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Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic Shuffle (was referred to as "Sonic Party" and "Sonic Square" in some previews)
  • System Console: Sega Dreamcast
  • Developer: Hudson Soft
  • US Release Date: November 14, 2000
  • European Release Date: March 10, 2001
  • Japanese Release Date: December 21, 2000
  • Genre: 3D 'Party' Competition
  • Characters: Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles The Echidna, Amy Rose, Doctor Eggman/Robotnik, Illumina, Lumina Flowlight, Void, Big the Cat (and Froggy!), E-102 Gamma, Chao, Super Sonic
  • First Appearances: Illumina, Lumina Flowlight, Void, a playable Chao, cel-shaded characters

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    Emerald Coast
    No, not that one...

    The first board you'll come across, Emerald coast is your typical relaxing starter level ...except for half of in being covered in ice. The easiest of the boards, interesting landmarks include a large submerged section, a slippery ice cap, a sunken ship and some stranded dolphins. Bear in mind that most of your trips to find the Presioustone will take you underwater at some point. This means you'll only be able to stand in the water for a few turns without drowning, so try and stay in there as little as possible.

    The last mini-game will involve surfing a tidal wave to avoid the crushing weight of melted ice, but hey, that's nothing you can't handle, right?


    Fire Bird
    Doesn't look like any bird I've ever seen...

    The fire bird is some kind of phoenix that travels through people's dreams - well, it was, until it was turned into some kind of floating fortress. You'll have to stay on your toes though - sections will periodically fall off. You don't want to be standing there when that happens...

    Tails and Knuckles have a big advantage on this stage, their abilities to skip areas can cut large amounts of your journey, and lets you snatch that Presioustone from your opponent's grasp.

    The last mini game here involves some skydiving. The only thing that's missing is, well, the parachutes. Grab as many rings as you can before you hit the bottom...


    Nature Zone
    With en-suite ancient temple, of course.

    Here you find the obligatory nature level, but not is all it seems. A restful stop in a small stream will result in you being washed away, and constantly alternating routes will ruin the most complex of strategies.

    The final Presioustone requires a key, and it's definitely one of the more taxing levels.

    The final mini-game involves running away from a huge fissure in the ground caused by the temple collapsing.


    Riot Train
    Yee-haw! Ride 'em hedgehog!

    The Riot Train consists of several train carriages attached (or in some cases not attached) to each other. The basic design of the level is long but thin, giving you the impression that it'll be short. But no - extra carriages will suddenly attach themselves to the train, only to detach later. Make sure you aren't on them when that happens...

    Sneaky players will block your path by dropping large crates in your way, but no-one can escape from spaces that can turn you around, making you run off in the direction you came in. The only way to avoid this is to make sure you will make it past is to actually land on the space, not running over it.

    The final mini-game here involves coming together with all the other players to stop the train. Easy, right? Well, no. This is done by standing in front of the train and pushing against it, done by bashing those buttons as fast as you possibly can. Be ready to nurse some bruised thumbs later on...


    4th Dimension
    You can get a headache just looking at it...
    The fifth and final stage sounds fairly simple on paper, there are no unusual features like collapsing walls or the like, just one slight problem. The stage will have you running up the walls, literally. There is no 'floor' to the stage, just a path that will lead you in all directions, generally in the ones you don't want to go in.

    If you manage to untangle yourself from the mind-bending board, then you're off to face your last challenge. A face off with the main villain, involving jumps on coloured lights to defeat him. And there you go - you have completed Sonic Shuffle.