The Badnik Army - Troop A: The Classic Badniks

The Classic Badniks - Manga Style !!!

Sonic 3 & Knuckles Zone Boss

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Sonic 1 - The Classic Badniks

Just Chillin'!

You can't get any better than the classics! These were the guys that started the trend! Whats most noteable about these guys are that almost ALL of them are recogniseable to any Sonic fan. Usually the most popular guys here were Crabmeat, Caterkiller, Moto Bug, Buzzbomber and Batbrain and Burrobot - all of which were either portrayed as the original henchmen to Robotnik in the Archie comics series or the cartoons...

One of the stronger badniks, Caterkiller cannot be touched on his body due to the spikes protroding from his side. Aim for his head to destroy him, but watch out as his body with then split into little pieces and bounce around the room at you! Caterkiller is most noteably the first badnik you will encounter in Sonic 1! Portrayed as a "second in command" sorts and whose MANY "upgraped" bretheren you will meet down the line in further Sonic games...

A large mechanical wasp, Buzzbomber is a relatively easy badnik that can get annoying. Flying in a straight line at times, avoid his diagonal shots to keep from getting hit. Buzzbomber is a regular in the comics, and was also portrayed in the cartoons as Robotniks latest flying weapon...

This guy is probably the most well known of the badniks next to Caterkiller - Crabmeat may be slow, but he has a strange attack as he crawls across the ground. Aim for his head, but not his claws as he shoots from those. Crabmeat was portrayed as the first in command over the Badniks in the comic series. In fact it was not until Snively (from the SatAM cartoon) crept up into the book that Crabmeat began to fade out as second in command. Crabmeat has made numerous appeances in Sonic games - most noteably Sonic 1 and some of the Game Gear Sonic games.

Moto Bug
Don't let little old Moto Bug intimidate you with that little wheel of his. He's as dumb as a brick. You shouldn't have problems with him at all, just avoid his spikes and when he dashes across the landscape and you should have no trouble.

Bat Brain
Often portrayed as another dimbulb of the bot family, Bat Brain hangs from the ceilings of the Marble Zone, often in some compromising places, and attacks when you get close to it. Watch your jumps on him and keep an eye out. Otherwise he's a pushover

Found in the narrow passageways of the Labyrinth Zone - Orbinauts are ANNOTING to say the least, and will probably cause you MUCH trouble in the long run...Surrounded by 4 pointed stars the Orbinaut creeps slowly around until it throws them at you. And to make it bad - they travel slow as well, making it difficult to manuever narrow passageways and often popping up in compromising situations. Orbinaut has also appeared in Sonic 3 and the game Gear games, and has 2 other upgrades - Sol (Sonic 2), a fire based orbinaut and Star Pointer (Sonic 3) a larger obinaut with larger spikes...

Chompers are notorius around bridges, be carefully trying to "jump dash" them. Its safer to do a Spindash and get it over with...Chompers have also made numerous appearances in many Sonic games - either in design upgrades and name changes in the Genesis games, or miscellaneous appearances in Game Gear Games

Rollers are the KINGS of annoyance. Found only in the Spring Yard at sloped areas, they cannot be destroyed until they uncurl. However, watch out for them when they roll down the hills!

Newtron is a weird one, as he will shoot off an energy pellet from his mouth and vanish in an instant, only to reappear again later, somewhere else...

Burrobots have this nasty tendency to pop out of walls when you least expect them, however they are also slow and clunky no matter what the size of thier spikes are. Burrobots however were are the predecessor of Grounder - its upgraded VERY POPULAR twin from Sonic 2!

Found in the Labyrinth Zone, Jaws isn't easy to avoid, but he is easy to destroy. He becomes MORE of an annoyance however when you are almost out of air, and he happens to be near the air bubble areas...

Ball Hog
Use located on inclines in the Scrap Brain Zone, Its not so much as the hog, but instead its the balls he shoots out! Avoid them and thier little bounces especially when youre going up an incline - but downhill they move much faster.

Sonic 2 - The New Breed

Just Chillin'!

