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Dr Ivana Robotina (alternate universe) - Debut: Super Sonic Special #8 (Sonic Archie Character)
"Sheesh! If its not Robotnik trying to roboticize you, its a FEMALE version trying to MONSTERIZE you!"

Dr. Ivana Robotina is the ruthless female version of Robotnik that resides in the Luna Zone. She is like Robotnik in almost every way....except for one. She doesn't roboticize her victims - she monsterizes them, turning them into monsters!

When she came to Mobius Prime, her first target for monsterization is Sonic. Though she failed to do so, no thanks to Sally Moon who came from her dimension, she still kept fighting to stay in Mobius Prime - until she was brought down by Tuxedo Knux's rose.

This entry describes the version of Robotnik from The Luna Zone Mobius. For other versions of Robotnik, see Dr Robotnik (disambiguation).

  • Species: Overlander
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Robotic red
  • Age: N/A
  • Year Of Birth: N/A
  • Residence: The Luna Zone Mobius
  • Likes: Turning people into monsters
  • Dislikes: Sally Moon
  • Abilities: Flying, monsterization
  • Weakness: Roses
  • Weapons & Items: Special rocket boots and a monsterization laser

    Dr Quack - Debut: Sonic #43 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Dr. Quack is the royal physician and one of the best medical experts in Knothole. When King Max was turning into crystal, he devised a Dream Watcher that allowed Sonic to enter King Max' mind to stop King Max from turning into crystal any further. However, that device gave off energy that allowed Dr. Robotnik to find Knothole and, with his wife & kids captured, Dr. Quack became Dr. Robotnik's pawn during Dr. Robotnik's ultimate scheme. However, he was forgiven for his role due to the circumstances and has continued to be the main person the Freedom Fighters turn to whenever someone needs medical attention.
  • Full Name: Dr Horatio Quentin Quack
  • Species: Duck
  • Color: Yellow
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Knothole Village
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: Medic
  • Weakness: Not a fighter
  • Weapons & Items: N/A
  • Associations
  • Wife: Elizabeth Quack (they have 3 children)

    Dr Robotnik (disambiguation) - Debut: (Sonic Archie Group)
    Two major characters have gone by the name of Dr. Robotnik.

    Robotnik Prime, also known as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, was the main nemesis of Sonc and the Freedom Fighters up to and including Sonic #50.

    Robotnik MkII, also known as Eggman and formerly RoboRobotnik, has been the main nemesis of Sonc and the Freedom Fighters since Sonic #75.

    Other notable alternate versions of Robotnik include Dr. Ivanna Robotina from the Luna Zone Mobius, Dr. Kintobor from the Anti-Mobius, Dr. Kintobor from the Mobius seen in Zone Wars: Giant Robotno, and the Dr. Robotnik from The universe based on Sonic Underground.


    Dr. Eggman - Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit version) (Sonic Sega character)
    Am I crazy, or am I a genius? I've got all the technology in my hands. It's time for me to take over the world!

    In all of the Sonic universe, there probably isn't a character as complex as Dr. Eggman (known to some as Dr. Ivo Robotnik). Don't let his foolish appearance convince you he has a simple personality. His one goal in life is, for reasons know only to him, to gain ultimate power to take over the world. The only thing standing in the path of his dreams of world conquest is Sonic the Hedgehog, who he sees as his fierce archenemy. It is unknown when Sonic and Eggman first met, but whatever the case it seems no matter what he tries, Sonic and his pesky friends always find a way to ruin his plans.

    In order to gain ultimate power, Dr. Eggman must collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds, which hold unlimited mystic powers, beyond our comprehension. Once he has these, the world will be his for the plucking.

    In order to keep anything from standing in his way, Eggman has created his own trademark robots known as Badniks. These robots absorb their juice from the cute, fuzzy little animals seen hopping around various locations. But no matter how strong his robots are, or how well his tactics are devised, he can never seem to bag just one victory, and always falls at the mercy of his arch rival and his friends!

    But there is one thing that can be said for certain, and that is no matter how many losses this man faces, no matter how humiliating the defeat, Eggman NEVER gives up! No matter how fierce an opponant he sees the hedgehog to be, he never lets himself believe that he will lose!

  • Japanese Name: ドクタァ・エッグマン
  • Romanized Name: Dokutaa Egguman
  • Real Name: Dr. Robotnik
  • Species: Human
  • Eyes: Unknown (Wears Glasses)
  • Age: ???
  • Birthdate: June 23
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 128 kg
  • Likes: Robots, Himself, Eggs
  • Dislikes: Sonic
  • Abilities: PPP Combo, IQ of 300, he NEVER gives up!
  • Weakness: He acts like a child, regardless of his IQ.
  • Weapons & Items: Egg Mobile (completely customizable), Jet Engine, Large Cannon, Laser Blaster, Protection Armor, Mystic Melody
  • Associations
  • Enemies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Ray the Squirrel, Mighty the Armadillo, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile, Heavy, Bomb, Bark the Polerbear, Bean the Dynamite, Fang the Sniper
  • Creations: All Badniks, Silver Sonic, Metal Sonic, Heavy, Bomb, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, Eggrobo, E-100 Series
  • Grandfather: Pr. Gerald Robotnik
  • Cousin: Maria Robotnik
  • Appearances
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit version)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit version)
  • Waku Waku Sega Sonic Patrol Car
  • Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit version)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit version)
  • Sega Sonic Arcade
  • Sonic the Hedgehog CD
  • Sonic & Tails
  • Sonic Spinball
  • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Sonic Drift
  • Sonic's Gameworld
  • Sonic & Knuckles
  • Sonic & Tails 2
  • Chaotix
  • Sonic Drift 2
  • Sonic Labyrinth
  • Sonic the Fighters
  • Sonic 3-D: Flickie's Island
  • G-Sonic
  • Sonic's Schoolhouse
  • Sonic R
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Sonic Pocket Adventure
  • Sonic Shuffle
  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
  • Sonic Advance
  • Sonic Advance 2
  • Sonic Battle
  • Sonic Advance 3
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Sonic Riders

