Beat every boss (including Robot Storm) without using a Team Blast.

Metal Teams In 2P Mode
Hold Jump + the help button while selecting a team in 2P mode to play as a metal team.
Team Blast Charge Code
Press the Attack + Formation Change buttons at the same time in fly formation to charge the Team Blast gauge by about 1/3. The flying character will glitter if you do it right.

Team Blast Charge Cheat
Just keep doing Thunder Shoot while flying out of range of enemy attacks.


You can use the invincibility of the Wide Power Attacks to attack in unexpected ways. These attacks let you avoid damage from the giant robotsí hammer spins, Egg Emperor, and many other things. Invincibility varies with the team and level status but all work effectively. Rapidly tap the attack button to do combo power attacks. With the power character at level 0, Team Sonic and Team Dark have complete invincibility. After they level up, you are invulnerable until right after the wide range attack, which is just a very brief time. With Team Chaotix, you are only invulnerable when the wide range attack is being performed. Finally, with Team Rose you are invulnerable with Big at all times with all level ups but you must keep tapping the attack button continuously

Game Modifiers
Game Shark