Sonic 2 introduced much deadlier badniks that were a little bit harder to beat. Each one with its own small tactic. Not only that but Sonic 2 also introduced 2 of the most famous characters in Badnik history - both of which made it into the various cartoons! See if you can recognise the 3...

Coconuts, Buzzbomber And Masher
Located in the Emerald Hill Zone, Coconuts is possibly the badnik you'll find to be most annoying considered the amounts of coconuts he tosses from the trees at you. Don't stand still around him too long or youre liable to get a bonk on the head! Coconuts is also one of the mentionable badniks for his frequented appearances in the Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon and use in the comics occasionally! However - also most noteable is the fact that Coconuts ranks lower than dirt on Robotnik's popularity scale and also has an IQ equal to that of bleached mud...Buzzer - the upgraded version of Sonic 1's Buzzbomber - has come back as well only this time they travel more in small groups, and watchout for Mashers - the first of the upgraded Chompers in Sonic 2 - on bridges.

"Mega Mack", Grabber, And Spiny
Due to the complex nature of the Chemical Plant Zone - Long winding passages and such, its hard to tell where a Grabber is occasionally - and sometimes you'll only see him at the last second as he drops down. Its possible to escape his grasp if you get caught, but the point is- YOU DONT want to stay in his grasp - he has this nasty tendency to explode...Spiny's are more out into the open, but the drawback is that you cant jump on them - so instead - utilize the spindash to the fullest! As for the Mega mack, it serves another purpose - The Metropolis Chemical Plant serves as the manufacturing place for "Mega Mack" a purplish/slimy substance that has the properties of water. When the valves are open and the "Mack" floods the plant, Sonic must reach the top of the screen to keep from falling in. Stay in too long and he's liable to drown! And you'll find NO air bubbles...Robotnik also uses the Mega Mack as a weapon in the battle between Sonic and him in the final stage of the CP Zone...

Grounder, Whisp, Mini-Whisp, And Chomp Chomp
Remember the Burrobots? Well meet thier new and improved upgrade - Grounder - the second of the famous badniks from - the Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon where he is usually dumb as a post and portrayed as second in command to Robotnik's other flunky, Scratch, as well as facing the full brunt of Sonic's brash attitude and Robotnik's spiteful behavior...Grounder has his home located in the most tedious of boards - The Aquatic Ruins! Grounder has a nasty tendency to explode from the walls and attack with those drill bits of his. Watch areas of walls that look suspicious - especially in fast areas and loops, where you can easily fall into a trap...Whisps and Mini-Whisps however are the true annoyances of the Aquatic Ruins! Like mosquitos they are constantly found around areas of water! Whisps travel in groups and often send the mini whisps to attack! Destroy the main Whisps and the Mini Whisps will disperse. Chomp Chomps are extremely slow and located only underwater - HOWEVER don't be fooled as they can suddenly put on a burst of speed from nowhere and attack! Good formation move - especially in the underwater areas where Sonic experiences slowdown...

Crawl is the lone solitary guardian of the Casino Night Zone that creeps along at a slower pace than any other badnik period - and believe it or not, you never see him coming - as he nearly blends in PERFECTLY with the background. So keep your eyes open. To top that Crawls is extremely hard to destroy - hit him in the side or top and you'll most likely be repelled by his bumper shield - get too close to him and he stabs you with the giant claw of his. Its best to just leave him alone and go about your way...

Rexxon And Spiker
Rexxon The Dinosaur sits about the lone lava pools that dot the high altitude landscapes of the "Hill Top Zone", raising his head when it senses intruders its will spit fire in an attempt to defend itself - theonly way to destroy it being bashing its head with a Sonic spin. Spikers are another problem as they reside in the caves! Watch for them to shoot off their large spikes up or down depending on what direction they are facing!

Flasher And Crawlton
Flashers are annoying - point blank - they show up in the WORST PLACES of the Mystic Caves and when they begin to flash they are completely invincible. Just avoid them at all costs and you'll keep a lot more rings that way. As for the Crawltons its hard to tell exactly where they come from - watch for holes along the walls of the caves as they pop out unexpectedly. Just like Caterkiller in Sonic 1, you can only touch its head as the rest of the body is lined with spikes...

