• I want a level where you can play as Nights from Nights Into Dreams

    SHQ: I'm sure a lot of people would, including Sonic Team. :) But due to the production involved, I doubt there will be any real hidden characters or levels, other than something like SA's Super Sonic game.


  • I just wanted to say that Sonic Adventure was a great game. It kinda bothered me, though, that they didn't bring back some of my favorite Sonic characters: The Chaotix!!! These guys deserve another appearance in a game! I, for one, loved Knuckles Chaotix, and I'd like to see them appear in more games. Maybe SA2 will be the game I've been waiting for!

    Another character Sonicteam should bring back is Ray. I don't know what the deal is with Ray, but I'd like to learn more about him, considering I am a long time Sonic fan (since the game started!).

    One last thing, Sonicteam should add some kind of new villain in SA2. Dr. Robotnik is getting kinda lame, what with his roboticizing animals and stuff. Although, I will admit that Chaos was a great idea. Some kind of sorcerer type being, kinda like Ixis Naugus. oh well. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

    SHQ: Yes, I would VERY VERY VERY much like to see the Chaotix in the Sonic Adventure series. This was actually the #1 thing mentioned in the survey, but a ton of great responses got deleted.


    James 'Popcorn' Duffy
  • The return of the multiplayer modes!: First off we'd have standard racing, whereupon each player chooses a character and tries to be the first to the finish (Sonic can run fastest, Knuckles can find shortcuts, etc). Then you'd have the point-based racing, where players compete for the highest score, balancing time spent in the level with collecting rings and destroying enemies; and a mode similar to Sonic 2's mode where there were different catergories to fulfil, eg. first to the end, most rings, points etc (you know what I mean). A boss challenge mode would also be fun-- see who can get through all the game's bosses in the shortest time. Tadah!

    More levels which require momentum: I didn't think rolling played a big enough part in SA, whereas in the 16-bit games you'd often find yourself stuck in a rut and you'd have to build up enough momentum to get out. I'm sure this could be implimented well in SA2, but you'd have to get rid of the ability to dash without stopping for a moment. I believe this has already happened, if demo reports are correct, but apparently pressing X whilst running forces Sonic into a somersault along the ground that lasts only for a few second and SLOWS HIM DOWN, rather than letting him roll...

    Branching paths: In the 16-bit games, especially in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you had a lot of different routes to choose from to lead you to the end of the level. SA had virtually none. I'd love to see different routes available in the sequel.

    Special stages: SA sacrified these for the sake of the storyline, which was fine, but if SA2 really is aiming to return Sonic to his roots, then I'd love to see the return of the Special Stages. It'd be really cool if they had differing types, too-- for example, a few half-pipe ones (updated for true 3D, of course), a few globe ones, and some new stuff :)

    Bonus stages: I loved those gumball machines! I want more of them!

    More underwater levels: Y'know, I really missed the old 5-4-3-2-1-aargh countdowns. And it was really cool to be able to run on water if Sonic was going fast enough :)

    Shields: I'd like some of the old elemental shields back... obviously most of the special abilities they gave Sonic would be fairly useless now, what with his new homing dash, but it'd be cool to have a fire-retardant shield or one that gave the ability to breathe underwater, just like Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Of course, the fact that the electric and fire shields dissipated underwater was always very cool-- I was quite disappointed when I found the electric shield stayed in SA when amongst the fishes, as it were. And I still say it'd be cool if it nuked all the baddies on-screen if you stepped into the water with an electric shield-- ZAP :)

    Well, seeing as most of my hopes are from the older Sonic games, I guess I'm an anal-retentive nasty old man who just can't move with the times. But if we could combine Sonic Adventure's speed and style with Sonic 3 & Knuckles' depth and complexities, then it would be class. :)

    SHQ: At last someone else who knows that there was a lot more to the 2D games than speed. :P This is the best SA2 wishlist I've ever seen. For the special stages, I'd like to see something like the Chaotix stages, which are already 3D, or the rotating maze of Sonic 1, which would be quite insane in 3D. :) Unfortunately, despite reports to the opposite, unless those cheesy arrows are taken out in the full version, the demo suggests that City Escape may be even more linear than Emerald Coast. :/ I really hope they ditch the arrows. With the numerous places where Sonic falls from a path to a lower path, it would be fairly easy to design branching paths in that level, IMO.


