although exactly how he has remained so young for so long was never explained.
  • Full Name: Knuckles the Echidna
  • Species: Echidna
  • Color: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Residence: The Floating Island
  • Likes: Sprinting, playing pinball, roller coaster riding
  • Abilities: Super Strength, digging, gliding
  • Weakness: Naive, rash, predictable
  • Associations
  • Assistant: Porker Lewis
  • Friend: Sonic, Chaotix, Tails

    Knuckles - Debut: Friend or Foe (Sonic SU Character)
    Sonic Underground’s one claim to fame, before Sonic X, was that it was the only cartoon with Knuckles in. Well, for four or so episodes anyway, but he made a lasting impression. Like every other Knuckles this one was initially duped by Sleet and Dingo (not Robotnik????? Well it was his idea) into believing that Sonic Underground were on their way to steal his Chaos Emerald. Later Knuckles returned when Robotnik had found another Chaos Emerald to power his flying fortress and despite warnings from his grandfather that this was a bad move Knuckles abandoned his home to help his friends. Unfortunately Knuckles’ expertise wasn’t quite up to the job and he reluctantly sold Sonic out to Robotnik in order to save Mobius. Naturally Robotnik double crossed him and the situation was resolved. In the end Knuckles returned to the Floating Island, with a bit of a crush on Sonia.
  • Species: Echidna
  • Color: Red
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: 16
  • Residence: The Floating Island
  • Likes: Sonia, Chomps
  • Occupation: Guardian of the Floating Island
  • Abilities: Digging
  • Weakness: Making Deals
  • Associations
  • Friends: Sonic, Sonia, Knuckles, Chomps, Great Grandfather Athiar, Queen Aleena
  • Enemies: Robotnik, Sleet, Dingo
  • Appearances
  • Friend or Foe
  • Flying Fortress
  • No Hedgehog Is An Island
  • New Echidna In Town