Quick Info
Quick Info
Title: Sonic Heroes
Console: GameCube, Playstation 2, X-Box
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: SEGA
Composers: Jun Sunoe
Media: Mini-DVD (GameCube), DVD-ROM (Playstation 2, X-Box)
First release date: December 30, 2003 (Japan)
US release date: January 6, 2004
European release date: January 27, 2004
Japanese release date: December 30, 2003

General Info
Story, background info, unique features, versions, and links.
Moves, strategies, items, & enemies.
Replay, Tricks, & Codes
Challenges, codes, cheats, bugs, hidden stuff, Game Genie / Game Shark / etc., and any tricks that give you an unexpected advantage or let you do something interesting.

Screenshots, Scans, & Art
Almost every Sonic Heroes screenshot ever released on the net by Sega or a gaming news site. Also some magazine scans.

E3 and various PR pics
Tokyo Game Show
Sonic Heroes Intro and various PR pics
Special Stage and Ocean Palace
Jungle, Castle, and Airship
Team VS, Grand Metropolis, Power Plant, and Sonic Overdrive
5/12/03 E3 Gameplay Video (Gamespot, MOV)0:319.86MB5Download
A sample of some of the gameplay in Sonic Heroes. The first known SH video on the net, released 5/12/03.
5/12/03 E3 Gameplay Video (Kikizo Games, WMV)0:517.23MB4Kikizo
Basically the same as the Gamespot video, but in lower quality and with the Speed Highway music played at SEGA's Sonic Heroes E3 presentation in the background.
5/12/03 E3 Trailer (Kikizo Games, WMV)1:3513.3MB2Kikizo
The E3 Sonic Heroes trailer recorded with a camera. The audio is background noise and the visuals look, well, like they were recorded through a camera. This is the largest version of the trailer, though, at 480 pixels wide.
5/12/03 E3 Gameplay Video 2 (Kikizo Games, MPEG)1:5913.5MB2Kikizo
This is a longer gameplay video, but it was recorded through a camera at a distance. The quality is pretty bad.
5/12/03 E3 X-Box Promo (Kikizo Games, MPEG)0:05350KB1GamerFeed
A tiny, quick clip of Sonic Heroes (along with a football game) at a Microsoft press conference.
5/15/03 E3 Sonic Heroes Trailer (WMV)1:413.23MB4Download
The Sonic Heroes trailer, low quality.
5/15/03 E3 Sonic Heroes Trailer (ZDNET, MPEG)1:4010.5MB8ZDNET
The Sonic Heroes trailer, medium quality.
5/16/03 Sonic Heroes Trailer (Xbox.com, Streaming WMV)1:09???6Xbox.com
5/16/03 E3 Gameplay Video (Insert Credit, AVI)1:4816.5MB6Insert Credit
Another camera recording at E3, but this one is actually fairly decent visually and features uninterrupted gameplay.
7/8/03 Going Up (IGN, WMV)0:373.29MB3IGN
Team Sonic using a cannon and bumpers to reach the top of a huge building, low quality.
7/8/03 A Speedy Ride (IGN, WMV)0:302.72MB2IGN
Basically a low quality version of IGN's gameplay video 3.
7/19/03 High Quality Gameplay Video 1 (IGN, MOV)0:3115.4MB6Download
7/19/03 High Quality Gameplay Video 2 (IGN, MOV)0:5221.1MB7Download
7/19/03 High Quality Gameplay Video 3 (IGN, MOV)0:3615.7MB6Download
7/19/03 High Quality Gameplay Video 4 (IGN, MOV)0:5020.9MB6Download
7/19/03 High Quality Gameplay Video 5 (IGN, MOV)0:3213.8MB7Download
8/22/03 All-Teams Gameplay Video (Sega, WMV)1:362.70MB6Download
A video released by Sega, low quality.
8/22/03 All-Teams Gameplay Video (Sega, MPEG)1:3646.1MB9Download
A video released by Sega, high quality.
9/26/03 TGS Sonic Heroes Teams (Sega, WMV)1:315.45MB10Sega (Streaming) Backup (Download)
The best Sonic Heroes video yet. It features gameplay for each of the 12 characters and cutscenes for the 4 teams, medium quality. Thanks to Ice "CHAOS" Echidna for the downloadable version!
10/6/03 TGS Sonic Heroes Trailer (Kikizo, WMV)1:3012.6MB7Download
This 3D animated video looks like the game's intro and includes scenes for each team.
10/9/03 Special Stage (Sega, AVI)0:197MB5Download
Compressed by Psxphile.
10/9/03 Ocean Palace Gameplay (Team X-Box, WMV)1:195MB10Download
This video shows a ton of gameplay in the Ocean Palace Zone. Each of the 4 teams and voices for some of the characters are featured.
10/9/03 Grand Metropolis and Power Plant (Sega, MOV)1:3720.1MB10Download
11/19/03 Bullet Station Part 1 (IGN, WMV)0:433.76MB5IGN Backup
11/19/03 Bullet Station Part 2 (IGN, WMV)0:484.1MB5IGN Backup
11/19/03 Bullet Station Part 3 (IGN, WMV)0:383.25MB5IGN Backup
11/19/03 Bullet Station Part 4 (IGN, WMV)1:005.14MB5IGN Backup
11/19/03 Bullet Station Part 5 (IGN, WMV)1:226.78MB7IGN Backup
12/2/03 Team Dark (IGN, WMV)0:342.75MB8IGN Backup
Includes Team Dark's theme song.
12/3/03 Team Rose (IGN, WMV)0:423.45MB7IGN Backup
Includes Team Rose's theme song.
12/3/03 Team Chaotix (IGN, WMV)0:352.98MB8IGN Backup
Includes Team Chaotix's theme song.
12/5/03 Team Sonic (Sega, Flash)0:454.75MB5Download
Includes Team Sonic's theme song.