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Professor Kintobor - Debut: STC #8 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
Professor Kintobor was a kind scientist, and a good friend of Sonic in the days before the accident which gave him his powers. In fact, it was Kintobor who gave him these powers. Sonic was already quite fast and in an experiment to see how fast he was the machine exploded imbuing Sonic with super powers. It was another scientific experiment with the ROCC which turned the goodly scientist into Doctor Robotnik, and in case nobody noticed Kintobor spelt backwards is… Unfortunately we now know with hindsight that it was Sonic who put the mouldy egg in the fridge and pulled the cables tripping Kintobor up, but he did it to defeat an even worse enemy. Kintobor returned twice, once in an alternate world where the accident had never happened and he lead an underground rebellion against the Metallix and once again when Robotnik travelled to Shanazar he temporarily turned back to Kintobor, unfortunately the effect was short lived and he became Robotnik again. After that Kintobor was never seen again…
  • Species: Human
  • Eyes: Blue Glasses
  • Abilities: Scientific Genius
  • Weakness: Careless
  • Associations
  • Friends: Sonic
  • Creations: Kogg

    Professor Neinstein - Debut: STC # 39 (Sonic Fleetway )
    This was a famous Mobian Physicist, invented a machine capable of absorbing and transmitting device which Robotnik managed to get his hands on and used on Sonic.
  • Died: Recently
  • Associations
  • Known by: Porker

    Pyjamas - Debut: STC #94 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Pyjamas is best friends with Ebony and helps her run The Groovy Train, even though most of the time she talks of her psychic visions which many doubt are actually true. She attended the protest to save the Fauna along with Ebony and (vaguely) foresaw Knuckles’s arrival. But since she doesn’t have any fighting abilities she couldn’t be much help to him and Ebony in the fight (Though she must have done some damage in the past if Robotnik wanted her arrested). A while after the Fauna incident Pyjamas predicted that a great evil was going to arrive at the coffee bar but was doubted by Ebony. This turned out to be one of her few accurate predictions as Super Sonic came there seeking a job. As opposed to Ebony’s over trusting nature Pyjamas didn’t trust him at all and made her opinion very clear on this. She preformed a “Mind Link” with Super Sonic saw visions of his evil past, which caused her great pain and revived Super Sonic’s memories. After he refused to put the world at risk by using his powers again Pyjamas realised that he had changed and accepted him as a friend. Later it was Pyjamas’s cautious nature and psychic powers that saved Super Sonic from his evil side after he used his powers to save a train full of people. During their outings she often had to remind Ebony about using his name too often while they were in public (So it does prove helpful to have someone paranoid about when dealing with former demons). Since Pyjamas did not appear in the final story it would be a safe bet that she stayed to watch The Groovy Train while the other two searched for the Chaos Energy.
  • Species: Dog (Most possibly a Sheepdog)
  • Color: Light brown with white hair (Wears pink and yellow)
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: “The Groovy Train” Coffee Bar, Metropolis City
  • Likes: Protests, Mind reading, Fortune telling(?)
  • Dislikes: “Demons”, people doubting her visions (Though she’s aware they’re not often right)
  • Abilities: Psychic visions, Mind Link
  • Weakness: Visions are rarely accurate, doesn’t take much notice of the danger around her while she’s having a vision, not very trusting
  • Associations
  • Friends: Ebony, Super Sonic
  • Allies: Knuckles The Echidna
  • Enemies: Doctor Robotnik, Omen, Biohazard
  • Appearances
  • 94
  • 95
  • 96
  • 116
  • 117
  • 118
  • 146
  • 147
  • 148

    Receptionik - Debut: STC # (Sonic Fleetway )
    Robotnik’s robot secretary, passes on all important information to his master and makes no complaint about the abuse from the temperamental Doctor.
  • Species: Robot
  • Color: Greyish Blue
  • Eyes: Blue spectacles
  • Residence: Metropolis
  • Associations
  • Master: Robotnik

    Roger Bodge - Debut: STC #103 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Sonic saved his life after a bridge he made for the Jade Hill Zone collapsed underneath him so as a thank you he invited him over his house (Which he built himself). Unfortunately a Trooper he’d tried to convert into a robot butler recognised Sonic and started to attack. The Trooper’s programming was so mixed up it self destructed and destroyed the Bodges’ house. A while later Roger created a flying toilet that Tails used to battle Windy Wallis, but this fell apart too.
  • Species: Chipmunk
  • Color: Black (Wears orange and yellow)
  • Eyes: Black
  • Age: Unknown
  • Residence: Jade Hill Zone
  • Likes: DIY
  • Dislikes: People mocking his DIY
  • Abilities: None
  • Weakness: Most of his creations aren’t safe
  • Associations
  • Family: Gladys (Wife)
  • Allies: Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Appearances
  • 103
  • 115

