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Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble (U.S., Europe), Sonic & Tails 2 (Japan)
  • System Console: Sega Game Gear
  • Developer: Sega of Japan
  • Japanese Release Date: November 11, 1994
  • US: November, 1994
  • Europe: November, 1994
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Cart Size: 16 megabits
  • Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Nack/Fang, Robotnik/Eggman, Metal Sonic
  • First Appearances: Nack the Weasel / Fang the Sniper, "Spin-Out" On A Spring Jump, Rocket Sneakers, Hyper Heli Tails, Snowboarding On Game Gear, The Sea Fox, the Marvelous Queen, Knuckles on Game Gear

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    General Info

    Sonic Triple Trouble (Sonic and Tails 2 in Japan), the first Game Gear game with Knuckles the Echidna and Nack the Weasel. You also have the ability here to play as Sonic or Tails, so choose wisely. Snowboarding and the Sea Fox submarine are also brand new things featured in this game. Both Sonic and Tails have their own moves. Holding Down and pressing a button will both do the spin dash for them. Holding Up and pressing a button will do different things though. For Tails, he'll do his patented twin-tail flight and for Sonic, he'll do his awesome Super Peel Out.


    The worst has happened...Dr. Robotnik has collected all of the Chaos Emeralds!!! Luckily, while testing his ultimate destructive weapon, one of his Badnik assistants goofs, and the resulting explosion scatters five of the Emeralds around Mobius. Now it's a four-way, high-speed Emerald hunt! Robotnik still has one of the Emeralds, and intends on getting the other five back before anyone else does. Sonic and Tails are in the race to get those Chaos Emeralds before the Eggman gets them back. Knuckles has left Floating Island to get the Emeralds himself, because he doesn't trust anyone else with them...not even Sonic and Tails. Newcomer Nack the Weasel, an expert treasure hunter, doesn't have a clue of the overwhelming power the Emeralds contain, but he bets those shiny stones will score a handsome price on the market....


    Zone Menu
    Race For The Chaos Emeralds

    Level Select
    Hold Up while turning on the Game Gear. Continue to hold until Knuckles grabs the third Chaos Emerald in the intro, then press START. You should hear a ring chime.


    Power Ring Paradise
    Get to Act 2 of the Sunset Park Zone. Climb up as far as possible after the rollercoaster ride that begins the Act. Head right and fall through the first exploding bridge into an area with nearly 200 rings.


    Game Genie
    Game Genie
    003 E0E E6E Infinite lives
    00a e6e e66 Start with 1 lives
    04a e6e e66 Start with 5 lives
    14a e6e e66 Start with 15 lives
    99a e6e e66 Start with 100 lives
    00a efe 5d4 Start high in the air on Act 1--1st life only
    053 afc e6e Each ring worth 5
    0a3 afc e6e Each ring worth 10
    3a8 e4c 2a2 Infinite rings
    008 ffc 08b Very little flash time after getting hit
    998 ffc 08b Flash longer after getting hit
    3a9 d5c 2a2 Get hit and stay invincible
    c37 f2c e61 Invincible--spikes still kill hurt you
    00a ebe e6e Start with no continues
    05a ebe e6e Start with 5 continues
    0aa ebe e6e Start with 10 continues
    3a5 60e 2a2 Infinite continues
    00f 88d 3b7 Infinite timer


    Great Turquoise Zone

    Sunset Park Zone
    Sunset Park Zone

    This is by far one of the coolest zones in a Sonic game!!! There are many rollercoaster carts throughout. Jump in one and press Down and any button to get yourself rolling. There's a great secret in Act 2. Once at Act 2, climb up as far as possible after the rollercoaster ride that begins the Act. Head right and fall through the first exploding bridge into an area with nearly 200 rings! After this, finish the act. Everything is normal. But then, the turnstile falls through the ground and everything starts to rumble. You're on a train! As the train begins to move, you must keep running to catch up to the front where you'll stop this large thing. It LOOKS like what may be a SUPER HUGE gun turret but in all honesty I'm not sure. However it is NOT easy!!! You'll encounter a whole bunch of bird bots at first that will drop mace balls on you. Kill them quickly as they become a HUGE pain in the rear. Then, you'll come across a whole bunch of gaps in the train. A simple jump will get you across them. Then, you'll meet twice as many bird bots as before. Same strategy here. Finally, you'll get to the front of the train and the giant gun turret. As you come close, peg him. He doesn't flash to show he's been hit, but if you bounce off him then you'll know you got him. Then, you'll fall back a little. Jump the mace ball that he shoots backwards at you. Repeat this pattern 8 times to take him out.


