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Fabian Vane - Debut: STC #109 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
Fabian Vane was once a famous pop star in Metropolis after Robotnik was defeated who hired Amy and Tekno as bodyguards after being attacked on stage by a “fan”. After more of his “fans” started attacking the girls found out that they were really out to get Fabian because he owed them large amounts of money for writing his songs, designing his clothes, plastic surgery, etc. Fabian was forced to pay them all back and lost his popularity once people realised he was a fake. He tried to get his fans back later by staging being kidnapped but again was exposed by Amy and Tekno. His other attempted comebacks included the haunted house gig in which he successfully demolished an entire building. Several of his remaining "fans" suggested that he go around the universe and share his "talents" with other worlds and they found the perfect vehicle in the Ring of Eternity. Fortunately for Fabian Amy, Tekno and max Gamble were returning home from their round the universe tour and stopped Fabian from doing anything so stupid. Suddenly the fans turned nasty and attacked Amy and Tekno and in an attempt to grab Max Gamble the Ring of Eternity was smashed. With their plans foiled the fans returned home and Fabian was forced to help Max Gamble repair the broken Ring before he could do the same.
  • Species: Dog
  • Color: Peach with reddish blonde hair (Wears white)
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Metropolis City
  • Likes: Himself, his music, money, his fans
  • Dislikes: Being unpopular
  • Abilities: None
  • Weakness: Easy to expose as a fraud
  • Associations
  • Allies: Amy Rose, Tekno The Canary
  • Enemies: Those he owes money to
  • Appearances
  • 109
  • 110
  • 116
  • 132

    Fang The Sniper - Debut: Sonic & Tails 2 (Sonic Sega Character)
    Every Rogue's Gallery needs its wild card and Fang fits the bill exceptionally! Not much is known about Fang the Sniper, whom holds the "honor" of being despised by everybody from Sonic and Knuckles to Doctor Eggman! Fang loves one thing, and one thing only; the incredible driving force that we call cash. He is known to double cross anyone at any time, and would stab his own family (assuming he has one) in the back for a profit! Like all the antagonists, he's got his eye on those shiny stones they call the Chaos Emeralds; but unlike the rest, he's not after the Emeralds for their awesome power (of which he has no clue), he's more interesed in the gems' apprasal value.

    Also known as Nack the Weasel, Fang is a freelancing bounty and treasure hunter who will work for whichever side pays him more, but most often he'll just be working for himself. He knows every trick in the book, and a few that aren't. Though he may be clever, if there's anything he isn't, it's quick. He gets around using a speedy little airbike called the Marvelous Queen, but he can also leap to lofty heights using his long tail as a spring. He has a spiffy little popgun too!

  • Japanese Name: ファング ザ スナイパー
  • Romanized Name: Fangu za Sunaipaa
  • Nick Names: Nack the Weasel
  • Species: Weasel
  • Color: Purple
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: ???
  • Birthdate: November 11
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
  • Likes: Anything worth money (especially pretty jewels)
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: Tail Hop, Popgun Attack
  • Weakness: Lack of Speed and Power
  • Weapons & Items: Popgun, Marvelous Queen (air-bike)
  • Associations
  • Enemies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Dr. Eggman, Amy Rose, Espio the Chameleon, Bark the Polarbear, Bean the Dynamite
  • Appearances
  • Sonic & Tails 2
  • Sonic Drift 2
  • Sonic the Fighters

    Fauna - Debut: STC #94 (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    These trees have the ability to speak, thus making them the representation for all plant life on Mobius. Although there is a group of them it is usually the Mystical Elder Tree who is relied upon to make decisions for the rest. At least up until the Elder tree was accidentally destroyed by a missile during a protest. After this the remaining Fauna wanted to erase all flesh based creatures from Mobius but Knuckles explained to them why this would be wrong and suggested they act in the same way that the Elder tree would have. They used this advice to remove the threat to their forest and continue living in peace.
  • Species: Trees
  • Color: Brown
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Ancient
  • Residence: Metropolis City
  • Likes: The Mobius eco system being kept clean
  • Dislikes: Pollution
  • Abilities: Speech, can make their forest grow in minutes, could erase flesh creatures from Mobius
  • Weakness: Can’t move, easily angered, usually don’t resort to violence even when it’s necessary
  • Associations
  • Allies: Knuckles The Echidna, Ebony, Pyjamas, Metropolis citizens
  • Enemies: Pollution, Doctor Robotnik, Omen
  • Appearances
  • 94
  • 95
  • 96

