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Tails' Adventure

Sonic and Tails have temporarily parted for a little vacation time, and Tails has decided to visit his favorite holiday spot. It's a little island he discovered, and named it after himself: Tails Island! Problem is, there won't be much relaxing on this vacation. That's because a heavily-armed bird army is sweeping through the island! Suddenly there is a great noise, and the woods are suddenly ablaze! Tails sees a flying fortress hovering on the horizon and our two tailed hero isn't about to give up his island to some crazy army of birds, so armed at the start with nothing but simple bombs, Miles takes on the "Battle Bird Armada", with all the animals on the island counting on him! There is no time for guessing. As Tails, you must fight the Battle Bird Armada and stop the Battle Fortress from taking complete control of the island!

On land, in the air, and at sea, you'll be battling some pretty tough birds! Several useful items are scattered throughout the island which you will need in your adventures. A platformer that plays absolutely nothing like traditional Sonic games, and has alot of action-RPG elements mixed in. It's a really fun game one way or the other, with an emphasis on collecting items and returning to old worlds to pick up stuff you couldn't get to the first time. There's also alot of puzzle-solving elements, figuring out which items to use for any given situation...this was the type of game the Game Gear was made for. There's also a spiffy music track in the game that's actually a less-annoying remix of Sonic 2's Aqua Lake Zone! The enemies look like various takes on The Ninja Crows from Samurai Pizza Cats, and the final boss looks like a fat version of Bean the Dynamite Duck. But dont be assuaded because this is an excellent game nonetheless!

Tails' House Zone
Poloy Forest Zone
Volcanic Tunnel Zone
Polly Mountain Zone - Act 1 and 2
Caron Forest Zone
Green Island Zone
Cavern Island Zone
Lake Rocky Zone
Laky Crystal Zone
Battle Fortress Zone - Act 1 And 2

Tails Adventure - Game Gear

Game Codes And Strategy Guides Courtesy Of Jared Matte A.K.A. The Green Gibbon , Secrets Of The Game Sages

The Code Bank

The Ultimate Password: At the title screen, press Up twice, Right three times, Down six times, and Left nine times then press Start. Select Config and use Left and Right to select a starting level.

Levels And Items In Adventure

Being a major switch from traditional Sonic games, Tails Adventure chooses to go the route of the puzzler over action. Infact, it might even be considered an action-RPG in 2D platformer style. (Anyone familiar with the Y's series or Popful Mail should know what I'm talking about.) Starting the game off, Tails has nothing more than Regular Bombs, a 10-hit power bar (hits being measured in Rings), and about two seconds on his Flight Guage. As the player travels through the game, he obtains a total of 26 weapons, about twelve seconds of flight time, and a 99-Ring power bar. Weapons are discovered hidden around levels, while power bar and Flight Guage are extended by discovering Chaos Emeralds (there are six in total), also hidden around the levels. As Tails' inventory increases, only four weapons can be brought into any level at a time. Often this presents a trial and error setup, requiring several trips into any one level to determine which four weapons need to be brought along for the trip. (The most useful items in the game tend to be the Triple Bomb, Remote Bomb, Remote Robot, and Teleport Device.) If you have any more detail to the levels that can be added, post it on Sonic HQ's forum or email me!

The 12 leves in detail are:
  1. Tails' House -- Not really a level, this is where you start every game and equip, or switch to the Sea Fox.
  2. Poloy Forest -- The first area attacked by the Bird Army, this flaming forest looks suspiciously like the inferno Robotnik made out of Angel Island. Simple design, and a good place to get used to Tails' various moves.
  3. Volcanic Tunnel -- As the name suggests, it's an underground cavern flowing with magma. The terrain's your worst enemy here, so expect more old-fashioned platforming than brain-teasing puzzles.
  4. Polly Mountain 1 -- Here you're exploring the outside ledges of Polly Mountain. This level's got a bit of everything, so keep on your toes. Notice the music is a re-vamped version of the Aqua Lake Zone tune (From Sonic 2 on Game Gear).
  5. Caron Forest -- This eerily quiet jungle is a level of puzzles. You're going to have to learn to use Tails' Remote Robot in some creative ways...
  6. Green Island -- You're gonna have lots of bug trouble in this woodsy island. You'll definitely want to pack along the Napalm Bomb, as it's the only way to destroy bee hives.
  7. Cavern Island -- You'll need your Remote Robot and a good sense of direction to find your way through this massive maze...
  8. Lake Rocky -- The first underwater level, this is a good place to get used to the Sea Fox's controls. (Betcha didn't know the Remote Robot was the Sea Fox all along, didja?)
  9. Lake Crystal -- You play salmon in this battle against the raging current from a waterfall. The only way you'll make it over the cliffs is with the Extra Speed attachment.
  10. Polly Mountain 2 -- Equip the remote bomb! Its a necessity!!! It's back to Polly Mountain, only this time you're exploring the inside. The Night Vision goggles are a necessity, and remember...when you find yourself stuck under a bridge, use the Remote Bomb. Its one of the most ANNOYING challenges...
  11. Coco Island -- There's more to this unusual island than meets the eye...
  12. Battle Fortress 1 -- The Sea Fox takes to the air in this dogfight. All you'll really need are adequate 2D shooter skills...
  13. Battle Fortress 2 -- All of Tails' learned abilities will be put to the test in the final battle inside the Bird Army aircraft. Pack along the Triple Bomb, the Remote Bomb, the Remote Robot, and the Wrench.

