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Katrice Georges
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I'm mostly in charge of the Comics section, though my main area is the Archie Comics. I also contribute to some other informational parts of the site, such as the Encyclopedia, News, Q&A, and a few Games. I have another website in the Sonic community, Knuckles Haven, that I maintain. I respond to most, but not all emails. If I happen to be busy, you might not get reply.

Many thanks to D*H, the artist behind my profile image. ;)

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Co-Web, PHP Technician



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Archie Profiler

Cake or death! ¡Torta o muerte! Kuchen oder Tod! Gâteau ou mort! Torta o morte!

Because it's a choice that knows no language boundaries (at least on BabelFish)!

Patrick Hogan
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News Editor

Tookie Gawa. Just your average Srol here. I help out here at SHQ with the News section. I'm an editor, I contribute news stories of my own, and I've even done an interview. Aren't I special? In real life, I'm a college student and journalism hopeful. Anyway, that's all I got, hasta lasagna!

Dreamer of Nights

Archie Researcher


Jamie Swiftrunner

Fan Graphics


SA Tails
Jonathan M
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Q&A, Profile Writer & Stuff...

(\/)we'llo, I'm SA Tails. I help with the profiles relating to the Sonic comics, answer Q&A's and other.. stuff... o.o I'm generally friendly, and I like helpin' out with sites. I work on my own located at, and I work for other sites such as SonicVerse Team.

Sarah Rose
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Fleetway Comics


Dirk Amoeba

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AIM: Dirk Amoeba
Archie Comics

H'lo, this is Dirk Amoeba, and you may call me Dirk or Amoeba or both, if you like. I'm here yo do some work on the Archie Comic profiles. I'm glad to be of service, and even with the ridiculous number of characters, places, groups in Archie Sonic, I hope to make a significant dent.


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Fleetway Comics

Hi people, this is Swifthom, glad to help out at Sonic HQ at last. You can contact me in the Mobius Forum where I usually hang out, or at my own website listed in the links database. Unfortuantely there I don't have enough bandwidth or expertise to create a site about anything in particular, but thank to the lovely staff here I can put my knowledge of Sonic The Comic to some use. There's alot that the world's missed out on from Egmont Fleetway and hopefully discovering more about it will be an interesting experience. :)

Sam Cyber Cat

Fleetway Comics



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Game Info


Kenneth Hillis
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Fan Fics


Ron Prower- The Real Tails
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HQ Secretary, General Projects

Always around and doing something (on one website or another), Ron handles the hoards of questions that come into the Q&A e-mail and answers them on a daily basis. Ron also works around the message board answering questions in the Vistor Center. And also works at other websites giving him great connections and tons of information to look at. He's also somewhat well known for the masses of stories that he has written at his own personal website. If you've got a question, he's the first person you should see.

Kureejii Lea
Crazy C Lea
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Dr. Ivfanus FexusFan
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*jumps on scooter* ISHCABIBBLE! *disappears* Artificial Magnetic Gumdrops VS The Madness Loaf! KAZAA DOES NOT DISCO!!! BOW HEATHENS! The Naughty Shane Spray is like drinking cookies from a filter for the silly billies flash program. Stretts will SOY BOMB the weakest link with RB IMPLOSION of kittens. I have heard of those deflated pants ... I SAY, BOY!!! Pay attention, son! Your head resembles that of a cactus monkey cleaver, I must capture it for science! In my drawing jello kilo-posty brain mansion, weird BROWN SUGAR cheetos are GETTING Autobots JIGGY with newspaper GOBLINS. ITS WHATS FOR BREAKFAST!