    Fearsome Foursome - Debut: Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness (Sonic Archie Group)
    Serving underneath the auspices of Mammoth Mogul as his personal enforcers, the Fearsome Foursome first came upon the scene when Mogul reintroduced himself to the Chaotix as one of the Ancient Rulers of Mobius. Each one given thier own special powers, The Foursome are more than willing to carry out thier orders whenever necessary and are always ready to dish out whatever is commanded of them! After near-succesfully impersonating the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix respectively thanks to Mammoth Mogul's manipulation of Chaos Energy, The Foursome were finally brought down when each group figured out what was going on after all the confusion! Since then they had remained jailed up until Robotnik's break out of the Prison Cells at the Devil's Island Gulag. Wreaking havoc with Snively as current commander along with Warlord Kodos, Arachnis, Drago, and Slueth Dog - the Foursome helped out whenever necessary in the attempt to take back Mobotropolis from the Freedom Fighters, by kidnapping Nate Morgan. Afterwords, they were roboticized and apparently destroyed. They have apparently returned in flesh form since the Xorda conflict, only to be turned once agian into Robots by a mysterious, unknown entity.

    Sergeant Simian - The leader of the Fearsome Foursome, Simian most likely hails from the warlike Guerilla Camps of the Great Mobian Jungle (Sonic #45). Armed to the teeth with grenades, guns, and anything else in his arsenal, Simain posses the power of strength and is often the first to question any orders given to him.
    Predator Hawk - The second member of the group, Predator Hawk is most likely the tactical man. Skilled exceptionally in the powers of flight, Hawk is quick, agile, and very skilled at flushing out his opponents from hiding. Hawk is a sort of "wild card" of the group and is also one of the most outspoken, usually putting out his comments whether needed or not.
    Lightning Lynx - The third member of the group, Lightning Lynk is the only member of the group that could probably go toe to toe with Sonic - Lynx was blessed with the power of Super Speed! While he is certainly not as fast as Sonic, he can certainly run rings around anybody! Lynx is basically the show off of the group, seeming to be impulsive in action, but will take any order given to him.
    Flying Frog - The fourth and final member of the group, Flying Frog is the goofball, and you can tell it by his expressions, right down from the Buck teeth and long face to the slack jaws, Frog is the groups comic relief. Flying Frog does not "fly" per se but most likely uses the flaps connected to his arms and legs to soar against the wind currents sort of like what Knuckles does with his dreads.
  • Current Member names: Sgt. Simian, Predator Hawk, Lightning Lynx, and Flying Frog
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Age: varies among members
  • Base Of Operations: Various
  • Associations
  • Work With: Drago, Sleuth Doggy Dogg

    Feist - Debut: Sonic #48 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Feist was once an underling of Ixis Naugus who resided in the Zone of Silence. Sonic first encountered him when using Doctor Quack's machine to enter King Max's dream about his time in the Zone. Not much is known about Feist's origin, but it has been revealed that he actually despised Naugus.

    When Super Shadow and Turbo Tails sealed all of the universe's Chaos Emeralds in the Zone of Silence, Feist, the only living being in the Zone, used the Chaos energy to reshape both the Zone and the Emeralds themselves. The Zone of Silence became the Special Zone, and the thousands of Chaos Emeralds became seven Emeralds, each of a different color.

    Feist can apparently monitor Mobius Prime from the Special Zone. Because he has seen Sonic combating Naugus, he considers Sonic an ally, and granted him one of the new Chaos Emeralds. Feist also warned him that the next Emerald he asked for might not come so easily.

  • Species=Unknown, possibly panda
  • Color=Black and White
  • Eyes=Green
  • Age=Unknown
  • Residence=The Special Zone

    Fiona Fox - Debut: Knuckles #26 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Several years ago, Fiona was among many other Mobian prisoners at an unknown base controlled by Robotnik. She met Mighty and Ray (who were also prisoners) who attempted to help her when a robot guard said that "other plans" were in store for her. Eventually the guards put down their rebellion and while Mighty and Ray were put in separate cages, she was taken to Robotnik himself. Sonic, who was infiltrating the base at the time, freed Mighty and Ray and the three tried to rescue her. However, when things didn't go according to plan and Ray mysteriously disappeared, Mighty started destroying the place by lifting machines like they were sheets of paper. Robotnik abandoned the base during the confusion and took Fiona with him.