    Meta Junglira Zone
    Meta Junglira Zone

    This zone isn't extremely difficult. Be aware that you will bounce an incredible lot thanks to the pinball type balloons and he bounce jugs, not to mention many springs hidden in the ground. In Act 3, travel as usual until you get to a whole bunch of balloons. Break a few and try to get to the plaform in the top left. Through the wooden tree trunk is a ten ring monitor. You'll need it. Continue on down and right and you'll come to the catepillar boss. He'll swing back and forth. As you hit him, he'll rear up and try to smash down. Just jump on his head and keep bouncing up there to avoid all of his attacks. After 8 hits, his body will crumble. Then, 8 fireballs will rain down from the trees. Use the spindash to avoid them. After they are gone, you'll continue to a cliffside where Knuckles will hit a switch and send fire your way once again. This time however, the fire sends you into the Robotnik Winter Zone....


    Robotnik Winter Zone
    Robotnik Winter Zone

    At the very beginning of Act 1 and scattered throughout the zone, you'll see monitors. If you're playing as Sonic, the monitors will carry snowboards for you to zoom through the zone. If you're Tails, the monitors will contain hyper flight icons. Sometimes during the zone, you'll fall into long bottomless pits. Don't scream "NOOO!" just yet! Hold Up on the controller and a draft of wind should blow you all the way back up to where you're supposed to be. This ONLY works on the narrow pits. Now for the boss. He isn't extremely hard. But he is at times a little difficult. Act 3 is an uphill trudge the whole way and the boss sends ski bots at you before you get to him, so it's kind of difficult to keep your rings, but it's not to hard. When you get to him, the egg boss will shoot ski bots out of his mouth as he floats up in the air. Destroy each bot as it comes at you and hit him in the jaw afterwards. When you hit him 3 times, his first rocket keeping him up will go out. After 2 more hits, his second rocket will go out. Two hits later, he'll lose all his attacks on you and float backwards to a pit to try to protect himself. Supposedly, it thinks you can't get him without dieing yourself. That's what he thinks! Smash him one last time to make him lose that last rocket. He'll explode as he takes a LONG fall. Jump down after him. When you hit the bottom, you'll run to the right. SMACK! "Who put that cliff in my way?" There's a button up top too. You know what that means, Knuckles! He smashes the button and laughs as usual. But instead of fire coming up, an avalanche of ice and snow comes down shoving you to the Tidal Plant Zone....


    Tidal Plant Zone
    Tidal Plant Zone

    Come face to face with - THE SEA FOX !!!!!!! Underwater action! Now this is more like it! As you travel through this zone as Tails, you'll encounter the famous submarine, the Sea Fox. You won't get this as Sonic since he got the snowboard in Robotnik WInter zone. Oh well. And speaking of Tails, he can't fly underwater. He can't even swim like in Sonic 3! Now this zone might be a little bit harder! Lucky for you, the Sea Fox contains little metal balls it can shoot when you press button 1 The metal balls are only for breaking blocks though. To defeat badniks, smash them with the underside of the ship. One hit will make the Sea Fox vanish though. Of course, being that you're underwater, you must breath air to survive. The Sea Fox has an unlimited air supply, but when you're not using the submarine, grab the air bubbles floating in the water or just plain get out of the water. Sometimes you'll come to pink and blue plungers. Jump on it to release an air bubble that you can hop inside and use to float upwards. Like in Electric Egg zone of Sonic Chaos, there are warp tubes here. Travel through them to find secrets and power-up monitors. You cannot enter a warp tube in the Sea Fox. If you come across trouble, remember that you can even spin dash with the Sea Fox! Hold Down and press Button 2 to spin dash. As you can see, it takes quite a bit of work to make it to Act 3 alive. Luckily, you start Act 3 in the Sea Fox if you're Tails. After you pick up a ten ring monitor, you encounter the boss....and its not who you think, its really - KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA !!!!!!!!. This time, Knuckles attacks with a submarine of his own! He will shoot two balls like the ones you shoot upwards. Float between the hole between them. He'll also shoot a red missle you must avoid. You can blow up the balls and missles with the drill on the front of your submarine. Fire one of your balls to hit him. If you get hit, the Sea Fox will explode and you'll have to beat this boss the Sonic way. Use spin dashes to dodge the balls and missles and jump to hit the boss. After a WHOPPING 24 hits, Knuckles' ship explodes and you run along to the final zone.


