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Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
  • System Console: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
  • Developer: Sonic Team & Sega Technical Institute
  • US Release Date: November 24, 1992
  • Japan: November 21, 1992
  • Europe: November, 1992
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Cart Size: 8 megabits
  • Characters: Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Super Sonic, Doctor Robotnik/Eggman, Silver Sonic, Animal Friends
  • First Appearances: Tails (on Genesis / Mega Drive), Spin-Dash, Silver Sonic (on Genesis / Mega Drive), Death Egg, Super Sonic

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    Robotnik's back at it, with a full-scale global disaster planned this time! He needs workers to create the ultimate doomsday machine, known as the Death Egg. So he's back to turning innocent animals into evil robots to create this ultimate weapon for him! The Eggman's already taken control of all the factories, refineries, and cities...but the seven Chaos Emeralds remain out of his grasp....Should he manage to capture them as well, he would have Mobius under an invincible grasp, and he'd never let go. It's up to Sonic the Hedgehog, along with his fox friend Miles "Tails" Prower, to stop Robotnik and collect the Chaos Emeralds before he does! Created November 24, 1992, this game blew Sonic 1 away! Twice as many zones, the awesome 3D pipe special stage, the ability to turn into Super Sonic, and the debut of that lovable fox, Miles "Tails" Prower....This game's zones set the standards for all other sonic zones in Sonic games consisting of the Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Casino Night Zone, Hill Top Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, Oil Ocean Zone, Metropolis Zone, Sky Chase Zone, Wing Fortress Zone, and the introduction of the deadliest weapons to ever enter the Sonic universe....Silver Sonic And The Death Egg!!!!


    Miles Prower - better known to his friends as "Tails" just can't sit still when his hero Sonic The Hedgehog is around! Ever since Miles was a baby fox, he's dreamed of being like Sonic, waving his 2 tails behind him, trying to keep up with his hero! Mostly Sonic lets him trail along. But sometimes, just sometimes, just to show off Sonic explodes in a burst of super speed and leaves him behind. But miles doesn't give up. he whirls his tails like a helicopter and takes off flying until he catches up! In fact, all the other animals call him "Tails" because of the twin tails. But one day, they saw an astonishing feat...While all together in the forest, watching Sonic perform the newest version of his Triple S Spin, and Tails blasting off like a Turbo Engine with his Super Dash Attack, the other animals were amazed! Suddenly, Tails couldn't help himself. He took a running start, curled up his tails, and before anyone knew it, he was almost as fast as Sonic! But as of late, strange things are happening. Sonic's other friends are dissapearing, and in their place are nasty metal robots that weren't there before...


    Zone Menu
    West Island

    Unique Features
    Unique Features
    Sonic 2 redefined Sonic games, establishing many elements that would later become so standard to the Sonic series that it would seem as if they had been there all along - Tails, Super Sonic, the Spin-Dash, the Death Egg, a robotic counterpart to Sonic, 7 Chaos Emeralds, and a 3D-ish Special Zone.


    Stats & Stuff
    The Ultimate Guide To Silver Sonic
    Here's the order of his moves, starting from the right side of the screen:

    1. Spin across floor. <-
    2. Standing dash to the right, then back to the left.
    3. Jump ->
    4. Spin <-
    5. Spin ->
    6. Jump <- with spikes shooting
    7. Dash
    8. Jump -> 9. Spin <-
    10. Spin ->
    11. Jump <-
    12. Spin ->
    13, Dash
    14, Spin <-
    15. Jump ->
    16. Jump <- with spikes shooting

    Repeat from 1, but with the directions switched, since you're starting on the left. (The Standing Dash is a great time to attack. If you do a spin dash, Silver Sonic will go right though you, and take damage, while you will be unharmed.)


    How long can Sonic stay underwater?
    30 seconds. It takes 5 seconds for the first "ding" warning, and the warning repeats at 10 seconds and 15 seconds. After 18 seconds (or 3 seconds after the 3rd warning), the "danger" music and countdown start. The countdown lasts 12 seconds.


