"This is completely bogus."
Change the Past 1

D'Coolette's Reunion
Family Gathering
Change the Past 2
Change the Past 3

Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy (Part 1)
Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy (Part 2)

Silver Snivley Saves the Day
Downunda FFs Versus Bunyip

Snively's Choice (Part 1)
Snively's Choice (Part 2)
Blow Up the Dam

The Dragon

Less Than 3 Seconds
Zan's True Nature
The Chaotix Return
The Brotherhood Returns

Living With Robotnik
Robotnik Versus Robotnik
Hope's Memories
Lara-Le's Announcement
Stop Remington

The "Sea"Cret Weapon
Rotor's Family
The Meeting
Kommissar's Back-up Plan
Future Julie-Su

Coming Through!
The Sword's Vessel

Amy Returns
The Spider Invasion
Come and Get It
Trust Earned
Admit You Like a Girl...

Antoine vs Evil Sonic
Forgive Yourself

Planning with Lupe
Power Up!

Tails Meets Tails
Tails Returns (Part 1)
Tails Returns (Part 2)
Clowning Around...
...Gets You Detention
Dying Wish
Just Like Old Times

Muttski the Superdog
Flower Power

Hedgehog Hammer
Bat Fight
An Unforgiving Act

Snively's New Body...
...Or Not
"Juice" & Tommy's History (Part 1)
Sonic & Tommy's History (Part 2)
Eggman's Roboticization Spree
The True Meaning of Friendship
Kommissar's Quandary
Mogul's Terms

Geoffrey Bond
Death of Knuckles

Cater-Killer's Weakness
Tails Saves the Day
...Is Fair Play
Rotor's Mystery
The Hint Rotor Missed

Dress To Impress...
...Or Join The Freedom Fighters
Remembering Julayla
First Meeting with Knuckles
Invitation Accepted

Found At Last
Royal Pains
Sibling Reunion
Mina the Singing Star
The Funeral

The Ambush
The Interrogation (Part 1)
The Interrogation (Part 2)
The Interrogation (Part 3)
Aurora Revealed
Vector's First Hit
Things Never Change
Smack Talk

Feeling Pain
No Misunderstanding
"I'll Still Do Anything For Him"
Robians No More...
...Except For One
You're In...

Shadow Survives
Becoming Official
Xorda's Arrival
Shades Of Maria
Mobius Is Earth
The Reward

The Quantum Dial
Fight For Mobius
The Return...
...And Its Price
World Annihilation Thwarted
In Honor Of A Champion

Super Sonic's Rampage
Aren't You Supposed To Be Good?
Fight Super Sonic (Part 1)
Fight Super Sonic (Part 2)
Introducing Deadline
Deadline Defeated (Archie Staff History)

Captain Goes Down With The Ship
Advancing In Super Sonic Speed
SonicSpy Vs. KnucklesSpy

E.V.E.'s Destruction
A Happy Reunion?!
Hoax Revealed
E.V.E.'s Reasoning
E.V.E.'s Solution

Fastest In The Galaxy
Creation Of The Deroboticization Process
Tails' Parents Saved
Unlikely Assistance
Escape To Mobius (Part 1)
Escape To Mobius (Part 2)

Return From The Dead
Unpleasant Surprise
Aren't You Supposed To Be Dead?
Newest Threat
The Hedgehog's Priority
Welcome Back From Family And Friends

Strike Force 1
Strike Force 2
Knock, Knock!
Prelude To Show Time
All Grown Up
Lien-Da's Family
"I Wanna Be A Guardian"

Tails Versus A.D.A.M.
Sonic Meets M
Girl Tornado
No Fighting
Introducing Knuckles' Brother, Mace
Time Trouble
The Best Is Always Saved For Last

Shadow's Mission
The Last Stand
Laser Tag
A.D.A.M. Finally Solves A Riddle
Battleship Sunk
Kid Treatment

Sonic "Eliza Thornberry" Hedgehog
The Delivery
Cameos And Mobius Forum Injokes (Thank you, WB ;D)
Introducing Ash The Mongoose
"Say You Will..."
The Remaining Brotherhood?
Old Habits Die Hard