    Dr. Robotnik - Debut: The Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad (Sonic AoStH Character)
    Sitting in his fortress or watching things from his precious Egg-O-Matic Robotnik has a deep hatred for Sonic. More willing to let his robots do the dirty work, unless he decides he needs to, Robotnik always has a plan, which he feels is full proof, and will capture "the hedgehog". Knowing how to get a hold of Sonic, many of Robotniks plans either involves capturing Tails or attacking a town. Rarely will he actually come up with a plan that does capture Sonic, only to have it ruined by his robots, which he is constantly blaming for everything. Lying and cheating are Robotnik's strongest qualities and he doesn't think twice about double crossing people he makes allies with. Constantly ending a plan with "I hate that hedgehog!" Robotnik always has something greater and better next time.
  • Full Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
  • Nick Names: 'Butnik
  • Species: Human
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: N/A
  • Residence: Mobius
  • Likes: Taking over the World
  • Dislikes: Sonic
  • Abilities: Machines
  • Weakness: Easily Defeated

    Dr. Robotnik's Lair - Debut: The Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad (Sonic AoStH Place)
    Sitting on the top of a mountain, and sporting an oversized statue of Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's lair is his central base for his plots to take over Mobius and destroy Sonic himself. Damaged and destroyed on many occasions, the base has little defenses except for that of Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts. Although it holds a massive prison block, the base is more of a home to Robotnik than an actual military base. When not having the SSSSS and Coconuts on a mission, they are usually the ones cleaning the base. The lair is also Sonic's usual first and last stop in preventing Robotnik's plans of taking over Mobius.

    Drago The Wolf - Debut: Sonic #46 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Once a member of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters, Drago was the wild card of group - usually the first to disobey orders and go off on his own tangent. Quick to act on his lust for the easy life, Drago allied himself with Robotnik Prime. Through abuse, Drago convinced his girlfriend Hershey to go into Robotropolis wearing a Sonic suit claiming that he had "valuable information" on how to stop the Eggman's nephew, Snively, once and for all. Unbeknownst to Hershey, the suit was fitted with an optical device that caused her to believe that anyone she saw was Snively. Becuase of this, Hershey nearly killed Sally, believing all the while that she was killing Snivelly.

    When Hershey realized that she was the cause of Sally's near-death experience, the relationship was obviously over. Drago attempted a hasty escape but was soon captured and sent to the Devil's Gulag with several other prisoners. After the mass jailbreak from the Devil's Gulag, Drago teamed up with Sleuth Doggy Dogg and the Fearsom Foursome and hid out for a while, until he allied himself with Robotnik Mk II. This caused him to be roboticized and shortly thereafter he was caught in an exploding building.

    Drago's current whereabouts are unknown. Apparently, he and his allies managed to escape destruction and were later derobotized by the Bem. Robotnik Mk II found robots that looked very much like the Robian versions of Drago and company, but they may only have been duplicated. Nevertheless, the duplicates had recordings of Drago and company allying themselves with the entity known as Anonymous, so where he is now is anybody's guess.

  • Species: Wolf
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Currently none
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: Strong
  • Weakness: N/A
  • Weapons & Items: Gun occasionally
  • Associations
  • Ex-Girlfriend: Hershey
  • Current Partners: Sleuth Doggy Dogg, Fearsome Foursome

    Drood Henge - Debut: Drood Henge (Sonic SatAM Place)
    The place where the Deep Power Stones were located.

    Duke Velcronia - Debut: Underground Masquerade (Sonic SU Character)

  • Species:
  • Eyes:
  • Age:
  • Residence:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Abilities:
  • Weakness:
  • Weapons & Items:

    Dulcy - Debut: Game Guy (Sonic SatAM Character)
    Hello, ma

    Dulcy is one of the few dragons left on Mobius as a result of Robotnik's rule. She's a special dragon called a "protector" and as a result has more powers than the average dragon. Next to Sonic, she is definitely the most powerful Freedom Fighter. She has a big problem landing and has only really done it properly when she was carrying a dragon egg. As a result of her "landings," she normally becomes dazed and starts thinking she's talking to her "ma." She has an almost child-like personality and is very loyal to her friends. She also knows more about some of the legends of Mobius than any of the other Freedom Fighters.

  • Nick Names: Dulce
  • Species: Dragon
  • Color: Teal
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Knothole
  • Likes: The color purple
  • Dislikes: Robotnik, anyone harming a dragon egg
  • Abilities: Flying, Cracking the whip, ice breath, fire breath, smoke powers, wind breath
  • Weakness: Claustrophia
  • Weapons & Items: N/A