    Robotnik made a robot duplicate of Fiona and then left her in a cell to rot. She managed to dig her way out after awhile and she met Nic the Weasel. The two became friends and stuck together until a recent run-in with Mighty. Fiona is currently residing in Knothole City and has joined the Freedom Fighters as a member of both the "Brain Trust" subdivision and the regular combat team.

    Fiona's grudge against Sonic eventually turned to respect, admiration, and eventually romantic feelings for him. Only after Fiona and Sonic began dating did Fiona learn that Tails had a crush on her. Despite the fact that this has strained the relationship between Sonic and Tails, Fiona does not seem to care about Tails' feelings at all. Fiona and Sonic continue to date and are often seen together.

  • Species: Fox
  • Color: Dark Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Age: ???
  • Year Of Birth: ???
  • Residence: Knothole City
  • Likes: Her freedom
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Abilities: Fighting skills, Medical skills
  • Weakness: Lack of strength
  • Weapons & Items: Dagger
  • Associations
  • Friend: Nic the Weasel

    Fiona Fox (Robot) - Debut: Sonic #27 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Who is Fiona Fox? Was she a real fox once that was used as the basis for this Robot Duplicate, or is that all she is? It's unknown at this time...After the fiasco with Princess Sally and Geoffrey St. John, Doctor Robotnik deemed his newest creation - The Auto Automation's "unusable" due to their instant rusting upon contact with water - a fault in the metal and production. However, there was one chance that he could not look up. tails - frustrated over being treated as a kid by the Freedom Fighters - decided to run away and came upon an island populated by a single fox named Fiona. What he didn't know was that Robotnik knew of his "argument" with Sonic and decided to manipulate it to his best ability. Creating an island that was ACTUALLY a roboticizer, and using Fiona as bait, Robotnik planned on capturing tails and roboticising him once and for all! Tails developed a love for for Fiona, not knowing what she really was, and upon her taking him to her den, she trapped him in the roboticiser as Robotnik revealed his plan! Tails managed to shed enough hair by twirling his tails and clogging the combines. The roboticiser exploded and Tails escaped, but afterwards Fiona let loose an all out attack - and would have drowned him had the rusting of her metal not immediately taken place...Tails escaped alive and discovered plans to load of shipment of weapons to Crocbot. Determining to prove himself to the Freedom Fighters, he left to stop it, but not before saying his goodbyes to Fiona. And as Tails pulled away in The Sea Fox, a single tear fell from the eyes of the rusted robot on the beach where they fought. She still stands there to this day...
  • Species: Badnik/Auto-Automaton
  • Color: Dark red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Residence: A Robot Island In The Middle Of The Mobian Ocean
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: Usual roboticized abilities
  • Weakness: Water
  • Weapons & Items: N/A

    Floating Island - Debut: Sonic #13 (Sonic Archie Place)
    For information on the Floating Island, please see Angel Island.

    Floating Island - Debut: Blast to the Past Part 1 (Sonic SatAM Place)
    The Floating Island is a legendary island that floats high in the skies of Mobius and contains the Time Stones. Only Dulcy knew for sure that it existed (since Dulcy had bumped into it). Besides the Keeper of the Time Stones, stone statues were also obstacles for those who wanted to acquire the Time Stones.
  • Important person: Keeper of the Time Stones
  • Important items: Time Stones

    Fly Fly Freddy - Debut: Sonic #38 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Fly Fly Freddy was first seen in an abandoned shack outside Robotroplois assisting Sonic, Hamlin, Penelope, Arlo and others to rescue Tails, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine from an ambush of cloaked Combots. Not much is known about him but he was roboticized and under Sleuth Doggy Dogg's control. He was totalled by Knuckles who stopped him from shooting Sonic when Sleuth revealed that he was a traitor and caused Freddy to be roboticized.
  • Species: Fly
  • Color: Red
  • Eyes: Multiple
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Robotropolis
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Abilities: Flying
  • Weakness: None
  • Weapons & Items: None