    Construction / Debug Mode:
    To enter Debug Mode, play these sounds from the level select screen: 1, 9, 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4. Press Start and hold A. To start debugging, press B, then you can select any sprite in that level and put it on the screen. To select a different sprite, press A, and to place it on the screen, press C. Note that sprite selection is different from Zone to Zone. Also, instead of displaying the time elapsed, it displays the number of sprites currently on the screen.

    Level Select / Sound Test (Knuckles in Sonic 2):
    At the title screen, press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. Hold A and press Start.

    Construction / Debug Mode (Knuckles in Sonic 2):
    To enter Debug Mode, play these sounds from the level select screen: 1, 9, 9, 4, 1, 0, 1, 8. From there, just continue as you would for Sonic 2's regular debug mode.

    Easy Emeralds / Superness:
    To become Super Sonic without getting all the Chaos Emeralds, first enable the level select. At the level select menu, go to the sound test item, and play sounds in this order: 4, 1, 2, 6. You should hear the music you get when you win a chaos emerald. Now select any level, get 50 rings, and jump.

    Nightime Play:
    Enter the Level Select code, then press C + Start to choose your starting level.

    The 14 Continue Code:
    First enable the level select. Then, at the options screen, play these sounds in this order: 1, 1, 2, 4. Now move the highlight to the "Player Select" field of the options screen and press Start.

    Miles Mode:
    At the title screen press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up or Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up. A chime will sound and Tails will be called Miles or vice versa.

    Special Controls - Escape, Slow Motion, Frame Advance:
    After the Level Select / Sound Test Code has been entered, pause in any level. Press A to escape to the game's title screen, B to advance several frames ahead in time (repeatedly for slow-motion), or C to advance one frame ahead in time.


    Chaos Emeralds - The Easy Way:
    Start the game as you normally would. Get a Chaos Emerald, reset the game, and start the game from the options menu. You will keep the emeralds you have gained so far each time you start from the options menu.

    Extra Rings For Tails:
    Enter Debug Mode then select a stage. Next press B, A (you must have Sonic and Tails on-screen.) When your cursor changes into a ring, paste it on Tails.

    The Emerald Hill Shortcut:
    To breeze through Emerald Hill 1 and 2, connect Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 2 and play as Knuckles. Climb as high as you can and glide to the right. You'll reach the end of the level in seconds.

    Extra Lives In The Chemical Plant:
    If you have Sonic & Knuckles, hook it onto Sonic 2. Play until Chemical Plant Act 1. When you get to the wall with the Spiny badnik and the warp tube on the floor. Break open the tube and go through it. When you come out you will see a Ring Box next to a tower. Climb up the tower and on the top you will find one 1-up. Glide left and you will find another 1-up. Glide to the left one more time and you will find yet one more 1-up. Since you won't want to go through the level again just glide to the right until you get to the tower you started from. Get on that first tower and glide to the right. The Act will be over and you will have 3 lives more than how much you started the act with.

    The Wing Fortress Shortcut:
    In The Wing Fortress Zone, go as far as you can to the right without climbing. Make sure you have some rings. When you see blades blocking your way, go ahead and hit them. As soon as you are invincible, walk through them. Jump on the platforms to the right and half the level will be finished.


    Cool Tricks & Bugs
    Ashura The Hedgehog:
    The Ashura Code is probably the most famous code next to Super Sonic. And the nick "Ashura" has stuck to Sonic even to this day ---- To get the green sonic you must enter the level select and debug code. Then you must choose one of the Emerald Hill Zone levels because the code only works in Emerald Hill Zone (1 or 2.) When you start the level press B, you will be a ring,then press a four times,you will be four rings in a row going up or down,you then hold C and right for about 5 seconds,then you go back to the begining, keep pressing a until your the top of a waterfall. You may not see yourself but you're there. Now do the same thing as before, hold C and right for about five seconds. Then press B and you'll be green.

