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Contacting SHQ
Q: How long have Sonic HQ and The Mobius Forum been around?

A: Both were founded in 1997 by Zifei Wu, although Sonic HQ was known as "Zifei's Sonic Page." Zifei teamed up with talented fans from across the net to form Sonic HQ in Spring 1998.

Q: What is the HQ'S privacy policy?

A: Basically, no information about visitors is collected by Sonic HQ, other than the statistics that you can see on our counters (country, operating system, browser, etc.). Individual users cannot be identified from this information. However, our host does run advertisements on the site, which may or may not place cookies on your computer, and The Mobius Forum utilizes cookies if you log in.


Contacting SHQ
Q: How do I contact SHQ?

A: Please post in the customer service forum on our board or e-mail Real Tails, the HQ secretary.

Q: Why don't you respond?

A: If you e-mailed me (Vec), then getting a response in a month should be considered "lucky." Sorry, but if I kept up with my e-mail, I would have to quit maintaining the site. Real Tails is helping, and I'm working on replying to e-mails, so e-mails should be getting replies a bit quicker.


Q: Do you carry ROMs?

A: We'll never carry ROMs of released games unless for some reason Sega allowed such a thing. At some point, we may carry unreleased game ROMs for download, since, as far as I know, Sega doesn't have a problem with that, but we don't have them right now.

Q: Where are your character profiles?

A: They're in the General Info page.

Q: Are you going to continue Invasion Mobius or Sonic RPG?

A: No, the people who came up with them aren't involved any more.

Q: How can I create a link on my website to HQ?

A: Click here for the link submit page, which has linking info too.


Q: Can you give me a game hint?

A: Please check the Game Info page first. If the info you need isn't there, then please ask in Q&A. Just be very SPECIFIC about what you want and remember that most of us don't have some of the more obscure Game Gear games.

Q: Can I use a graphic from your site?

A: This depends on what it is. If it's a screenshot or sprite, yes, although a link and credit would be appreciated. If it's Knuckles Adventure art, then it's up to Lien and I can't answer. Don't link directly to pics stored on SHQ for use on your site or a board. There is a firewall in place.

Q: How do I join Sonic HQ?

A: Click here for info about joining SHQ.