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A Cheetah's Rival by Blue9Tiger 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 1 KB
Yet ANOTHER abstract poem by Blue9Tiger! Stop! Oh, the humanity!!!!!

Categories:sonic, segasonic, satam, archie0-50, archie50-75, archie75+, poetry, Characters:sonic


A Gal Like Me by KiraLe 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 0 KB
A mushy poem written from the perspectives of Bunnie and Antoine. If you like romance, read it.

Categories:sonic, archie0-50, archie50-75, archie75+, poetry, Characters:bunnie, antoine


After Death by Alison Fleury 4/21/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 48 KB
The sequel to "The Terrible Loss", which is also on this page. Actually, I find this part much better than its prequel, not that "The Terrible Loss" wasn't a good story in its own right. On another note, Neophyte seriously needs to get some therapy. That is all. Rated PG-13 for adult language and violence.

Categories:sonic, satam, drama, Characters:


Amy's Quest by Chuckie Chipmunk 1/20/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 44 KB
A scientist has been possessed by the Chaos Emeralds, and now she's abducted Sonic mistaking him for her true love! Now it's up to Amy Rose to rescue him, at all costs. A good concept, but horrid execution. Most of the story involves Amy making stupid puns and destroying robots, turning them into flowers. This story takes place in the SEGA Sonic universe. Rated PG-13 for adult language.

Categories:sonic, segasonic, Characters:sonic, amy, fanchars


Amy's Story by Mufasa 1/20/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG | 16 KB
Amy joins Sonic and Tails on a quest for the Perfect Leaves in this SegaSonic story. Finally, a story developing Amy! She has a lot of potential, but writers rarely use her, dismissing her as a one-dimensioned stereotype. I find the Chaotix's intolerance rather unrealistic though, and the wording is a little awkward.

Categories:sonic, segasonic, Characters:sonic, tails, knuckles, espio, mighty, eggman, amy


Antoine D'Coolette: Private Eye by Holli The Genet 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 36 KB
It's Antoine on the case in this story that takes place in a gritty, film noir type universe. When a Ms. Rabbot hires D'Coolette to find a certain missing walrus, it's an adventure to not forget for this coyote. The character chemistry is great. The style is totally film noir. Yeah. You want to read it. Do it. Now.

Categories:sonic, archie0-50, archie50-75, archie75+, alternative, Characters:eggman, bunnie, rotor, antoine, fanchars


Attack of the Robots by Chaos 5/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 23 KB
Amy, the newest addition to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, is spending most of her spare time training for a fighting tournament to beheld on the Floating Island. However, 'Buttnik has created some robotic competition of his own... A pretty good story except that the fight scene seems more like one of those choreographed movie fights than a real one, partially due to the fact that the Freedom Fighters kept making witty snide comments after every blow without tiring or losing breath. Read "Wizards" first to get an introduction on who the other fan-created character, Chaos, is. "Wizards" can be found at the bottom of this page.

Categories:sonic, archie0-50, action-adventure, Characters:


Back Upon Itself by Dan Drazen 4/21/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 18 KB
It's Dan Drazen. What can I say? It rocks like Drazen. We view Sally's birth from Dr. Quack's point of view as a flashback.

Categories:sonic, archie0-50, archie50-75, self-insert, drama, Characters:sally, ffs


Beginning From An End by Jerry P 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG | 2 KB
What can I say? A pretty darn good poem to start off the section.

Categories:sonic, satam, archie0-50, archie75+, poetry, Characters:


Bloodlines by Dan Drazen 1/5/04 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 100 KB
Ever wondered about what happened to Queen Acorn? Well, in this story you'll find out. This is one of Dan's more powerful stories. This story is rated PG-13.

Categories:sonic, satam, Characters:sonic, sally, bunnie, fanchars


Capture the Flag by Dan Drazen 4/21/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 81 KB
As you know, Sonic and the others were only five when Robotnik took over...so how did they learn to become Freedom Fighters?