    Kris Asick (Gemini)
  • TAILS!! If he isn't one of the playable characters in Sonic Adventure II then I'm going to be very disapointed! Also, remember Sonic 3D Blast on the Genesis? Well, I can remember that playing the game always felt slow, but in third-last level of the game I can remember there were no flickies to rescue and tons of robots to destroy. That level felt most like a Sonic game, and I can remember the music was really cool. They remixed a couple of Sonic 3D Blast songs in the first adventure, and if they remix any more I hope the one I just mentioned is one of them. One last thing. There should be a two-player competition mode, just like in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. Or four players if you can chug out enough polygons per second! (And for multiplayer games you could bring framerates up by removing tough-to-see textures, like those used on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. I was actually going to E-Mail Sonic Team directly about a couple of these, but I figured I'd only be ranting and would probably be ignored :P

    SHQ: Tails is in, and Panic Puppet, 1 of the stages anyway, was remixed in Sonic Adventure. The 4-player mode would be cool, but I doubt they'd do it, because anything that sacrifices graphics for gameplay will be seen as cheap by some people. :P Sega probably wouldn't want them showing any graphical limitations like that.


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  • sonic tails and knucles teaming up

  • A lot of levels,SPEEEEEED!,a new villan,a new charicter! i think thats it.

  • What I would like to see in Sonic Adventure 2. I would have to say a battle or a race between Sonic and his evil twin.

  • I would probably like to see a Angel Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. i think that would look sweet

  • i wood luv 2 c sonic & knux to teamup

  • Sonic should throw more punches and kicks when he fights

  • On Sonic Adventure 2 my wishes are to be:
    Charactors:Sonic(you know him)
    Tails(more of a roll this time)
    Knucles(biger and bader!)
    Amy(in a japanes school girl outfit!,see tails)
    Big(how about a VERY larger roll!)
    E-102(golden eye tipe missons,more wepons)
    Nales(sexy female bat,see E-102
    Boomer(The only Archi Caractore that Sonic Team can work with!)
    Bengi(the kangero in the S@K Archi speacal)
    Dr.Robotnic(it not a sonic game with out robotnic!)
    Mecha Sonic(with a voce!)
    ZERO(grate bad guy,see Mecha Sonic)
    New E-Seres Robots(that whould be cool!)
    More Eggman Pods(go back to the clasices)
    New Moves(do I have to explane evorything?)
    Nack(where the hell did he go?)
    Biger leavels(the only big level in SA was Lost World Zone)
    Them songs from amaracan bands( Just like JGR!)
    Online paly( A grate way of desplaying SegaNet`s powers!)
    Poke`mon like chao battels!( stab nintendo in the back! LOL!)
    Sonic falling in love
    More Badnics!!!(NOW!!!)

  • i reckon that not including Tails in Sonic Adventure 2 is a big mistake because, although the game is supposed to be on a good vs evil, yin yang, basis,and tails is more of a cute looking character, U CANNOT HAVE A SONIC GAME WITHOUT HIM!!!!! I think that if Tails was included with his own platform levels instead of just racing and also the game also had a split screen two player mode as featured in Sonic 2 on the megadrive, Sega would make an absolute killing. Now i know that faithful sonic fans like myself will flood into shops on the release date and buy it anyway but deep down we'll always know that it could have been better if it had tails in it and a split screen 2 player mode. Just incase u're thinking i'm a Tails fanatic, i'm not, Sonic has always been and always will be my favourite character but the two tailed fox has to be included to avoid disappointment from sonic fans.

  • I for one would love, once and for all, for Amy to win Sonic's heart. It's gonna happen sooner or later, and when it does, Archie will finally have to dispose of princess sally. In addition i would love to see Tails return! It just isn't a Sonic game without little Tails! (He doesn't have to be little either-a teenage or twentysomething Tails would be great too)


  • I would like to see more info on this black hedgehog that looks like Sonic

  • I would like to see Sally actually meet Sonic once again in Sonic Adventure 2

  • A nice thing that Sonic Adventure 2 or sega should do is make SA2 on the PC! Or at least SA1 on the PC, (I can only afford a PC :(

  • I would like to see the second stage of Knuckles and Tails. Especially Knuckles

  • Here's what I'd like to see in SA2:

    Knothole Kingdom, Robotropolis,the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and a lot of fights with Metal Sonic (he rules), also the Shadow Bots, as they certainly make a better challenge than those crummy Badniks any day!

  • How about a carnival zone, a new metal sonic and a new robotropolis zone that would be cool.

  • the ancient walkers

  • i'd like to see metal sonic or metal knuckles in sa2 and some secret characters like super sonic, hyper knux, and super tails

  • The oly thing i wish to is that where you can control your chao and playwith him on the internet!!!

  • well... hummmmm... how about.... oh i don't know...maybe TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and TAILS!!!!!!!!! and... what's his name again oh yea u guessed it's TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!