    Ryan Baggit - Debut: STC # (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Ryan Baggit, Collector Supreme and the arch enemy of Norris Wimple. Ryan is the King of Collectors, trivia master extraordinaire. Ryan took advantage when Sonic agreed to do an autograph signing in the Metropolis Zone. Using a specially made pad and pen they created an energy barrier around Sonic, trapping him in an energy bubble. Ryan’s fiendish plan to add Sonic the hedgehog to his collection would fulfil his dreams to be recognised by society for who he really was, and he also gained a great paper weight in return. He was challenged by Norris Wimple to a trivia quiz for Sonic’s freedom, and the two sparred with information about Sonic’s past exploits. Ryan won by recounting how Sonic defeated the Master Sentinel, but in the mean time Sonic rolled the energy bubble towards Ryan. In order to escape being caught by the electric shot Ryan released Sonic and got a Super-Spin Attack instead, but in his own words; “What an honour!”
  • Full Name: Ryan Baggit
  • Nick Names: Collector Supreme
  • Species: Toad
  • Color: Pink
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Likes: Collecting Things
  • Dislikes: Being Hurt
  • Abilities: Super Trivia Knowledge
  • Weakness: Egoistical
  • Associations
  • Enemies: Norris Wimple
  • Heroes: Sonic

    Serpentius - Debut: STC # 152 (Sonic Fleetway Item)
    Serpentius is the guardian of the Ultragem in Castle Grimm on the Planet Gremlyn. He’s one of many obstacles people hoping to steal the Ultragem must face, and when Xenor Krell stumbled across it Serpentius nearly ate him alive, however luckily for Xenor Krell Amy Rose and Tekno arrived via the Eternity Ring at the precise moment. Although Serpentius’ thick hide protected it from Amy’s crossbow it fled from them. Serpentius returned but to late, Amy Rose had already given the Ultragem to Xenor who used it to transform the Ultragem into mist…
  • 152
  • 153

    Shirob - Debut: STC # 19 (Sonic Fleetway Character)
    Shirob was once the oldest and most powerful of the Enchanter Kings, however through his studies he made contact with the evil one, driving him insane. Consumed by his power Shirob fled the Nameless Zone across the dimension bridge and transformed into Trogg so no-one would recognise him. However, when he attempted to return and invade the Nameless Zone he was humiliated in a fluke victory by Tails who tricked him into falling of the bridge. He saved himself by grabbing onto a rope and pulling himself back up to safety. Humiliated Trogg revealed himself to the other Enchanter Kings and pretended to be Trogg’s prisoner so they would send help to rescue him. That plan also failed thanks to Tails and Errol Blackthorn. His last attempt to conquer the Nameless Zone he captured the Enchanter Kings and tried to turn them to darkness like him. He was defeated by Tails, Knuckles and Morain Blackthorn (Errol’s sister). When the Dark One was destroyed though Trogg attacked Knuckles, but slowly began to transform back into Shirob and rejoined the ranks of the Enchanter Kings, later to surrender to the Goblin Empire.
  • Alias: Trogg
  • Species: Magical Fox
  • Color: Orange
  • Age: Old
  • Residence: The Nameless Zone
  • Abilities: Powerfull Magic
  • Associations
  • Friends: The Enchanter Kings
  • Appearances
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 59
  • 60
  • 61
  • 62
  • 63
  • 64
  • 143
  • 144

    Sid and Tone - Debut: (Sonic Fleetway Group)
    "This is YOUR fault!"

    Sid and Tone were locals of the Rocky Valley Zone who stumbled across a cave, complete with it’s own buried treasure hidden at the bottom of the cave. Dreaming of fortune they decided to be weary and sell the gold piece by piece, dressing up as Aliens to scare away any tourists in the area whilst they sold the gold piece by piece to stop anyone getting suspicious. Everything was going fine until Amy and Tekno turned up, and after seeing the aliens dug through to the cave behind them and found out that the UFO was made from Paper Mache! Sid and Tone removed their disguise and revealed their plan, after which Amy laughed them out of the cave by convincing them that it was Geeks Gold, a prop used in a local film called “Caves of Gold.” Blaming each other for the mistake they accidentally shot the roof of the cave, burying the entrance and angrily they departed. They never found out that there never was a film called Caves of Gold, and never saw Amy and Tekno digging to get back into the cave behind their backs.

  • Full Name: Sid and Tone
  • Species: Dogs
  • Color: Brown and white
  • Residence: Rocky Valley Zone
  • Likes: Treasure
  • Abilities: Skill with Paper Mache
  • Weakness: Short Tempers
  • Weapons & Items: Alien Blasters

    Skegpool - Debut: STC # 111 (Sonic Fleetway Place)
    Skegpool is new holiday resort on the beaches beside the Chemical Plant Zone, created during the massive clean up operation after the fall of Robotnik. Visitors attracted to its beach can enjoy good sunshine and even venture into the sea if wearing Protecto-Cossies to shield them from the remaining traces of toxic gunk. Robotnik once decided to send Caterkillers who could burrow underneath the sand and terrorise the tourists whilst Tails was protecting the skies. The plan was flawed however as the Caterkillers needed to jump into the air to catch their victims and Tails destroyed them before using the holes they had dug t pump the toxic gunk back down the chute to Flickies’ Island.