Order Given
Tommy's Story
Best Of Three
Signed Anonymous
Final Encounter
Rage Unleashed

True Colors
Is It Time?
Patience Is A Virtue
Girl Talk

Back In Action
Attack Of The Clones
Antoine's First Love
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The Royal Family Arrives

The Fate Of Golden Hive Colony
Echidna Camp Liberation Chaotix-Style
Legend Of The Avatar (Part 1)
Legend Of The Avatar (Part 2)
Fun In The Sun
Final Options

New Allies
The New Dark Legion Leader
Another Mystery
The Brotherhood's Last Stand
The Newest Family Member
Truth Or Dare

His Name Is...The WORST Ever
Dingo City Invasion
The Rescue
Plan B...
...And The Master Emerald Hunter
How Julie-Su Lost Her Cybernetic Dreads...
...And Knuckles Lost His Eye

The Hunter Strikes
The Third Time Is The Charm...
...Super Knuckles Enters
Eggman's Other Scheme
The Possible Causes
The Unexpected Guest

The Original Freedom Fighters
Inspiration For The Next Generation
The Newest Freedom Fighter
Royal Power
The Plan

The Betrayal
The Fate Of The Original Freedom Fighters
A Talk With Archimedes
Locke Dies

Aly's Advice For Bunnie
Aly's Advice For Mina
Aly's Advice For Amy Rose
The Secret Of Aly
"You're Going To Be The Next Guardian"
The Beginning...
...Of The End

Locke's Quest
Deja Vu Shadow
Hope's Plea
Eggman's Hit List Includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, And...
Sonic Vs. Ash
Seismic Prelude

Sonic Vs. Shadow
Introducing Isaac
Introducing The Latest Metal Sonic
Tommy's Role
Nicole Enjoys Being Sally

Metal Sonic Vs. Shadow
3 Against 1
The Reason To Never Say Nothing Worse Can Happen
Muttski's New Friend

Tommy To The Rescue
History Of Mobius
History Of Mobius Continued
The Freedom Fighters Put On A Play For Kids
Athair Returns

Final Round (Part 1)
Final Round (Part 2)
Realms Are Being Wiped Out...
...Due To Actions Taken Over A Year Ago

Sonic Is Going Out With...
The Change In Antoine Explained...
...As Well As The Change In Sonic
Second Chances
The Chosen One Awakened (Part 1)
The Chosen One Awakened (Part 2)

Meet One Of Evil Sonic's Girls, The Anti-Bunnie
Fighting With "Yourself"
The Way To Rouge's Heart
The New Normal
Nicole's Fondest Desire

A.D.A.M. Takes The Initiative
Bunnie's Nightmare
Reasoning With Nanites
A Hero's Reward
Trusting Snively?

A Fortunate Bump...
...Causes A Misfire
Plan A Fails
Introducing Heavy & Bomb...Chaotix Style
Rosie's Story Critics

A Breakup
Heavy & Bomb's Attack
The Last Bomb (Part 1)
The Last Bomb (Part 2)
Someday, Oh Someday
Tommy's New Abilities

Anti-Antoine's Betrayal
An Awkward Encounter
I'm Marrying WHO?
The Situation Worsens
The Big Wedding
The Ancient City Of Vesuvio
Dulcy's Mistake

Family Rebuilding
Same Old Story
The Ancient Walkers Die
...Or Warning?

Battlelines Drawn
Presented Opportunity
Mammoth Mogul's History
Three-Way Fight Becomes Two-Way Fight
Introducing The Babylon Rogues

Fiona's shady past
Sonic and Scourge, the rematch
Julie-Su and Rouge: birth of a love triangle
The Dark Legion schism
Knuckles voids the Technolotree's warranty

Same place, different timeline
The new monarch in town
Just like old times
Enforcer Knuckles
Mixing business with pleasure
The president thanks you

King Shadow takes on Sonic...
...and then Lara-Su
A better future
Sonic says what we're all thinking
Sonic versus the press

Everyone's opinion on Tommy
A.D.A.M. finally makes his move
Ultimate Life Form and Chosen One, under glass
Death of a General

Locke and Doctor Finitevus
Super Sonic at last
Tommy's final death
Black five on the red six
A familiar avatar