Aquis And Octus
Located in the Oil Oceans also created by Robotnik's chemical plants sits Aquis the seahorse, and Octus the octopus. Octus' tactics are easy as he simply floats upwards and continuosly spouts oil like a gun turret. Aquis however is best to avoid as he can get around TOO easily and will often pursue chase...

Asteron, Slicer, And Shellcracker
The badniks of the Metropolis Zone should be avoided like the Black Plague! Asteron shoots spikes from his sides and usually shows up in AWFUL place! Beware him on the corkscrews of the zone as he can QUITE EASILY knock you off, causing you to start all over. Shellcrackers are just plain asinine, jump over them and keep running unless you want a giant crab claw to bonk you in the kisser. And possibly THE MOST ANNOYING BADNIK award goes to Slicer! The Mantis from Sonic CD makes a comeback as he now will shoot his boomerang like appendages from his arms - in pairs. Avoid him especially...

Turtloids, Nebula, And Balkiry
I PERSONALLY like Turtleoids! All of them travel in groups and fly the unfriendly skies of the Sky Chase Zone! Basically ALL the badniks of this level travel in groups. You can destroy the mini-turtleoids, but not the big ones that leave thier shells! Use them as stepping stones instead. Jump to buzz through a flock of Balkiry's and NEVER get caught under a Nebula unless you want to possibly lose all your rings...

Cluckers are the lone badniks of the Wing Fortress Zone that fire out eggs in a straight line. Its sounds lame - but at the same time, you dont want to get caught in thier gunfire. Watch out for them to pop out of hatches in the ground...

Sonic CD - The Insect Brigade

Just Chillin'!

This time around Robotnik's decided to do something a little different - using the designs of various insects, Robotnik has created a new sect of badniks in the form of giant bugs! While not as crafty as the other badniks - this bush league does have a few surprises of thier own...

Robot Ant
Located in the Palmtree Panic Zone, The Robot Ant wanders left and right on its single wheel, scouting its territory for invaders! An easy kill tosay the least...

Robot Bee
Based loosely on the design of the Buzzbomber - There are two kinds of Robot Bees: one that flies through the air swinging it's spiked hammer attached to its chain tail, while the other shoots fireballs in the area where his spike would have normally been...

Beetle Bots
The Robot Beetle moves around brandishing its horn, complete with integral circular saw at its enemies! NEVER hit it from the front, but instead, try to go for a jump attack!

Butterdroid / Robot Butterfly
The first appearance of the Butterdroid - the second one being in Sonic 3 - The robot butterfly flutters up and down through the air spying on its enemies...

Robot Grasshoper
Found usually in the Collision Chaos Zone and complete with a coil spring on the bottom, The Robot Grasshopper jumps on its enemies with it's super coil spring! Avoid it due to its odd jumping techniques that get in the way.

Slicer / Robot Mantis
He's baaaccckkkk....First found in Sonic 2, Slicer has made a new comeback with a new design...found in the recesses of the Collision Chaos Zone, he shoot his boomerang like appendages from his arms - in pairs. Avoid him especially...

Robot Mosquito
Found in the Palmtree Panic Zone, The Robot Mosquito flies slowly through the air. When it sees an enemy it swoops to attack!

Scorpius / Robot Scorpion
Located in the dank and murky regions of the Quartz Quadrant Zone, The Robot Scorpion crawls along the ground pulling its cannon which shoots cannonballs at enemies.

Robot Snail
Located in the Quartz Quadrant Zone, The Robot Snail crawls very slowly. When enemies approach, it extrudes spikes!

Robot Spider
Located in the Quartz Quadrant Zone, and possibly being one of the most ANNOYING badniks - The Robot Spider jumps and launches spider webs at enemies to slow them down!

Robot Water Beetle
Beware the watery surfaces...The Robot Water Beetle swims, jumps in and out of the water, and attacks enemies who plunge into its territory!