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Robot Generator - Debut: Sonic the Movie (Sonic Anime Item)
The robot generator has supposedly become unstable due to the increased electricity being generated and needs to be shutdown before sunrise or it'll cause a massive explosion that'll affect the entire planet. Sonic manages to shut it down, but becomes trapped in it as his bio data is scanned and eventually put in Metal Sonic, who was inside it.

Roboticizer/Deroboticizer - Debut: ??? (Sonic Archie Item)
The Roboticizer was originally developed by Sir Charles Hedgehog for medical purposes. It could transform a limb or even an entire body from a thing of flesh into a thing of metal and circuits. When Jules was injured, Sir Charles used the Roboticizer to make him a robot. It worked, but Jules became a zombie who could not talk or think. Charles blamed himself, not knowing that it was Julian (also known as Robotnik) who caused this. Shortly after, Robotnik began using Roboticized Mobians as his slaves. A Roboticized Mobian, or "Robian" normally has no free will of his or her own and is foced to work as a drone for Robotnik. Robians in close proximity to the Ultimate Annihilator were given their free will back, but this was later taken away from all but Jules and his wife, Bernie. A Power Ring can often restore free will, as can the Sword of Acorns. A Robian can only be "deroboticized" with a deroboticizer or the machine that roboticized him or her, and only then if all of his or her parts are the original parts from the roboticization process. In other words, making modifications to ones own robian body will eliminate the possibility of deroboticization. If an Overlander is Roboticized unwillingly, he or she becomes a statue.

All Robians were "derobotized" by Ceneca-9009, except Jules, for medical reasons. It is apparently impossible to to Roboticize mobians.

  • Inventor: Sir Charles (Uncle Chuck)
  • First Roboticized Mobian: Jules Hedgehog

    Robotizer/Derobotizer - Debut: Sonic #118 (Sonic Archie Item)
    The Robotizer, or Derobotizer, is similar to the Roboticizer, but it as also different in many ways. Simply put, the Robotizer can turn any being of flesh into a being of metal, or any being of metal into a being of flesh. This means that any robot in a body that was not created through Roboticization or Robotization can be Derobotized, regardless of tampering. For instance, Snively and Robotnik MkII were Derobotized while in froms that were created from scratch. The Robotizer was invented long before the Roboticizer. It was invented to turn the metallic inhabitants of Biotex into flesh. It was later used to turn Sonic and Tails into robots and back, at the same time derobotizing Robotnik MkII and Snively. Finally, it was used illegally by its creator to derobotize all Robians (except Jules).
  • Inventor: Ceneca-9009

    Robotnik - Debut: Heads or Tails (Sonic SatAM Character)
    I despise that miserable hedgehog, Cluck. Despise him with all my metallic heart.

    As Julian, he helped the King win "The Great War" and was the Minister of War. The King was going to appoint Julian to be the Minister of Science, but that was night Julian started his coup and took the name Robotnik. Capturing and roboticizing many of the citizens of Mobotropolis, he continued attempting to take over the entire planet. Devious, trusting of no one, and the most vile thing on Mobius, he enjoyed pollution and hated nature. However, his biggest weakness would be his ego, which as Snively predicted would be his downfall as Robotnik's decision to have "fun" with Sonic on a couple different occassions instead of just immediately roboticizing Sonic kept Sonic around for Sonic and Sally to defeat his Doomsday Project (his ultimate move in conquering Mobius) with the Deep Power Stones.

  • Full Name: Julian
  • Species: Human
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Red
  • Age: Unknown
  • Year Of Birth: Unknown
  • Residence: Robotropolis
  • Likes: Pollution, Robots, Everything obeying his every command
  • Dislikes: Sonic
  • Abilities: Deceit, Machinery
  • Weakness: Cockiness
  • Weapons & Items: Various

    Robotnik - Debut: Sonic the Movie (Sonic Anime Character)
    Listed as Eggman

    Robotnik - Debut: Wedding Bell Blues (Sonic SU Character)

  • Full Name: Doctor Ivo Robotnik
  • Species: Human
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age:
  • Residence: Robotropolis
  • Likes: Himself
  • Dislikes: Sonic, Manic, Sonia, Queen Aleena, Sleet, Dingo
  • Abilities:
  • Weakness:
  • Weapons & Items:

    Robotnik Intelligence Agency - Debut: The Price of Freedom (Sonic SU Group)

  • AKA: R.I.A
  • Associations
  • Members: Agent N

    Robotnik Jr. - Debut: Robotnik Jr. (Sonic AoStH Character)
    A son created by Dr. Robotnik in an effort to carry on his evil when he passed on, Robotnik Jr. soon became an enemy of Scratch and Grounder. Through Sonic's efforts of trying to make him chose for himself, Robotnik Jr. continually denies that Scratch and Grounder are after. It's only after a freak accident that he does decide to change sides, and saves Sonic's life. Much to Robotnik's displeasing, Robotnik Jr. ditches him and decides to fight evil. When he's recaptured by Robotnik to try and reprogram him, he falls in love with Breezie and the two are able to escape thanks to Sonic's help.
  • Species: Robot
  • Color: White
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: N/A
  • Residence: Mobius
  • Likes: Sonic
  • Dislikes: Robotnik
  • Abilities: Gadgets
  • Weakness: Captured Easily

    Robotnik Land - Debut: Robotnik Land (Sonic AoStH Place)
    Welcome to the amusement park of the evil Dr. Robotnik. Fitted so that its designed to take care of Sonic, the park has all kinds of dangerous rides that will literally kill if you're not careful. Not to mention a large birthday cake with many huge sticks of TNT in it.

    Robotnik MkII - Debut: Sonic #19 (Sonic Archie Character)
    Robotnik MkII, formerly Robo-Robotnik, comes from another zone where he took over all of Mobius and defeated its version of Sonic. While Sonic Prime and the Freedom Fighters of Mobius Prime thought that they had gotten rid of him a long time ago, Robo-Robotnik survived because of his ability to transfer his consciousness into another robotic body. He has come to Mobius Prime to conquer it and defeat Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, who defeated the original Robotnik Prime.

    He once used Snively as a lackey (completely aware of the fact that Snively caused the death of Robotnik Prime) and for a time he posessed the ability to roboticize anyone with a touch of his hand. He planned to roboticize the overlanders, led by Colin Kintobor, that were living in Robotropolis thinking the city is a safe haven from the "warlike and horrible" furries. It was partially foiled by Sonic and Sally, though Hope lost her family to roboticization. Later, he lost Robotropolis due to a missile attack launched by Station Square's O.T.I.S. and the Bem returned him to being a flesh and blood overlander.

    More recently, Robotnik has apparently not been in touch with Snively, who has defected to join the Freedom Fighters. Instead, he relies on the aid of his robot "daughter," Mecha, and A.D.A.M., a sentient computer virus.

    This entry describes the version of Robotnik formerly known as Robo Robotink, originating in a parallel zone. For other versions of Robotnik, see Dr Robotnik (disambiguation).

  • Full Name: Robotnik Mach 2
  • Nick Names: RoboRobotnik (no longer applies), Eggman
  • Species: Overlander
  • Eyes: Red
  • Age: 46
  • Date Of Birth: Day 253 of the Year 3189
  • Place Of Residence: Robotropolis
  • Likes: Toturing others, Roboticization
  • Dislikes: Any other species than himself
  • Abilities: Roboticize anyone with his hands
  • Weakness: Shape
  • Weapons & Items: Swatbots, Shadowbots, Combots, Roboticizer
  • Associations
  • Adopted Nephew: Snively
  • "Son": Adam
  • "Daughter: Mecha