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Comics - True Red 12/15/03
The Comic review section has been updated to 4.0. Reviews for Sonic #130 are now up. Additional reviews added for Sonic #127 and #128 as well.

Vector - Hit Counter 12/8/03


If you get the 3,000,000th hit, please e-mail me at freddyg@sprynet.com. If possible, take a screenshot (you can copy the screen with the print screen button on the keyboard).

Sonic Heroes, Editorials, and Survey - Vector 12/5/03
The Sonic Heroes page has been updated with the most complete info yet on the moves of each team. Thanks to Super Shadic, shingking, and SuperHyperMetalSonic for some of the details. Editorials and Sonic Survey have been redesigned.

Comics - True Red 12/3/03
Archive information for Sonic #130 updated. The Scans section has also been updated to version 4.0 of the site. The section is now split into Covers, Sega Promo, Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles The Echidna, Specials & Mini-Series, STC/Fleetway, Pro Art, and Spaz galleries. Scans for Sonic #130 have been added and the Pro Art and Spaz galleries have also been updated. Cover scans for STC #51-73 were also added.

Comics & Store - True Red 11/22/03
Comics: Reviews for Sonic #129 are now up and the previews/archive go up to Sonic #135.
Store: Links to pre-orders for Sonic X Volume 6 DVD/VHS, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Heroes Strategy Guide have been added.

Games - Vector 11/7/03
The Sonic Heroes page has been updated with tons of screenshots, magazine scans, some art, and the new Grand Metropolis and Power Plant video.

Games - True Red 11/5/03
Last Story was finally added to the Sonic Adventure 2 page. The Hero & Dark sides also got some minor updates. The Sonic Adventure page got a small chao update.

Comics - True Red 11/1/03
Nice big comics update. An additional review was added for Sonic #128. Story and cover scans are up for Sonic #129 and the archive info for the issue was updated. Preview cover for Sonic #132 is up in the previews/archives. Also, the Pro Art and Spaz galleries have been updated.

Comics & Desktop - True Red 10/27/03
Reviews for Sonic #128 are up and the previews go up to #133. Sonic Heroes wallpaper, courtesy of ChaosMaster DX, is now available. Take your pick of individual or team wallpaper.

Awards - Vector 10/10/03
Updated the awards page with awards from Gamerguy and Shinchan.

Games & Store - True Red 10/10/03
The Sonic Adventure page is finally up. Info on each character's games and stories is available as well as some basic chao info. Links to pre-ordering the Japanese Sonic X Volume 5 VHS/DVD and getting the CD to the second Japanese Sonic X ending theme have been added to the Sonic X section of the store. Diamond Comics' comic shop locator service has also been added to the Archie comics section of the store.

Sonic HQ - Vector 10/5/03
I added the Theme Selector (upper right corner for those with IE5+, Mozilla, or Netscape 7+). More themes will be added. Getting this to work right was a TON of work. ^^; If you see any bugs, please tell us on the forums in the Emerald Visitor Center.

Comics - True Red 10/4/03
Long overdue update. Reviews for Sonic #127 are up and an additional review for Sonic #125 has been added. A minor update has been made on review submissions, so if you're interested in writing reviews, check it out. Scans are up for Sonic #127 and #128. Archive info for Sonic #127 and #128 has been updated and the previews now go up to Sonic #132.

Sonic HQ - Vector 9/30/03
We're happy to announce the grand opening of our new site design, Sonic HQ 4.0!

Game Info - Vector 9/30/03
I just opened the new Sonic Heroes page! ^_^

Comics Info, Fan Games - Vector 9/30/03
Added Comics Info and Fan Games.

Editorials - Vector 9/29/03
Added Sonic Canon Part 2 by Crazy Penguin. I actually got it last month, but didn't add it until now. Sorry!

Cartoon Info, Fan Fics - Vector 9/29/03
Added Cartoon Info amd Fan Fics.

General Info, Fan Graphics - Vector 9/25/03
Added the Sonic Encyclopedia, Legends of a Blue Blur, Sonic Internet History, Fan Art, and Hoaxes.

Music, Directory, and Forum - Vector 9/23/03
Added the Music page, the Directory, and the Forum rules, guide, etc.