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More Sonic X - Ron Prower 12/27/04
Episodes 29, 30, 31, and 32 have been taken care of, which completes the Sonic Adventure arc. Next up is the Sonic Adventure 2 arc and then just a couple episodes after that and it will finish up the current collection of dubbed episodes that I have. Enjoy the four episodes.

What's this? NEW Sonic X - Ron Prower 12/24/04
That's right I'm back in the game for now to get the rest of what I have up for Sonic X. Right now it is just episodes 26, 27, and 28, but it is something. It will be just a while to get the current collection up-to-date but I will be working on it next week so it should not take much longer.

Games - BuzzBomber 11/29/04
The Sonic 2 page has been updated with more information, as well as now using the new format.

Comics - True Red 11/10/04
Reviews for Sonic #141 are finally up. Scans for Sonic #142 are up and the archive goes up to Sonic #146.

Thanks (Concerning STC) - True Red 10/30/04
I'm going to have to stop accepting offers to help out with the STC section before I get overwhelmed. If you haven't received an initial reply yet, you should by no later than Monday (late night, factor in the 5 hour time difference for me from the UK). Many thanks to all who have responded. :)

Comics - True Red 10/27/04
Another review for Sonic #138 (by Miles "Per" Hour) has been added to the fan review archives.

Comics & Help Wanted - True Red 10/23/04
Comics: In the scans section, the entire Sega promo comic is now online again thanks to Conekiller.

Help Wanted: If you know about Fleetway, STC and/or its specials, and would like to either join or contribute, please contact me. Contact info is on the staff page. I'm really looking for people who can provide cover scans, release dates, story info, and profiles. Having every issue isn't required as I'll be accepting as many as I need to get the job done in terms of covering every issue.

Games & Store - True Red 10/9/04
Games: Sonic Battle is now up.

Store: The store has been updated with links to ordering/pre-ordering the following...
Games: Sonic Advance 3, NeoGeo/Sonic Pocket Adventure bundle, Sonic Mega Collection Plus (PS2), Sonic Heroes Vocal Soundtrack, and Sonic Heroes Original Soundtrack
Archie Comics: Comic Books Etc added to the online store list
Cartoons: GBA Video Sonic X Vol. 1, GBA Video Sonic X Vol. 2, Sonic X Vol. 3 DVD & VHS (US), Sonic X Vol. 4 DVD & VHS (US), Sonic X Vol. 12 DVD & VHS (JPN), and Sonic X Vol. 13 DVD & VHS (JPN)

Comics - True Red 10/8/04
Reviews for Sonic #140 are up, scans for Sonic #141 are up, and the Archive has been updated to Sonic #145.

Gallery - True Red 9/7/04
The gallery has been mostly updated to the present look for the site. Images of the McDonald's toys from last year (in the U.S.) were added as well as the Tiger Sonic 2 handheld game in the merchandise area.

Desktop - True Red 9/6/04
The Desktop page has been slightly overhauled and new wallpaper is up for downloading as well.

Comics - True Red 9/3/04
Scans for Sonic #140 are up and the archive info for the issue has been updated.

Editorials - True Red 9/1/04
Two new editorials are up: one by Nytloc on Sonic X and video game continuities and another by SonikuUK on the Sonic movie rumors. They're both posted based on the date I received them, July 29th and August 22nd respectively.

The Mobius Forum On EZBoard's August Spotlight - Vector 8/31/04
Since I haven't mentioned it here yet, check out www.ezboard.com, specifically the Community Spotlight. Sonic HQ's Mobius Forum has been featured on one of the busiest sites on the entire internet!

Comics - True Red 8/28/04
Reviews for Sonic #139 are now up. As I'm sure many noticed due to the lack of emails I received, the scans for #139 were posted weeks ago. The Archie Sonic archives are up to Sonic #144 spoilers. The Preview covers section (within the cover scans area) has been slightly overhauled by me as well.

Comics - True Red 8/3/04
Reviews for Sonic #138 are now up.

Fanart - Jamie Lee 7/28/04
Artwork is now completely up to date, sorry for the long hiatus!

Updated: Alexandria Clarke, Dark Hedgehog, Emerald Guardian, Euan the Echidhog, Gizmo, Marcin Pranczke, Jamie Lee, Natashi-Chan, Turbo, Wolfio the Echidna and Xanthic Duckie.

Introducing: Alex Day, Crammers, Dr. Wolfenstien, Verona B, Darkstar0007, Sonic J, Jordan, M Sonic J, Raven M, Sonic K, Sonicstein, Supersonicv3, The DJTC and Thomas Rothlisberger.

Also, just a reminder to potential new artists (And hoaxers)--Please read the guidelines before submitting! The top reasons that people aren't given archives is they either fail to submit at least the required five pictures, they don't give me a name to list them by, or they don't send their art with the e-mail submission.

Sonic Survey - Vector 7/4/04
Holy pig aviators Batman, the Sonic Survey has been updated!

Comics - True Red 7/2/04
Reviews for Sonic #137 are up and the archive info has been updated to Sonic #142. You can also view cover and story scans for Sonic #138. Sonic #138 is not out in stores yet so don't go looking for it. I have a subscription for the moment and I got the issue early.

Editorials - Vector 6/30/04
A chaos emerald theories editorial has been added.