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Time Stones - Debut: Blast to the Past Part 1 (Sonic SatAM Item)
The time stones are a legend on Mobius. They allow someone to travel in time.
  • Location: Floating Island

    Tobor - Debut: Knuckles #17 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Tobor was the first Guardian in charge of Echidnaopolis after the nuclear attack incident on the Floating Island, which left the city in its own pocket zone. It wasn't long before Moritori Rex led the Dark Legion, with its tanks and blasters, against the citizens of Echidnaopolis, armed with only farming tools. Eventually, Tobor and Moritori went one-on-one, but when Tobor seemed to gain the advantage, Moritori used a device that transported the two of them into ruins on the Floating Island which buried the duo. Some time later, Tobor heard his father calling his name, but soon realized the Hawking mistook Moritori Rex for himself. After a day, Tobor freed himself from the rubble but with a feeling of shame, wandered the Mobian mainland where a doctor gave him cybernetic eyes to replace his failing real eyes. Many years later, Tobor finally returned to the Floating Island and met Julie-Su, who he attacked at first, but allowed her to take him to met Knuckles, the current Guardian. When Knuckles went to "interrogate" Kragok, Tobor eventually sensed trouble. While the portal to the Twilight Zone was still open, Tobor made sure that it closed with him and Kragok in the zone so that there would be one less Legionnaire to contend with. That same attitude was on display when the two finally managed to escape the Twilight Zone right in front of a Dark Legion aircraft, which was firing a beam that Tobor made sure to destroy along with Kragok even though he knew it meant his own death.
  • Species: Echidna
  • Color: Brown
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Killed in a suicide stunt, which also killed Kragok
  • Likes: His family, especially his father
  • Dislikes: Moritori Rex, and all Dark Legionnaires
  • Abilities: Glide, sensing chaos energies
  • Weakness: His anger
  • Weapons & Items: n/a
  • Associations
  • Father: Hawking
  • Mother: Sonja-Ra
  • Wife: Voni-Ca
  • Son: Spectre

    Tommy Turtle - Debut: Sonic #117 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Tommy was a friend that the Freedom Fighters had believed dead until recently. Sonic found that he was in the company of several villains, who were working for Robotnik. After Robotnik betrayed the villains, Tommy apparnetly gave his life to save Sonic. However, a year later, Sonic and comany met an identical turtle claiming to be Tommy. They trusted "Tommy" until he turned out to be a robot, but they found that the actual Tommy was alive and in the clutches of Robo-Dyne Systems. Once they rescued Tommy, he became a member of the Brain Trust portion of the Freedom Fighters. He is good frinds with Rotor. Because of an encounter with Robotnik's nanites, Tommy has recently gained the ability to change his shell into things such as wings or a jetpack.
  • Species: Turtle
  • Color: Green
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Age: 17
  • Year Of Birth: 3220
  • Residence: Knothole Village
  • Likes: Organizing, Technology
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Abilities: Organizational skills, technical ability
  • Weakness: Unknown
  • Weapons & Items: None

    Tornado - Debut: Journey To Eggmanland (Sonic Anime Item)
    The plane that is used by Sonic & Tails (and later Tails & Knuckles) to travel around the planet from the island base.
  • Color: Red

    Town of McGuffen - Debut: Mystery of the Missing Hi Tops (Sonic AoStH Place)
    The town of McGuffen, a small town with a big celebration for Sonic. It's a town where people like Sonic and will honor him every year.

    Tranquil Gulch - Debut: The Magnificent Sonic (Sonic AoStH Place)
    Tranquil Gulch a small western town that comes under attack from Robotnik often only because he wants to turn it into a casino like town. It's people are very stern in not letting it happens and they trust in their sheriff.

    Treasure Caves - Debut: Subterranean Sonic (Sonic AoStH Place)
    The Treasure Caves are probably the most stocked piled caves with everything from gold to huge jewels. It's full of traps though and protected by one greedy mole.

    Trogg - Debut: STC # 16 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Listed as Shirob
  • Alias: Shirob
  • Species: Monster
  • Color: Brown/Purple
  • Abilities: Powerfull Magic
  • Associations
  • Allies: The Dark One
  • Enemies: The Enchanter Kings, Tails
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    Turtle Town - Debut: Robolympics (Sonic AoStH Place)
    Turtle Town, you guessed it full of slow going turtles that are easily enslaved by Robotnik. Though they are slow, Turtle Town does have a massive arena, which catches the eye of Dr. Robotnik himself.

    Twilight Zone - Debut: Knuckles #1 (Sonic Archie Place)
    About 400 years ago, Steppenwolf used his newfound chaos powers to exile Menniker and the Dark Legion into another zone away from Echidnaopolis and the rest of Mobius. It was called the Twilight Zone by the Legionnaires and is basically a place in limbo. Any time the Dark Legion got out of the Twilight Zone, the current Guardian and the Brotherhood would send them back (until Knuckles). Knuckles made a brief visit to the Twilight Zone while Tobor and Kragok resided in the Twilight Zone together for some time until recently getting free.
  • Inhabitants: Echidnas (mostly the Dark Legion)
  • Location: Unknown
  • Associations
  • Important Past Residents: Menniker, Moritori Rex, Luger, Kragok, Kommissar, Julie-Su, and Tobor