And now here's a list of the game's 26 items and their individual effects:
  1. Regular Bomb -- You start the game with these babies, and they're presumably Tails' key form of offense. Blows up all enemies and your basic stone barriers.
  2. Large Bomb -- Destroys all on-screen enemies, but takes several seconds to detonate after placing. Also useful for those stubborn, thick stone barriers.
  3. Remote Bomb -- This handy little sucker will only detonate when you trigger it. Not very effective against enemies, but a necessity on many puzzles. Carry this item with you into nearly every level, as it's almost always needed...
  4. Napalm Bomb -- Throw this puppy on the ground to create a wave of flame that destroys everything in its path, including objects above. It's the only way to clear through tall grass.
  5. Triple Bomb -- An enhanced version of the Regular Bomb. Once you obtain this item, you'll never need the Regular Bombs again. Naturally, being Tails' key form of offense, you'll need these in every level.
  6. Wrench -- The final obtainable item in the game, the Wrench's only use comes in the final level, where you'll be using it to work machines and reverse the direction of conveyor belts.
  7. Helmet -- By ducking under this giant bowl, all enemy fire will be reflected, and Tails will be safe from any damage. Of course, you can't move at all while using it...
  8. Remote Robot -- THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM IN THE GAME, barring only the Regular and Triple Bombs. Once you snag this mechanical pup, pack him along to every level. 90% of the game's puzzles revolve around maneuvering the robot to open the path for Tails himself, so learn this canine's tricks early.
  9. Hammer -- Take out your frustrations on enemies and certain stone barriers with this fine mallet. (Bean's bombs, Amy's mallet...what's next, Sonic's spin?)
  10. Teleport Device -- This is a handy little item that should prove extremely useful while exploring new levels to determine what items you'll need to pack along, as well as when returning to old levels to pick up items you couldn't reach the first time. Warps you back to Tails' House anytime.
  11. Night Vision -- You'll need these infra-red goggles to light up dark levels. I mean, unless you think you're good enough to play them in pitch black...
  12. Speed Boots -- Anyone who's ever played a Sonic game in his life (and I don't think you'd be here if you haven't) should be familiar with this item. Gives Tails the ability to run, and fly at a faster speed.
  13. Super Glove -- You can't have a self-respecting action-RPG without a Power Glove item, which naturally allows you to lift obscenely heavy objects. It's yet to be explained exactly how wearing a glove raises a character's strength, but there are some questions better left unasked...
  14. Fang -- Better known to US audiences as "Nack". Everyone's favorite weasel gives Tails a lesson in Ring-pinching. Carry this item along with you into any level to increase the chances that a destroyed enemy will drop a Ring.
  15. Knuckles -- Bombs are OK, but sometime's it's just more satisfying to belt those bent birds' beaks in (there's a new tongue-twister for ya). So make like everyone's favorite echidna and implant your fist into some face.
  16. Sonic -- ...I had to say something. Tails borrows Sonic's spin with this item, although the control is more like that of a slingshot. Like Knuckles' punch, it's more of a cute series tie-in than a useful item.
  17. Item Radar -- This time-saving piece of equipment will let you know if there's an item you missed still in the level. If you don't get a read on the radar, don't waste your time.
  18. Radio -- While completely useless to gameplay, this beat-buster is the game's only trace of a sound test. It just so happens that you can continue the level while jamming to your choice of tune...
  19. Proton Torpedo -- The Proton Torpedo is to the Sea Fox what the Regular Bombs are to Tails. Your standard underwater weapon, they fire straight ahead.
  20. Vulcan Gun -- A smaller, rapid-fire version of the Proton Torpedo. This is particularly handy in the Battle Fortress dogfight...
  21. Extra Speed -- Created solely for Lake Crystal, this boost-builder is the only way to get up that level's waterfalls.
  22. Extra Armor -- A starry forcefield protects the Sea Fox, making it invincible as long as this item is selected.
  23. Anti-air Missile -- This projectile shoots straight upward...handy for surprising enemies from below, and busting open barriers above.
  24. Spark -- Creates a strong electrical field around the Sea Fox, clearing the screen of all enemies and mines.
  25. Mine -- Like the Anti-air Missile, except you drop 'em below rather than shoot 'em upward. Catch enemies from above, or destroy barriers directly below.
  26. Rocket Booster -- This attachment allows the Sea Fox to fly...the only way to play Battle Fortress 1.

Although it isn't in the traditional Sonic style, TA is a thoroughly enjoyable game by any rights, and a perfect way to kill a long car trip. The graphics and music are also top-notch by Game Gear standards. It's a fair size for an 8-bit title, but that's still deathly short compared to the massive 16 and 32-bit RPG's we're used to playing. My one major complaint is the time-consuming password feature, which would've been much more bearable as a save option.