The ultimate archive of information on specific Sonic games. Go to the Game Index for codes, walkthroughs, cheats, tricks, storylines, and more.

A page for enhancing replay value. Try to beat the scores in the Top Scores Challenge. Head to the Challenges page for all kinds of tricks that can be done to spice up a Sonic game - make bosses tougher with the debug mode, check out odd things that are not part of the "conventional" game, and more!

This page covers the general gameplay of Sonic games - general tips, moves, and just about every item to appear in the series.

Sonic X-Treme, The Hidden Palace Zone, Sonic Crackers, Sister Sonic - they're the "missing" Sonic games. And there are a couple of "Sonic mysteries" involved as well....Join us as we take a look into the mysteries that you may not know about or wanted to know more of...Special thanks to Michael Stearns and Andre Dirk for the use of the information.