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Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
  • System Console: Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System
  • Developer: Sega of Japan
  • Latin American Release Date: October 25, 1992
  • European Release Date: October, 1992
  • Japan Release Date: November 21, 1992
  • US Release Date: November, 1992
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Cart Size: 4 megabits
  • Characters: Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Doctor Robotnik/Eggman, Silver Sonic, Animal Friends
  • First Appearances: Tails (on Game Gear), Silver Sonic (on Game Gear)

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    The Underground Zone

    Welcome to Underground Zone. This zone isn't incredibly hard as long as you avoid falling on the multitude of spikes here. Try not to get crushed by falling spikes as you ride the mine carts as well. Act 3 is a doozy. Robotnik takes you to a weird claw bot that wants ot make mince meat out of you. Touch it, you die. Touch the balls that bounce down from the left, you die. Let the balls knock the stuffing out of the claw bot, it dies. And that's what you have to do. Use well timed jumps to avoid the metal balls and let them hit the bot. Six hits will do him in. Then, continue on to the right and destory the egg prison to free the animals.


    Sky High Zone

    The boss of this zone is easier than the last boss, but the zone itself is much harder. To win at this zone, you must master the art of hang gliding. It isn't easy to control and you must try it many times before you can it just right. As soon as you touch the glider press Back for 1 second. Then let go and let Sonic glide for 1 second. Then press Back and keep repeating the pattern. The only times you need to press Forward is when you come to an area in Act 1 that look slike it is a wall, but it is actually a path between the spikes. You must press Forward and angle down so that you don't hit the spikes on the ceiling. In Act 2, you can stand on certain clouds and some clouds have hidden springs. But most clouds are just mist that you fall through, so be careful. Sometimes, wind gusts will flare up. If you're on the glider, make sure you're angling up so that the wind will carry you upwards. Act 3's boss is pretty easy. To begin with, you must destroy 8 little bounce bots. When you destory the last one, you fall through the cloud cover to another cloud cover below. Four eggs lie on the ground that the bounce bots come out of. Destory them all to get rid of the bonce bots. Then, a robot pelican will stick his head out of the cloud. You must jump on his head 6 times to defeat him. His lone shots are easy to avoid as they are slow in coming. As soon as you defeat him, run to the right and free the animals!


    Aqua Lake Zone

    Here comes another underwater zone! Act 1 of this zone is very easy as long as you follow one simple guideline: always rush out onto the water at top speed and keep jumping. This will cause you to bounce across the water to the next land platform. It's cool! There's another rule you must follow: don't forget to breathe! Either jump out of the water or breathe an air bubble to keep yourself from drowning. Act 2 is more difficult because you're underwater the whole act. You can't do the bounce on water trick above either. Watch out for the buttload of spikes that inhabit the ground and ceiling. Warp tubes make their first appearances here. When you jump in them you fly through them to wherever they end. Also, be wary of spears that shoot out of the walls and ground. Walking and floating crabbots inhabit this area. With a little bit of inginuity and some luck, you'll pass this act. Now on to Act 3 which is much easier. In fact, the boss here is pretty pathetic. A robot seal tries to destroy you. He fires his nose at you which is easily jumped. But if you time your attacks right, you'll never have to worry about dodging a flying nose the whole board. Jump on his head and you'll continue to bounce. Go to the right of the screen and he'll move under you. Eventually, you'll bounce off his head unintentionally. Then, he'll ilt his head up and start to pump up his nose. Jump on his nose now and make it explode. Then, he'll grow it back and begin the pattern again. Keep hitting his nose 6 times to defeat him.


    Green Hills Zone

    If you've listened to the Japanese Sonic CD's soundtrack, then you'll recognize the tune here. It's the exact same song as Sonic Mega CDs "You Can Do Anything"! (of course they had to make a few changes, we know Sega can't very well stick a real studio recorded song in a Game Gear game) Four different kinds of bots show their faces here, but folks, it's Green Hills Zone! It's so easy we're not even gonna get into the acts. We'll go straight to the boss strategy. And this dude is pretty easy! Some robopig wants a piece of you, but that doesn't mean you have to let him do his job! He'll either do one of four attacks. He'll jump up in the air over to the other side. Run to the other side to escape this one. Or, he'll roll to the other side. Jump over him. Or he'll fly striahgt to the other side. Jump over him here too. Or, he'll jump to the other side and then roll or fly back. Run to the other side first, then jump him. After he does an attack, he'll act like a gorilla for a second, stomping his feet and waving his arms. Hit him then. Eight hits will kill him.


    Gimmick Mountain Zone

    NOTE:From this point on, the special stage will be inaccesible.

    This zone doesn't seem like a mountain to me, but I guess you're inside the mountain. The spinning wheels from Scrap Brain zone on Genesis make an appearence here. Jump on them and spin around them, then jump off when you're going at a good enough speed to gain some altitude. Watch out for the hundreds of thousands of spikes here. A few exploding bots and some bouncebots live here, but they're easily taken care off. On the platforms that move you in a certain direction, you can jump up through them and land on them. In Act 1, the end of the Act is in the very bottom left instead of at the top right like usual. Be careful not to run into any bombbots in Act 2 lest they explode in your face. Also, be careful when rolling down slopes. Some slopes roll you right into a wall full of spikes. Be careful when riding platforms in Act 3, some are prone to changing direction suddenly. One goes up into some spikes and then comes back down and continues along its merry way, so always look up and be ready to jump off the platform to a safe spot at a moment's notice. And here comes another pathetically easy boss. Some drill bot with spikes on its back tries to run you over. Jump over it as it comes at you and jump on it after it rebounds off the wall and retracts its spikes for a second. If you hit it fast enough, then the three pieces of dangerous, small rock that fall to the ground after he steadies himself will not fall. Eight hits will destroy this bot.