    Atomic Destroyer Zone
    Atomic Destroyer Zone

    Welcome to Atomic Destroyer! This zone isn't incredibly hard to begin with but that will change later....The warp tubes make more appearences here, and few paths lead to victory, so choose wisely. All around you'll find plungers. If there's a little platform next to it, then a bouncing egg robot will jump out of it. If there's a laser next to it, the laser will fire. In Act 2, you'll come to a warp tube that will lead you to a room with many warp tubes. The room will get very confusing unless you follow these directions. Jump in the first tube and follow the directions below trying to collect rings along the way: Left, Right, Right, Down. You'll land on a plunger which will release 3 bouncebots. After you kill them, jump up and to the right. Go up and right until you come to an elevator like the ones you encounter throughout the zone. This elevator will take you out of this confusing room. Keep going, avoiding the spikes and the plungers, and continue on through another elevator you'll come to. You'll come down to an area where you can continue down and to the left. If you don't go this way, you'll go in an endless circle and waste a lot of time. You'll come to some more warp tubes. Don't enter the first one on your right, fall in the pit and go in the one down there. If you go right when you stop, you'll get an extra life. Stop yourself by going as far right through the warp tubes as possible, then going straight down. You'll land on a spring without the power to bounce you back up. Now fly to the left and to the plunger. It's OK to hit it. Fly up and left. You'll see a warp station. (like a warp tube but it catapults you through the air instead of through tunnels) attached to a platform on the platform's left. Jump in it and go up. Then go right. Youll be shot to the end of the act. Finally! Now, for the final act of the game. As you start off, you'll get a lot of rings. Soon, you'll run into an open space and be chased by an old foe thats been waiting for revenge since Sonic And Knuckles - METAL SONIC!!!!! He'll knock you to the ground to start off the fight. Don't worry, you won't lose any rings with that hit. He'll begin flying in downwards arcs from either side. Smash him as he comes down at you. After a few of these, he'll activate his energy shield and will start flying across the bottom of the screen very fast. Jump over each of his flybys. He'll do this about 8 times and repeat the pattern. Fourteen hits does him in. Next up, Sonic (or Tails) Vs. Nack - but ONLY if you have all Choas Emeralds which is another story. If not as soon as an earthquake occurs, Nack is outta there faster than you can say "Show me the money!" Better yet, you have to fight Robotnik! He attacks in a bouncing machine. Eight hits kills him and all he can do is crush you, so take this guy out quickly. Next, he'll try and fire you down. He'll float overhead and after 3 direction changes, he fires a stream of fireballs straight down. Dodge the stream. He's even easier this time. Eighteen hits will beat him. Then, his flame thrower drops to the ground. The thing splits apart and flies off in two different directions, so JUMP! Next, he'll try to elecrocute you with the electric charge where the flame thrower was. Lucky for you, one hit kills this form. Just bang him underneath before he gets a chance to shoot you. His next form is much harder. He goes up and down in two tubes on each side. He alternates tubes so you know when to attack him. The hard part is avoiding the bullets flying down from above. When he tries to electrocute the whole chamber (he comes up and stays there while everything else stops) you need to get into the other tube. If this doesn't stop the process, it will protect you from it. After 8 hits, Robotnik will come up in the right tube and try to run away as usual. Except this time, you'll blow up his getaway platform, get the Yellow Chaos Emerald from him, and continue on to free Knuckles who's been trapped in a cage and realizes now who the REAL good guys are! Then, you and Knux shake hands as he finally realises who his REAL friends are. Aww, how sweet! Then, he glides off the stage and you follow him. The ending is nothing but Nack showing you how many emeralds you didn't get if you DONT have all the emeralds...


    The Special Stages - Meet Nack The Weasel !!!!!
    The Special Stages - Meet Nack The Weasel !!!!!

    HARD! HARD! HARD! HARD! HARD! HARD! HARD! HARD! In every Act 1 and 2, there are Red Chaos Emerald monitors scattered around (1 per act). If you have 50 rings when you bag one, a star ring will appear high above your head. Jump in it to be transported to the special stage. There are two different kinds of special stages. In one, there are a buttload of springs. You must use them to manuever around the stage to your advantage as well as avoid them when they hinder you. Destory Time Monitors along the way to increase the amount of time you have to beat the stage. (you start out with 1:30) Blow up the black spring machines along the way with a direct hit from above. At the end of the zone, you'll meet up with Nack the Weasel who'll try to use Knuckles button tactic, but only to make it backfire in his face. Chase him as he runs away and grab the emerald on the pedestal. In the other special stage, you fly around inside Tails plane and try to collect the amount of rings specified. Watch out for the bombs which make you lose your rings! After collecting the correct amount of rings, you'll fight Nack in his flying ion-powered skyship - THE MARVELOUS QUEEN !!!!!! - and he can't even control THAT well. After a whole bunch of easy hits, his machine explodes and you chase him to the emerald once again. We have no idea what happens when you get all 6 emeralds. (you see from the intro that Knuckles has hidden 5 of the 6 emeralds in these special stages while Robotnik steals the sixth one for his own purposes) So we don't know if there's a Super Sonic or not...The 3D ones are easy, but the 2D ones are H-A-R-D, hard...