    Turbo Tails:
    While in Debug Mode, create and position a "Transfer Box" monitor. When you hit it and you are Super Sonic, you lose all your powers but stay yellow. Tails looks the same but has invincibility (little stars flashing around him.)

    Shielded Tails:
    To give Tails a sheild, enter debug mode and hit a shield. Then place a teleport box down and hit that. Now Tails has a permenant sheild.

    Double Tails:
    Enter the level select and debug codes, then go to the Sky Chase level. Using debug mode, create a transfer box and break it open. When you hear Sonic die press B to enter debug mode again. Move the cursor up until you see Tails and exit debug mode. To finish, jump and you'll have two Tails.


    Game Genie
    Game Genie
    Note that there are two sets of codes because two versions of the games were released. Codes 1 THRU 16 also work for Tails in a one-player game. There is only one total for Sonic's rings in a one-player game. Normally, you have to grab all seven chaos emeralds, get at least 50 rings, and jump to turn into Super Sonic (and be invincible). But by choosing from among Codes 58 thru 64 and 65 thru 69, you can reduce the number of emeralds and rings you have to get. With Code 70, you won't lose your rings with time and drop back down to regular Sonic.

    To help you become Super Sonic on the last level, where there are normally no rings, Codes 58, 65 and 72 will do the trick--just jump. Finally, access the level select menu with Code 71.

    SAST-DJ1A / SATA-DJTJ Rings worth 2--player 1
    SAST-DN1A / SATA-DNTJ Rings worth 3--player 1
    SAST-DT1A / SATA-DTTJ Rings worth 4--player 1
    SAST-DY1A / SATA-DYTJ Rings worth 5--player 1
    SAST-D21A / SATA-D2TJ Rings worth 6--player 1
    SAST-D61A / SATA-D6TJ Rings worth 7--player 1
    SAST-DA1A / SATA-DATJ Rings worth 8--player 1
    AE8A-AAD2 / AE8A-AADN Start with 1 life instead of 3--player 1
    AY8A-AAD2 / AY8A-AADN Start with 5 lives--player 1
    A68A-AAD2 / A68A-AADN Start with 7 lives--player 1
    BE8A-AAD2 / BE8A-AADN Start with 9 lives--player 1
    DE8A-AAD2 / DE8A-AADN Start with 25 lives--player 1
    GJ8A-AAD2 / GJ8A-AADN Start with 50 lives--player 1
    KN8A-AAD2 / KN8A-AADN Start with 75 lives--player 1
    NN8A-AAD2 / NN8A-AADN Start with 99 lives--player 1
    JW3A-CA4J / JW3A-CA4Y Infinite lives--player 1
    SATA-DJVW / SATA-DJW8 Rings worth 2--player 2
    SATA-DNVW / SATA-DNW8 Rings worth 3--player 2
    SATA-DTVW / SATA-DTW8 Rings worth 4--player 2
    SATA-DYVW / SATA-DYW8 Rings worth 5--player 2
    SATA-D2VW / SATA-D2W8 Rings worth 6--player 2
    SATA-D6VW / SATA-D6W8 Rings worth 7--player 2
    SATA-DAVW / SATA-DAW8 Rings worth 8--player 2
    AE8A-AAD8 / AE8A-AADW Start with 1 life instead of 3--player 2
    AY8A-AAD8 / AY8A-AADW Start with 5 lives--player 2
    A68A-AAD8 / A68A-AADW Start with 7 lives--player 2
    BE8A-AAD8 / BE8A-AADW Start with 9 lives--player 2
    DE8A-AAD8 / DE8A-AADW Start with 25 lives--player 2
    GJ8A-AAD8 / GJ8A-AADW Start with 50 lives--player 2
    KN8A-AAD8 / KN8A-AADW Start with 75 lives--player 2
    NN8A-AAD8 / NN8A-AADW Start with 99 lives--player 2
    JXGA-CA7G / JXGA-CA7W Infinite lives--player 2
    KBVT-CAE2 / KBVT-CAE2 Jump lower
    FVVT-CAE2 / FVVT-CAE2 Jump a little higher