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Comic Previews - Vector 6/26/04
I was looking through my HQ files and found some old preview covers. These aren't easily available on the net anymore, so rather than delete them, I thought they might be useful as a curiosity. So the cover previews page has been added, with the covers I found along with all the previews that are currently up on the site.

Comics - True Red 6/12/04
Overdue reviews for Sonic #136 are up. Scans are up for Sonic #137 and the previews/archives have been updated to Sonic #141.

Comics - True Red 5/23/04
Scans for Sonic #136 have been added and the archive info for the issue has been updated.

Comics - True Red 5/16/04
Reviews for Sonic #135 are up.

Comics & Store - True Red 4/20/04
Comics: Sonic #135 scans and archive info updated.

Store: Links for ordering Sonic Heroes Original Soundtrack, Sonic X Vol. 9 DVD/VHS, Sonic X Original Soundtrack, Sonic OVA Vol. 1 VHS, Sonic Christmas Blast DVD, Sonic the Movie DVD (2004 edition), Sonic Beginnings TPB, Sonic Firsts TPB, and Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad VHS were added. Links for pre-ordering Sonic X Vol. 10 DVD/VHS, Sonic X Vol. 11 DVD/VHS, Sonic X Vol. 1 DVD/VHS (dub), and Sonic X Vol. 2 DVD/VHS (dub) were also added.

Comics - True Red 4/12/04
Reviews for Sonic #134 are now up. Oh, and Sonic HQ is back. ;)

Welcome To Chris HQ! - Vector 4/1/04
With the announcement of 26 new episodes of Sonic X, we're revamping the site after the star of Sonic X, Chris! ^_^ See the news page for info on the new season featuring the adventures of Chris and his sidekick Sonic.

Comics - True Red 3/24/04
Long overdue reviews for Sonic #133 are now up. Scans for Sonic #134 are also available and the archive has been updated.

The Final 3 - Ron Prower 3/19/04
That's right everyone, the last 3 current episodes are done meaning that everything is up-to-date so enjoy the 24 episode summaries and as I get the new episodes onto my system I will provide everyone with the newest summary avaible. Later!

I'm On A Roll - Ron Prower 3/18/04
The next four episodes are up and ready to be viewed. All that is left is three more until Sonic X is caught up with the 4Kids dubs. Once that is done I will try to get a summary for each new episode once I can get it onto my hard drive. Do not worry during the in between times I will be supplying with teasers for the episodes that have not been played in English yet. There are only 2 Japanese episodes left and it will not take long to write short summaries for those. So until tomorrow. Later!

New Section ~ Sonic X - Ron Prower 2/26/04
Well it's been due for a while now, but the Sonic X section is finally opening up at SHQ. Right now we are focusing on the summaries but in the future expect more from the new Sonic cartoon. You can find the section here: http://www.sonichq.org/newsite/cartoon/sonicx/

Comics - True Red 2/25/04
The results from the Archie Comics 2003 In Review survey is now up. Many thanks to everyone who voted. :)

Other updates: A new fan review by Calypso was added for Sonic #132. Sonic #133 archive info has been updated and scans are also available to be viewed.

Comics - True Red 2/16/04
Sonic #132 reviews, scans, and archive info have all been updated and the previews go up to Sonic #137, too.

Sonic Heroes - Vector 2/15/04
I've redone the Sonic Heroes page with much more detailed info.

Sonic HQ Featured On French TV - Vector 2/6/04
Thanks to Adamis for pointing this out, Solly for the original video, and Rlan for the video conversion. To save bandwidth, we only have the Sonic HQ part of Game One's online Sonic sites report on the videos page. When our bandwidth use is reduced, we'll probably add the full version that Solly made. Sonic-Online.net and Sonic-GIF.com were also featured, and the news page has a link to the topic where Adamis posted Solly's video.

Comics & Desktop - True Red 1/18/04
Comics: Reviews for Sonic #131 are now up as well as the preview cover for Sonic #136.

Desktop: Sakaki's Sonic X wallpaper was slightly altered and is now up.

Survey - True Red 1/11/04
A new survey is now up. Give your take on the best and worst stories, art, among other things, in 2003 concerning the Archie comics. It'll be open until February 15.

Store - True Red 1/10/04
A link to another US online shop was added to the list to buy Archie Sonic comics as well as a link for buying Sonic Battle. Links to pre-ordering the PS2 version of Sonic Heroes, Sonic X VHS/DVD Volumes 7 & 8, and the Sonic Heroes soundtrack were also added.

Fanfic Updated - Duo 1/2/04
...yeah, go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor. I get the picture. :p Darren "RedFox" McRoy & Duncan "MTP" Sheard's "The Power of One" has been uploaded with review. More to come later.

Comics - True Red 1/2/04
Happy New Year ^_^ Archive info for Sonic #131 has been updated. Scans for Sonic #131 are now up and the previews go up to Sonic #136.