    Scrambled Egg Zone

    The tune here is the same one in the intro where Robotnik kidnaps Tails. This zone isn't extremely difficult, but the many warp tubes make it a hassle, turning the entire first act into a maze. It was hard enough for us to get through, so we can't really tell you where to go. Just remember the routes you took and try to go other ways if the ones you take don't work. Watch out for spikes too, there are hordes of them if you take the wrong warp tubes. Act 2 is as much as a hassle as Act 1, but with a little bit of luck you should be able to get through it alive. And now, on to Act 3. You must fight Mecha Sonic here. He's pretty easy. He sometimes reaches out a claw that only goes one foot out. Sometimes he'll just blast/run across the screen. But most of the time, he'll jump to the other side. If you jump and you two run into each other, yoe'll both be bounced back. Then you can bop him when he ends any one of those attacks. Fourteen hits takes him out. If you did not get the Chaos Emeralds, then you will not go to the Crystal Egg Zone.


    Crystal Egg Zone

    Hmm, flashy colors? This don't fit the usual final zone atmosphere, but it is the final zone, we can guaruntee you that. (it better be after all our hard work!) And it's an easy zone to begin with too! There are multitudes of spikes in one area, so be sure to keep using the vertical springs and don't fall below. Watch out for the mace balls that rotate in a circle in a specified area for them. Also, there are annoying chompers flying through the air. Take them out easily. Act 1 also has rotating wheels likein Gimmick Mountain, except these are smaller and move in a Figure 8 in the air while you spin around them, so take that into account when you time your jumps off them. Act 2 is just as easy. There are even less spikes here, but a few more mace balls, so be a little more careful here. Otherwise, yoe'll clear this act in no time.

    Act 3 is a whole 'nother story. There aren't any bright colors here, just black skies and a single warp tube leading to your final confrontation with Doc Robotnik!!! He attacks in a machine that takes up the whole room. Around the room are circular warp tubes that you can use to escape his attacks. What you must do is hit him at the beginning and jump in the warp tube. Continue to roll around it (you won't jump out of the warp tube unless you press down or up when you reach an exit hole) as he uses his multiball attack and his room electrocute attack. When the electrocute attack finishes, jump out of the warp tube and bop him, then jump back in. Repeat this eight times until he's a goner. He'll try to run away and you'll chase him. He'll jump into a teleporter though and escape. But, when he teleported out, that casued Tails to teleport in! Your buddy's back! Hooray!


    The Ending
    The Ending
    If you don't have all the emeralds, Sonic runs through Green Hills Zone with the credits going beneath him. At the end it says "And You", and Sonic stops and looks up and sees a constellation of Tails smiling at us. Then "End" drops down from above. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, comes a "Game Over"!

    If you got all the emeralds, Tails will run along behind Sonic, trying to keep up as they run through the Green Hills Zone and credits scroll beneath them. "And You" appears, then Sonic and Tails look up to see both a Sonic constellation and a Tails constellation in the sky. "End" drops down from above, then "Game Over" is displayed.


    The Special Stage
    The Special Stage
    Guess what - THERE ISN'T ONE! Silly us! The emeralds are located in different parts of the stages. Thanks to Philip Buccianti for this guide to the Chaos Emeralds:

    Gem 1 (BLUE): Begin under ground zone act 2 as normal, but make sure you take the upper route near the beginning to where the mine cart is waiting. Take it and jump off it to the right just after it flies off the track. If the jump was good, you should land on a high hill with a mouse-badnik on it. Run up the hill then roll down it to gain some speed. If you did it right, you will fly to another high ledge with another mine cart on it. Take it and as before, jump to the right just after it leaves the track. Climb up the steps you land on and the emerald is yours.

    Gem 2 (YELLOW): Play through the first part of sky high zone act 2, keeping to the upper ledges until you land on a cloud full of rings. drop down at the right of this cloud to another one below. nearby is one of those bouncy clouds with rings. ignore it and jump onto the next bouncy cloud (WATCH OUT: there is no flooring directly under it!). Use this to bounce as far right and high as possible onto a very high cloud with the emerald visible if you jump. Go back to the left of this cloud and carefully jump towards the left. If you're lucky you should land on an UNMARKED bouncy cloud which you can use to get the gem.

    Gem 3 (PURPLE): Easy. Near the end of aqua lake zone act 2 there is another zipper tube like the one at the beginning of the act. Enter it and hold left.

    Gem 4 (GREY): Make your way through the second act of green hills until (quite far into the level) you come across a little platform with two springs side-by-side near the bottom of a slope. You know you've got the right one if there are spikes all about and around 20 rings above the springs. Anyway, hit these springs at an angle and you should fly until you land on another platform with two springs side-by-side like before. Bounce of these and hopefully yoe'll land on a ledge with the emerald.

    Gem 5 (RED): Right at the beginning of gimmick mt. zone act 2 is a sea of spikes with conveyor belts and moving platforms to get you across to a very steep slope. Near the top of this slope jump to the left into the wall and yoe'll be in a secret room. Climb through this room, collecting the two extra lives on the way (optional) and at the top to the right is the chaos emerald.

    Gem 6 (GREEN): In act 3 of scrambled egg zone, if you defeat silver sonic with all of the other five emeralds, he will give it to you as he dies.