Categories:sonic, satam, drama, Characters:


Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind by CapnAhab 5/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 16 KB
The daily life of the Freedom Fighters is disrupted when a comet crashes close to Knothole. However, it's not just an ordinary comet... Chapters One and Two of "Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind." Pretty good, but not excellent. Reminds me of Wells' "War of the Worlds" and Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles," though the author claims influence from "Sphere." Well, it's the same genre. You decide.

Categories:sonic, archie0-50, drama, Characters:


Cries For The Dead by Stormtrooper 87 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 0 KB
A sort of corny rhyming poem by yours truly (I can bash my poem because it's mine, so ha!), originally titled "Mobius To Arms!". Well, this page was in need of poems, and I've seen cornier ones from the contest...

Categories:sonic, satam, archie0-50, archie75+, poetry, Characters:


Daylight Savings (Parts: 1 2 3 4) by NetRaptor 11/24/01 | Rating: 9.5 | Content: G | 350 KB
When it is discovered that Mobius is locked in its own time space continuum thanks to 'Buttnik, it's up to the Freedom Fighters, including newcomers Slasher and Serena the Hedgehog to save the planet! Very smooth. Awesome! Parts 5-15 have yet to be written.

Categories:sonic, segasonic, satam, combo, Characters:sonic, tails, knuckles, sally, fanchars


Dear Uncle Julian by Knux Lee 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 1 KB
A mock letter by Snively to Robotnik. Very funny and a creative concept. Also, it's a rhyming poem.

Categories:sonic, satam, archie0-50, poetry, Characters:eggman, archievillains


Demon's Peak by DOOMBot 5/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 21 KB
If you like stories with demons, this one's for you. But it gets a bit bloody somewhere in the story...so watch out!

Categories:sonic, archie50-75, action-adventure, Characters:


First Honor by Dan Drazen 4/21/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 47 KB
This takes place a short time after the events in "Capture The Flag." The Knothole Kids (catchy name, huh?) are planning something for the Mobian version of Mother's Day but Sonic doesn't want any part of it. And if the others go ahead without him, there could be serious trouble.

Categories:sonic, satam, drama, Characters:


For Whom The Gavel Falls by Alison Fleury 4/21/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 83 KB
The sequel to "The New Season". You'll have to read that first to understand this story. "For Whom The Gavel Falls" is written from Snively's point of view, which, along with some impressive writing, makes this story worth reading. It's an awesome story, except for the parts with Bunnie. You'll see what I mean. Also, Snively's sarcasm gets a little annoying, but his views of and interactions with the Freedom Fighters are hilarious and more than make up for it. He insults everyone in Knothole, so if you really hate Snively or really like one of the other characters, don't say I didn't warn you. Awesome! Rated PG-13/R depending on how sensitive you are.

Categories:sonic, satam, archie75+, drama, Characters:sonic, tails, sally, bunnie, rotor, antoine, ffs, archievillains


Friends In High Places by Victor D. Tarsus 1/9/06 | Rating: 0 | Content: PG-13 | 44 KB
This fan-fic, though based on the Archie/SEGA Sonic Universe, is more of a mature nature.

Categories:sonic, satam, archie0-50, archie50-75, archie75+, alternative, action-adventure, drama, Characters:sonic, sally, fanchars


Ground Zero Mobius Part 1 by J.T. Fell 1/19/02 | Rating: 0 | Content: G | 80 KB
Robotnik has taken over Mobius, now renamed 'Planet Robotropolis'. Years after the defeat of Sonic & the Freedom Fighters were defeated, new heroes rise up to fight Robotnik's forces. Well, despite a few things, I have no problems for grammar & such... But as for the story, I just couldn't really get into it, myself. There are only three of the official characters in here, and they're all the villains, and I guess I also have a problem with the fact that Sonic (the only one of the FFs named, BTW) seems to play a small part overall. Yeah I know, Robotnik probably wouldn't have taken over if they had been alive, but still, they don't seem to be much more than an afterthought... But anyway, these are just my opinions, don't let me stop you from reading. :P -Duo

Categories:sonic, segasonic, archie0-50, combo, alternative, Characters:fang/nack, eggman, msonic, badniks, fanchars