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Sonic HQ Logo Hello, and welcome to Sonic Headquarters, commonly known as Sonic HQ. We are one of the best Sonic the Hedgehog related website on the whole World Wide Web! This webpage was started in the summer of 1996 by Zifei Wu. At first the page was called Zifei's Sonic Page. But Zifei, being the unpredictable guy he is, gathered together a staff of respected Sonic fans to complete a dream. On April 11, 1998, Sonic HQ was formally formed. On January 1, 1999, Sonic HQ was relaunched by a combined effort of the Sonic HQ and Andrew Wolan. We here thank Andrew for providing Sonic HQ with the webspace. Sonic HQ is a all out Sonic site. We provide all the latest Sonic news, games information, comic information, cartoon information, and literature. So enjoy your stay and visit often!

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News: 24 - April - 1999

  • If anyone has any information on getting Sonic plushies, especially the Knux one, please e-mail us.

  • The music page is updated...

  • The pre-alpha page for the Sonic Store is up, check it out!

  • If you have any old and broken Sonic 2, 3, ans S&K carts, please email Andrew Wolan. Andrew wants to use them for his "S&K (lock-on) Trick Project".

  • The new Sonic Comic Info page is coming any day now. So look out!

    "Old" News: 5 - April - 1999

    OK, we now have the toys and have set the price to $5 each, including handling and shipping (for the US, if you live outside, contact us and we'll just add the extra mailing fee to the set price). You may now reserve your toy by emailing Zifei. He will email back to confirm your order with an address for you to mail the $5 (in cash or check) to. Once the money is received, your toy will be mailed out. You must hurry. There are only 30 toys in stock, so reserve yours now!!! BTW, tell Zifei if you want Knuckles or Sonic. The numbers below is the ones we still have left. Also, the max number you can buy is 6, so yes, you can get 3 Sonic and 3 Knuckles.

    Sonic - 4
    Knuckles - Sold out!

    For pictures of the toys, click Sonic or Knuckles (actual size).

    Ian the Potto here, first of the active writers for the fan-comic "A SegaSonic Adventure." Since Stuf has had other things to work on, I decided to let the public take a sneek peek at a number of the stories, including my series of stories: "Chaos Quest." This is meerly to keep public interest. The site is here. Yes, there are a few typos and some bad grammer, but all those will be caught before printing. All of us at SSA are really excited about getting this thing going!

  • Click here to see who won the Poetry Contest!

    Come here and look at the fan comic worked on by Stuf and a whole band of other great writers and artists!

    Want to contact Sonic HQ for help or something else? Click here!

    Search Sonic HQ to find want you need!

    Sonic News Press Everyday
    In here you will find the latest news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog related events and happenings. This is the best Sonic news page out there. Operated by Zifei, Vector, and Brian.

    Main News Page | Archives | Interviews/Specials | Editorials | News Links
    Sonic Gaming Information 5-2-99
    Here you'll find all you ever wanted to know about the Sonic the Hedgehog games made by Sega. Tons of screen shots, codes, general info, and storyline included. As well as other neat little tricks and surprises to explore! Maintained by WB and Vector.

    [Main Page | Games List | Gameplay and Items | Instant Replay Zone]
    [Who's Who | History | Lost Games | Mascot Wars! | Sonic Adventure]
    Sonic Comic Information 1-1-99
    What's new in comics? Come in here and see the latest reviews, previews, cover shots, scans, stories, rumors, and news of both Archie and Fleetway's Sonic comics! Controlled by WB and Lien.
    Sonic Cartoon Information 1-1-99
    A new Sonic cartoon is on the horizon, called Sonic Underground. Find out about the latest on it and the other Sonic cartoons and animes in here! Maintained by Soneec and Brian.

    [Main Page | Sonic Underground | SatAM | AoStH | Sonic Anime]
    Sonic Fan-fiction 5-2-99
    All the Sonic related fan fiction you'll ever wish to read. And not just fan-fiction, also the editorials and poems. Maintained by ST87.
    Mobius Forum Everyday
    Come and join in the discussion of Sonic related stuff! Many people come here everyday, that's why posts stack up quickly. Controlled by Zifei.
    Sonic Trade Forum 1-1-99
    You read it right, all you do is trade in here. Make a proposal and wait for a response. Kinda neat. Maintained by Zifei.
    Sonic Features 3-30-99
    Ahh...all the extra pages that we can't find a place to put. The Features page include Top Ten, Survey, Humor, Communication, and Webrings. Operated by Soneec.
    Sonic Q&A 4-25-99
    Got a question related to Sonic comics, cartoons, toys, games, or our site, ask! And answers will come...Questions answered by Zifei and Vector.
    Sonic HQ Chat 4-11-99
    Want to meet up with other Sonic fans that visit our page? Well, come here and chat with them! There are schedules you can follow on the page for chat meetings. Page maintained by Zifei.
    Sonic Music 4-30-99
    In here rest the largest collection of Sonic midis on the net! You can find music from almost any and all the Sonic games, CDs and cartoons from here! Maintained by Edan Koch and Vector.
    Sonic RPG 4-10-99
    We are glad to be able to sponsor the first Sonic RPG game on Sonic HQ. So that Sega won't make one, yet, we fans will. So click here to get into the adventure. Page maintained by Knux Lee.
    The Download Zone 4-6-99
    Find all the interesting Sonic the Hedgehog downloads from here. They include icons, animated gifs, backgrounds, game demos, and screen savers. Page controled by Stuf.
    Sonic Directory Mostly Everyday
    Want to visit other Sonic sites? Want to email a Archie comic writer? Want to find someone on AIM? Then this is the page for you! Page updated by Fishboy.

    Sonic Exchange - Sonic The Hedgehog Banner Exchange!Sonic Exchange - Sonic The Hedgehog Banner Exchange!
    Sonic Exchange - Sonic The Hedgehog Banner Exchange!

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